"That works too?" Didn't they say that carriages are not allowed in the palace? "

Zhao Xiaoxue also did not expect that there would be an exception.

"Of course not for normal carriages, but if it's a carriage with a gold medal on it, then it's a little different!"

The man had just finished speaking when Xia Yu, who was outside, respectfully handed over the gold medal.

"This is the gold medal?"

This was the first time Zhao Xiaoxue had seen this gold plate. It was only the size of a palm and completely golden. It truly had a sense of quality.

"Yes, this is the gold medal. How about you take it?"

The man took the gold medal and handed it to the woman.

"Alright! Let me see this gold medal... Ah! So heavy! It's really gold! "

It was easy for a man to hold a gold medal, but when Zhao Xiaoxue held it in her hand, she realized how heavy and heavy it was.

"Yeah, This King also feels that this thing is indeed a little heavy, so..."

"Let me help you get it!"

Zhao Xiaoxue wasn't stupid. She immediately understood the hidden meaning behind the man's words. However, the feeling of holding the gold in her hand wasn't bad. Zhao Xiaoxue could also take this opportunity to take a good look at this gold medal.

Zhao Xiaoxue had been to a jewelry store before. Every time she saw a small piece of gold, she would sell it for tens of thousands. How much would such a large piece of gold cost?

"Reporting to your majesty the Southern King, we have arrived at the Northern Profound Palace!"

As soon as Xia Yu finished speaking, the carriage stopped steadily.

"Get out!"

At this time, Zhao Xiaoxue was still enjoying the feeling of the gold in her hand. She followed behind the man as if he had only walked a few steps before the man in front stopped.

"Why aren't you leaving?"

When Zhao Xiaoxue raised her head and quietly asked, she was suddenly startled. Many people, about a dozen of them, all of them were wearing different types of official uniforms, neatly sitting on both sides of the table. A pair of eyes was looking at her direction.

Zhao Xiaoxue felt that her whole body was full of holes. Being looked at by so many people made her feel uncomfortable, so she thought to herself that with so many people present, she must have made a huge fuss. Thinking of this, Zhao Xiaoxue's body started to shake.

"Don't worry, I'm here!"

At this critical moment, the man beside him supported her. At this moment, not only did Chu Yufeng support Zhao Xiaoxue's swaying body, he even supported her swaying heart.

"The Southern King and the Southern Princess have arrived!"

Suddenly, someone shouted from the opposite side of the high platform. Zhao Xiaoxue looked towards the direction of the voice and saw a mighty man in a bright yellow robe with a flying dragon embroidered on it. Needless to say, this man should be the Emperor.

"South King, come up quickly and sit!"

Seeing Chu Yufeng, the Emperor finally spoke. Just now, the emperor had kept silent, causing everyone to not dare to breathe. Now that His Highness the Southern King had appeared, the atmosphere had eased up a lot.

"I, Yu Feng, offer my respect to my royal brother!"

Seeing Chu Yufeng bowing, Zhao Xiaoxue did as she was told. No one taught her etiquette, so she didn't understand.

"There is no need to be so courteous, Southern King! "Quick, sit down!"

The Emperor raised his arm to indicate that the other party was seated under him.

"Thank you, royal brother!"

Chu Yufeng responded, then pulled the woman towards the table.

Whatever the man did, Zhao Xiaoxue would follow. It was just that the atmosphere was a bit strange. Didn't he say to interrogate her?

The treatment wasn't too good, and there was this amiable emperor as well. What was going on? Seeing that he was so easy-going, could it be that he could just stop pursuing the matter about the Yin Source Stones?

Just as Zhao Xiaoxue relaxed her mind, she heard the dude holding the horsetail whisk say once again in a loud voice,

"Prince Jingyu has arrived!"

Hearing her father-in-law's shout, everyone turned to look in the direction of the person who came. Zhao Xiaoxue also looked over curiously and saw a man with a golden crown on his head, dressed in a dark blue robe, walking over slowly from not too far away.

"It's him!"

As long as she had met someone, it would be hard for her to forget them. Therefore, Zhao Xiaoxue also remembered that day at the South Palace, when King Jing Yu, Lian Chi, was sitting on the stage.

"The King's Scene greets the Emperor!"

Although this King Jing Yu's ruthless aura made Zhao Xiaoxue feel fearful, this person's voice was especially gentle. Immediately after, she felt no fear.

"Prince Jing Yu has worked hard!"

Although it was not very obvious, compared to the conversation between the Southern King and the Emperor, the tone of the Emperor's voice had become somewhat stiff.

"This is my duty, it can't be described as arduous!"

Hearing this King Jing Yu's words, Zhao Xiaoxue was quite curious. Just what did this King Jing Yu do?

"How could it not be hard? The Southern King's Mansion is not small. Wanting to search for a Yin Yuan Stone is easier said than done. "

Although they were asking, the emperor was obviously displeased. He was also very angry that King Jing Yu had searched the Southern King's Estate.

"What royal brother said is true. But luckily, there aren't many people from the Southern King's Mansion, and Chendi also brought quite a few people with him, so he didn't feel that it was too arduous!"

King Jing Yu's voice was very calm, and there was even a slight smile on his face. The hostility between his brows had lessened a bit, as if it was more friendly. However, after listening to his conversation with the Emperor, Zhao Xiaoxue's eyebrows creased deeper and deeper:

"Search the Southern King's Mansion? "Why is that?"

Zhao Xiaoxue turned her head and asked the man beside her with a puzzled expression.

"Didn't I just say that there are only imperial guards outside the manor? They are going to search the manor!"

Chu Yufeng was calm, but Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't keep quiet after hearing the news. She couldn't help but ask:

"Why? How could the Southern King's Estate be casually searched? "

Zhao Xiaoxue felt that this was an insult to the Southern King, making her feel extremely angry.

"Don't worry, the search for the Southern King's Mansion is just a formality. After all, the Southern Princess is the biggest suspect in the matter of the Yin-Yang Stone theft. Therefore, the search for the Residence of the Southern Prince is absolutely necessary!"

King Jing Yu was especially kind and actually wanted to explain things to Zhao Xiaoxue. However, how could Zhao Xiaoxue appreciate his kindness? She glared at him and gnashed her teeth in anger. However, she didn't know how to reply.

"Has King Jing Yu found Yin Yuan Stones?"

On the high platform, the emperor once again asked. Perhaps, he didn't want this King Jing Yu to confront the Southern Wangfei directly, because he could clearly feel that King Jing Yu didn't want to let the Southern Wangfei off so easily.

"Chendi betrayed the Emperor's trust and didn't find any Yin Energy Stones in the Southern King's Estate!"

Hearing King Jing Yu's reply, the emperor couldn't help but snort. This fellow was truly despicable. He actually wanted to sow discord between him and Yu Feng. However, they were brothers by blood, how could they be so stubborn over such a small matter?

"Since we can't find anything, then the Southern Wangfei should be innocent, so …"

The emperor also wanted to help him explain, but before he could finish, he was stopped by King Jing Yu.

"Your majesty, even if we haven't found any Yin Energy Stones, the Southern Princess is still the most suspicious one. We should first send her to the Sky Prison to await her interrogation!"

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