On the carriage, it was unknown whether it was because she was frightened or because she had absorbed Yin Energy Stones, but Zhao Xiaoxue was asleep. When she woke up, it was already the next morning.

"Miss, you're awake. Come quickly and eat something!"

Zhao Xiaoxue opened her eyes and saw that Qing He had come to her side, skillfully helping her up.

"Qing He, have I fainted for a few days again?"

Even though Zhao Xiaoxue didn't feel like it was going to be that long, it was common for her to faint on this continent. She was also a bit uncertain, fearing that one day she would faint and a month would pass in the blink of an eye.

Originally, he did not have much time left to live. If such a thing were to happen again, it would be a waste of his life.

"What did Miss say? Yesterday, you and the Prince came back rather late, and the Prince carried the Young Miss back. The Prince said that the Young Miss was sleeping, and thought that the Young Miss must be very tired, so the servant had the kitchen prepare some millet porridge for you early in the morning. As soon as the porridge was brought over, the Young Miss woke up! "

Hearing Qing He's words, Zhao Xiaoxue nodded. Fortunately, it was only a night of sleep. However, she couldn't find Chu Yufeng anywhere.

For some unknown reason, Zhao Xiaoxue had always wished to see that familiar purple figure at any time. Previously, she felt that she wasn't a little girl who liked to stick to people, but now, even Zhao Xiaoxue herself didn't understand.

Just as she sat down, Qing He carefully approached her with a bowl of congee. From the looks of it, it seemed as if she wanted to feed Qing He. Seeing this, Zhao Xiaoxue quickly stopped her and took the bowl from her hands.

"Qing He, let me do it myself!"

The millet porridge smelled quite good as he slowly tasted it. It was actually quite tasty.


Zhao Xiaoxue ate quite a few bowls in a row, scaring Qing He. Although these bowls of congee were not big, they were still an astonishing amount of food. Previously, the Lady couldn't eat that much.

"Little... Miss, you can't be... It can't be that you have it now, right? "

Even if Qing He was just a young girl in her teens, in order to take care of this silly young lady, she had to be 'knowledgeable'. Especially in matters related to women, she knew a lot more than other girls.

"Eh!" What is it? "

Zhao Xiaoxue did not notice the change in Qing He's expression and burped. She turned her head to look at Qing He and asked dumbly.

"That's right …" There's joy in it! "

Qing He was quite straightforward. Hearing this, Zhao Xiaoxue's eyes opened wide with disbelief. She was worried at first, but soon after, she joyfully pulled Qing He's hands:

"How did you know?" Do you know how to feel the pulse? Am I really pregnant? "

Although Zhao Xiaoxue was a doctor, she wasn't very good at checking meridians. If she wanted to confirm pregnancy, she would have to make a B-scan. Unfortunately, there was no electronic device here, so Zhao Xiaoxue could only rely on the Chinese medicine to check meridians.

The young miss' question frightened Qing He quite a bit. She only felt her head spinning and her body swaying back and forth.

"Miss, you …" What would you do if you were really pregnant? "

During this period of time, Qing He's mind was filled with thoughts about the 'future' of the young miss. After thinking over and over again, the only way was to wait until the Southern King returned to heaven. With the protection of the Old Master and the Great General, the young miss would definitely not be dragged to accompany her to the grave.

It was just that he had already planned this long ago, and did not expect that his young mistress would become pregnant. This caused Qing He to be at a loss as to what to do.

"Qing He, can you take my pulse or not?"

Zhao Xiaoxue felt that this Qing He did not answer her question, causing her to be happy for nothing.

"Miss, I'm just a girl, not a doctor. How could I take her pulse? If Miss is really pregnant, we have to find a doctor to take a good look. If the embryo is unstable …"

As soon as Qing He said this, she bit down on her tongue. What was she saying just now? Her thoughts were becoming more and more frightening. No matter what, she was still the little miss's child, how could she curse him!

"For a doctor? Isn't this a little too much? "

If she wasn't pregnant, wouldn't it be embarrassing? Moreover, after coming to the Spirit Yuan Continent for so long, her monthly events had never happened in the future.

"But if we don't find a doctor, who else would be able to open his wedding meridian?"

Qing He was also worried, but she had no idea.

"Who wants to take the wedding vein?"

Just as Qing He finished speaking, a middle-aged woman's voice came from outside.

"Who's outside?"

Qing He had already been at the Southern King Manor for several days, so she naturally understood the situation there. Besides her and the young lady, there were no other women in this forest garden.

"It's the wedding!"

Zhao Xiaoxue, on the other hand, wasn't worried about Qing He. She stood up as soon as she heard the voice and hurried to the door.

"Niang Niang, why are you here?"

Thanks to Xi Niang's help previously, Zhao Xiaoxue considered him her friend. Even if he wasn't a good friend, he was still an old acquaintance.

"Sigh!" "Lady Xi, I didn't want to come to the Southern King Manor either, but when I heard the news about you outside, I couldn't help but come to take a look. I unknowingly came here in the end!"

It was unknown when the Empress discovered that she could freely enter and leave the Southern King's Manor. This made her feel very surprised. Could it be that the Princess of the South had granted her permission?

The more she thought about it, the more it seemed like she already belonged to the Southern Princess Consort, so the more she thought about it the more.

"Heh heh, the wedding lady wants to see me. You're welcome to see her anytime. You also know that my place is very lonely. The main reason is that there aren't many people here, so I like it when you come!"

Zhao Xiaoxue spoke from the bottom of her heart. She didn't have any friends, and there weren't many people she knew. So no matter who it was, she really hoped that someone would come to visit her.

The Empress Dowager's eyes immediately filled with tears when she heard the words of the Southern Princess Consort. Her affability and trust in her made her especially moved, but at the same time, she could tell how 'tragic' she was! What a poor young lady.

"I wanted to come and see Miss Xue, but there are a lot of things in the house. I wanted to accompany you to the Southern Palace, but my grandson got sick. I've been busy for a few days and I'm only getting better now!"

Hearing that the wedding's grandson was sick, Zhao Xiaoxue suddenly became worried.

"Is the child better?" "The child being sick is a big matter, the wedding lady doesn't need to worry about me, it's better to go home and take care of the child!"

In Zhao Xiaoxue's heart, the patient was more important than anything. If possible, she really wanted to personally see if she could be of any help.

"Alright, everything is fine now. My grandson is fine now. Big Miss Xue has matters to attend to, you can't just ignore it!"

Hearing the wedding lady say that she had something on her mind, Zhao Xiaoxue was puzzled.

"What can I do for you?"

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