"Sir Qing, there is no need to do this, it can be considered my fault. Thinking of the fact that Sir Qing likes to collect primeval stones, so he gave me a box of Yang Yuan Stones. I didn't expect that the thief would come to my house to steal primeval stones, which would cause so much trouble!"

Hearing the words of the Southern King, Qing Bo Wen was extremely surprised:

"One box... Yang Yuan Stone? "

This Yang Yuan Stone was truly precious. Even after a long time, he had only collected a few pieces. He hadn't thought that the Southern King would be able to obtain a box from him. This Southern King was truly extravagant!

"That's right!" Father, the box of Yang Yuan Stones that His Highness the Southern King sent over is indeed there. Just now, that bandit wanted to steal the Yin Yuan Stones, but fortunately, His Highness the Southern King had enough Yang Yuan Stones, which was why he did not let that bandit succeed! "

When Qing Mu Yao saw his father's arrival, he immediately went up to report. Thinking back to when they thought His Highness the Southern King was here to cause trouble, it really shouldn't have happened.

"Many thanks to His Highness the Southern King! This humble subject will be forever grateful! "

Qing Bo Wen was truly grateful.

"No need for thanks. It's just that this prince's beloved concubine seems to be particularly interested in the principle of Yin Yang Yuan Stones' attraction. Unfortunately, my mansion still has a few Yang Yuan Stones, but I don't have any Yin Yuan Stones, so …"

Chu Yufeng did not delay any further. They were here for the Yin Energy Stones, and if they did not mention it earlier, it would be difficult for them to speak of it the further they went.

"This... To be honest, the Southern King's estate only has one Yin Source Stone. If the Southern Princess really does like it, then … This humble subject can only cower in love! "

Qingyi was truly reluctant to part with it. After all, it was extremely difficult for him to obtain this Yin spirit stone. She had even forgotten to conceal her emotions with her words.

"Thank you for Sir Qing's help!"

Chu Yufeng was a little nervous, but since the other party had already agreed, he didn't want to say anything more.

"Your Highness, would it be possible for this humble subject to take another look at the Yin Energy Stone?"

Qingwen truly couldn't bear to part with it. However, when he saw that the Southern Princess was squatting by the box, he guessed that she already had the Yin Source Stone in her hands. It wouldn't be realistic to take it back, so he only wanted to take a few more looks.

"Sir Qing, please!"

Chu Yufeng had no reason to refuse. Since the other party had already given him up, he couldn't be too heartless.

"Thank you, your Highness the Southern King!"

With the permission of the Southern King, Qing Bo Wen immediately went forward. When he saw that the Southern Princess was still squatting there staring at the box in a daze, he said somewhat embarrassedly:

"Knowing that the Southern Princess likes Yin Stones, this humble subject will naturally gift them to her. However, this humble subject still wishes to take another look at the Yin Stones. I hope the Southern Princess can grant my wish!"

Qing Bo Wen walked up as he spoke. When he saw the box full of Yang Yuan Stones, he was extremely excited. He was willing to exchange so many Yang Yuan Stones for a Yin Yuan Stone.


Although Qing Bo Wen was old, his body was strong and he wasn't dizzy. This was because he frequently came in contact with primeval stones so he could quickly differentiate between Yin and Yang primeval stones. However, at this moment, other than the boxes full of Yang Yuan Stones, what else was there?

"This... "Where is the Yin Yuan Stone?"

Hearing Qing Bo Wen's question, Chu Yufeng and Qing Mu Yao both came forward. Seeing that there were indeed no Yin Source Stones in the box, the two of them could not conceal the surprise on their faces.

"Strange, the Yin Yuan Stone was moved to this box just now. Everyone saw it. Why is it gone?" "Could it be …"

From the start, only the Southern Princess had touched this box. Had she taken the Yin Energy Stone?

It was just that the other party's status was so high that Qing Mu Yao didn't dare to make any wild guesses. More importantly, his father had already agreed to give the Yin Energy Stone to the Southern Wangfei, and there was no reason for the Southern Wangfei to do so.

"Mu Yao, look carefully. There are so many Yang Yuan Stones inside this box. There's no way to hide a Yin Yuan Stone!"

Qing Bo Wen had some understanding of his own son. Fortunately, he hadn't finished speaking just now, otherwise, he would have started the crime on this Southern Princess Consort.

"There's no need to look for it, this is a Yin Yuan Stone!"

The Southern Princess Consort, who had been in a daze the entire time, finally opened her mouth, and saw that between her two slender fingers was a small piece of something unknown.

"This... Was the Southern Princess joking? "How can this be a Yin Yuan Stone? Although this humble one's Yin Yuan Stone is not as large as these other Yang Yuan Stones, it is not much different. How can it be so thin …"

Qing Po-wen was quite curious. As she said this, she stretched out her hand to touch the thin piece, but just as she touched it, the thin piece instantly turned into powder. Qing Po-wen's outstretched arm was at a loss as to how to retract it.

"Haha, this..." This thing broke into pieces! "

Qing Bo Wen awkwardly withdrew his hand, and without caring about the Southern Princess who was still in a daze, he turned his head and instructed Qing Mu Yao in a low voice:

"Quickly, look for it. It seems that the Southern King's wife cares a lot about the Yin Yuan Stones. If we can't find it, we are really afraid that the Southern King will vent his anger on us!"

Qing Mu Yao naturally followed his father's instructions. He brought his uninjured subordinates to search everywhere, but it was useless.

"Sir Qing, if you can't find her, then forget it. This King's beloved concubine seems to be tired as well, so I won't bother you any longer at home!"

Chu Yufeng had already noticed something wrong with the woman. However, he didn't understand why she still hadn't released the Yin spirit stone even though she had already let it go. The piece of stone that the woman had said just now was really the small Yin spirit stone.

Having said so, Chu Yufeng carefully helped the woman up. At this time, the woman seemed to be agitated and her body felt weak. Chu Yufeng also carefully stabilized her.

"Your Highness the Southern King, Princess, please rest assured. This humble servant will do everything I can to find the Yin Energy Stone. If you find it, send someone to the Southern King's Mansion immediately. I request the Southern Princess …" "Take care of your health!"

Without the Yin Spirit Stones, the Southern Princess seemed to have received a blow. Her entire body seemed to be in a daze. Seeing this, Qing Bo Wen was even more alarmed. How much did the Southern King love her? Anyone with eyes could see this.

If anything happened to the Southern Princess, the Southern King would definitely vent his anger on the Qing Residence. At this moment, Qing Bo Wen suddenly hated himself for collecting Yin Source Stones. He had actually caused such a disaster for his family.

Chu Yufeng responded with a few simple words and started to carefully carry the woman away. It wasn't until they returned to the carriage that he began to ask:

"Xiao Xue, didn't you absorb all of the Yin Yuan Stones? Do you feel any discomfort? "

Last time when the woman fainted, he had been shocked because he had never heard of someone absorbing the entire primeval stone. He did not know if it would harm the woman, but he was really worried.

"I absorbed it, I absorbed it all. Even if I did not touch the Yin Yuan Stone, the warm current in my body would not have disappeared. After that, the Yin Yuan Stone became smaller and smaller, until there was only one stone left …"

Zhao Xiaoxue tried her best to raise her hand, but before she finished her sentence, she was powerless to put it down.

"It can be absorbed from a distance?" "Why is that?"

Looking at the woman's weak appearance, Chu Yufeng's heart ached. He was actually regretting it in his heart. What if this Yin Yuan Stone was harmful to a woman's body?

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