The warning sound of the 'black man' quickly reached her ears from behind, but by the time Zhao Xiaoxue reacted, it was already too late. She stepped on empty air and the bumpy carriage caused her body to fly away.

What? It was actually a cliff!

Seeing the white mist below, fear filled his entire body. His hands struggled as he shouted:

"Help! "Help!"

At this critical moment, a purple shadow flew by. It was him! At this time, the only person who could save her was him, but Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't think of anyone else. Looking at the purple figure, the fear in Zhao Xiaoxue's heart instantly disappeared.

"Hold on, hold on!" Don't let him fall! "

Seeing that the purple shadow was about to grab her, Zhao Xiaoxue was extremely excited. But just as she was about to close in, the purple shadow suddenly stopped. This sudden change caused her to feel extremely terrified.


Zhao Xiaoxue was not the only one frightened, even the Southern King was shocked. When he turned around, he realized that the two people in the carriage had grabbed his robe, while the other person had already come up to help. His falling body started to be pulled back into the carriage.

"Lady Shuang …" Lady Shuang has fallen! "

For a moment, Zhang Yong was overcome with grief, and even his words became choked with sobs.

"Unfortunately, I can only save one!"

Left Custodian also had a look of regret. The poison in his body had yet to clear and he was unable to use his entire spiritual force. Otherwise, he would have been able to save the two of them with his flying ability.

Hearing these people's conversation, the Southern King kept a close eye on the cliff. They hadn't known each other for long, and furthermore, he had already proven that she wasn't the person he needed. But why did his heart feel so uncomfortable, even painful?

"Young master, what's wrong?"

A few black shadows suddenly appeared beside the purple-robed man. All of them had extraordinary skills. Due to the injuries of the Left Custodian, it didn't take much effort for them to control the situation.

"Find someone at the bottom of the cliff!" If he is alive, I want to see him, if he is dead, I want to see his corpse! "

The man's order startled all of his subordinates. They had never seen such a young master lose control.

"Young master, these people …"

The men wanted to know what to do with them.

"Do we need to repeat This King's words again?"

Right now, the man only cared about that woman's life and death. He didn't care about the others at all.

"Yes!" Your subordinate will immediately go find someone at the bottom of the cliff! "

The man replied and quickly left. Once again, only the Southern King remained. However, the three people opposite him inexplicably felt fear. They didn't dare to go forward.

According to the news, this Southern King was just a weak, sickly, and spiritual king. However, his aura scared the three of them so much that they didn't dare to move forward.

"Tell your master that he cannot afford This King's blood, nor can he drink it!"

After the man said this, he turned around and left. However, none of the three dared to stop him.

She said not to faint again, but the heavens seemed to hope that she would become a fool in the future, so in a short period of time, she lost consciousness again. However, the only thing she knew was that she fell into the water at the last moment.

To be honest, she was quite good at swimming, but she had fallen from such a high place, and her brain had been shattered, so she could only accept the fact that she was going to drown.

"Little Wu!" Wake up, Little Wu! "

What a warm voice. Zhao Xiaoxue tried her best to open her eyes and saw a mighty man clad in armor standing in front of her. The man had sharp eyebrows and a jade-like face.

"Awake!" He woke up! Doctor, come take a look and see how Little Wu is doing. "

As he spoke, the man hurriedly gave way to an elderly man.

The old man didn't delay any longer. He went up to check his pulse and it would take some time, but the man at the side couldn't wait any longer. He rubbed his hands as he asked:

"Military doctor, how is it? "How's Little Wu's illness?"

The man was very anxious, but the old man seemed to be unsteady and didn't answer very quickly.

"Military doctor, quickly tell me!"

A mighty man was so anxious that it made those who were lying on the bed and watching him anxious. They tried their best to open their mouths and said:

"I... "I'm fine!"

Zhao Xiaoxue's words were not only to comfort the person in front of her; she felt as if she had escaped from the gates of hell once again.

"Reporting to General, Young Lady has finally survived the danger, wait for Subordinate to fry two more batches of medicine!"

When the military doctor said this, the general immediately relaxed his brows.

"Go!" "Go quickly!"

After the military doctor had left, Xue Yushan once again came to the bedside, picked up the pale wrist by the bedside, and said with a pained expression:

"I've been worried that you wouldn't wake up these past two days. Now, everything is finally alright!"

The man's hands were very thick and still very warm. In the face of his deep love, Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't bear to take her hand away, so she just stared at him in a daze.

"Silly girl, why are you looking at your big brother like that? "Tell me, is there anything wrong with it?"

Looking at the pair of big and bright eyes opposite him, Xue Yishan was in a great mood.

"Big brother?"

Zhao Xiaoxue was puzzled.

"That's right, I am your elder brother Xue Mei Shan! Oh, look at my memory, we haven't seen each other in months, and you must not remember me! But it doesn't matter, I'm really your big brother, and I'm definitely not a bad person. If you don't believe me, I can swear to the heavens! "

Looking at the man's manner of speaking, Zhao Xiaoxue felt very funny. He was clearly dressed in a dignified and imposing manner, yet his tone was so out of tune, as if he was coaxing a child. This made Zhao Xiaoxue unable to hold back her laughter.

"Laughed. Laughed. You believe me, right? Since young, as long as you smile, I know it's nothing big! "However, you should be in the Andu Xue Manor. How did you suddenly come to the Qian Prefecture and fall into the water? If you weren't discovered by the patrolling soldiers, even the gods wouldn't have been able to save you!"

When he thought of those frightening consequences, Xue Yishan also had a face full of lingering fear. Who knew how much suffering he had in his heart when he saw his little sister's pale face, almost without breathing. He was afraid that she would disappear right in front of his eyes.

"I... "I don't know either!"

Zhao Xiaoxue finally realized that the person in front of her was Xue Yu's big brother. Since she was a child, she didn't have any relatives, yet she suddenly had such a caring big brother. The excitement in her heart was indescribable, but Zhao Xiaoxue was a little worried, could they have recognized the wrong person?

"Oh, look, I'm such a silly big brother. I always ask you some weird questions. It's fine. No matter what happens, with big brother here, everything will be fine!"

Xue Yushan stopped pursuing the matter, but Zhao Xiaoxue started to worry.

"If... Perhaps … I'm not your sister, are you mistaken? "

Although having such a big brother was Zhao Xiaoxue's dream, she couldn't be that selfish. She had to take away Snowflutter's possessions.

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