"Sigh!" I'm finally free! "

Zhao Xiaoxue slowly walked out of the latrine with a relaxed expression. Thinking back to how she had been embarrassed by the man just now, she felt a burst of regret in her heart. Why did this guy appear at such a time? This was too embarrassing!

"However, this cloak is very warm!" It's just that when paired with the disheveled hair, I feel like a beggar! "

Thinking of this, Zhao Xiaoxue immediately took action. She had already lost face in front of the man just now, so she couldn't let him see her like this. She had to at least have some spirit. She stretched out her hands and began to play around on his head.

For a heart surgeon like Zhao Xiaoxue, who was extremely busy all day, taking care of her hair was a waste of time, so she didn't even know how to comb her pretty hair into a bun.


Other than her hair, Zhao Xiaoxue looked around and found nothing wrong with her body. She finally relaxed and walked forward.

Just as she took two steps, she felt as if something had landed on her shoulder. She turned her head to look and saw a sharp sword tip. Seeing this, Zhao Xiaoxue was startled and immediately shouted:

"Ugh …"

Unfortunately, before she could scream, her mouth was covered by someone. The opponent's strength was too great, Zhao Xiaoxue had no way to resist.

"Your Highness, the Southern King, you'd better obediently cooperate with us. This way, you'll be able to bear a little less pain!"

The kidnapper's voice came from behind him. It should have been unfamiliar, but this voice sounded very familiar. It was him!

Since she had guessed his identity, Zhao Xiaoxue started to shake her head, hoping that she would be able to escape. Even if she could say a few words, it would be fine. Unfortunately, just as she was shaking her head, a white cloth was stuffed into her mouth, completely cutting off her chance to speak.

"Quickly put him in your pocket and leave from that direction!"

There was more than one person. Just as she finished speaking, Zhao Xiaoxue felt her vision darken and a large bag covered her.

"Let's go!"

Zhao Xiaoxue, who had no way to struggle, could only let the other side carry her away as she shouted in her heart:

"Damn it!" I am not the Southern King, I am just the Southern Princess! "

Unfortunately, no one could hear her cries. Inside the Warm Jade Pavilion, the girl who had previously run to the latrine hadn't returned for a long time. The people waiting in the courtyard were also somewhat anxious.

Chu Yufeng felt an inexplicable sense of nervousness in his heart. He clutched his chest and pondered.

"Don't tell me that feeling belongs to that silly woman?"

When he thought back to the time when the woman fainted in the palace, he had already felt it. That was the reason why he was able to rush over so quickly.

"Lady! I heard that the young lady has woken up? "

Chu Yufeng heard Bu Li talking a short distance away, and the worry in his heart lessened. Since this fellow was here, it meant that the woman was nearby. Furthermore, Bu Li and the woman had signed a blood contract, so his senses were much stronger than his.

"Who are you? Why are you barging into the house? "

Qing He originally wanted to stand at the intersection and wait for the young lady, but since the Southern King was there, she couldn't just go over. Thus, she could only stand at the door.

But for some reason, a beautiful young master wearing a dark green robe suddenly appeared out of nowhere, scaring Qing He.

However, that person immediately wanted to enter the house. No matter how scared Qing He was, she had to stop him. This was the young miss' room, how could she just let people in?

"Qing He, I am... Your Young Miss's subordinate! "

Bu Li thought for a moment. This kind of explanation should be okay.

"A subordinate of my Young Miss? How could my Young Miss have such a strange subordinate like you? "

Qing He was confused.

"It's true, I'm really your young miss's subordinate. Otherwise, you can let her out …"

Bu Li wanted the girl to help him explain, but when he carefully sensed her presence, he realized that she was not in the room at all.

"Hmm? The girl was not in the room at all! "

After hearing Bu Li's words, Qing He felt that he was an extremely monstrous genius. Her mouth was wide open in shock.

"How do you know my lady isn't in her room?"

Towards Qing He's inquiry, Bu Li only smiled. There were some things that were a secret and he would not casually tell anyone about them, not even this little girl that he was relatively familiar with.

"Your Highness, I'm afraid my young lady fainted this time because …"

When Bu Li saw the not too distant Southern King take the initiative to approach him, there were some things that he could no longer hide. At the very least, he could not hide it from this man before him because he knew that he was the only one who could truly help the girl.

"Because …"

Bu Li, who was originally walking, suddenly stopped and his words became halting. His expression became even more peculiar.

"Your Highness Southern King, be careful. This person's behavior is very strange!"

Qing He was also very afraid of the sudden appearance of a strange person, but compared to that, the Southern King seemed much weaker. He was a sickly youth.

Although Qing He felt that the Southern King was not worthy of her young mistress, when she saw the Southern King carry her all the way to the palace, she felt that this weak Southern King was not bad, so she had to warn him.

"There is indeed something strange going on!"

Chu Yufeng frowned slightly. Not only was Bu Li unable to move forward, he was even retreating.

"This... What was going on? Where did the girl go? "

Bu Fang suddenly lost control of his body. It was obvious that the girl and him were too far apart.

"Of course I want to ask you where your girl is going!"

Chu Yufeng noticed that something was wrong, and quickly walked towards the direction of Bu Li's retreat.

"This... What about my Miss? "

Qing He didn't understand what was going on. Ye Zichen turned his head and looked in the direction that the young miss ran towards the latrine, but didn't see her.

"Your Highness, my family's young miss …"

When Qing He turned back, the two people who were walking had mysteriously disappeared without a sound or shadow. At this moment, a gust of cold wind blew past them, causing Qing He to feel a chill all over her body.

"Ugh …" "Ugh …"

She felt dizzy, as if she was riding a roller coaster. Her body flew up in the air and then fell down to the ground. This kind of going up and down caused her to have a splitting headache, but this time, she was really strong and didn't faint.

"We're here, put him down!"

Finally, Zhao Xiaoxue was able to stay in one place without wandering around any longer.

"This subordinate pays his respect to the lord, the Southern King has brought it!"

Once again, this familiar voice could be heard. Although Zhao Xiaoxue felt dizzy, her thoughts were not in a mess. At the very least, she had already figured out that she had been taken to the bandit's nest.

Why did they want to capture Chu Yufeng? Of course, Zhao Xiaoxue wanted to know what their reaction would be if they discovered that they captured the wrong person. Would they directly kill her?

"Where is he? "Where is it?"

The voice of the person speaking was somewhat hoarse, but it was still unable to conceal the excitement in his heart.

"On... It's in this pocket! "

"What?" Hurry up and release him. Do you know how weak the Southern King is? If you hold it in your pocket, which one of you can bear the burden? "

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