"Sky Prison?"

Hearing this word, Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't help but exclaim. She had asked about the situation in the prison, but had forgotten to ask about the situation in the prison. Perhaps it wasn't too late, so she lowered her head and asked the man beside her:

"What level is Sky Prison at? "How's the treatment?"

At a time like this, this woman could still ask this kind of question. It was unknown if she really didn't care or if she had a broad heart. Regardless of which it was, men would all admire it and so they softly replied:

"The treatment in the Sky Prison is not bad. The tables and beds you mentioned previously were all there, and there were even special cooks and doctors!"

Hearing Chu Yufeng's words, Zhao Xiaoxue's jaw dropped:

"The treatment is that good?"

Zhao Xiaoxue's voice seemed to be a bit loud, attracting the attention of the surrounding officials. Seeing this, Zhao Xiaoxue quickly lowered her head. Even so, she could not suppress the excitement in her heart, so she lowered her head and continued:

"Fine, then I'll sit in the Sky Prison. After I enter, you must come see me ah, or else you can bring me some books, anyway being locked in the Sky Prison is very boring, learning how to write is also not bad!"

With that, Zhao Xiaoxue began to plan her life in the Sky Prison.

"I'm too pressed for time, I'm afraid I won't have the chance to learn it!"

The emperor and King Jing Yu had already started a war of words. However, the person in question was whispering to each other. The usually taciturn Southern King was also mumbling to himself. This confused everyone else.

"Why didn't you get the chance to learn it? With all of them locked up in the Celestial Prison, what else can they do other than eat and drink? "

The more she asked, the more curious she became. Zhao Xiaoxue lowered her head with great difficulty, but of course, her voice also rose with it. The Emperor and King Jing Yu, who were arguing for the Southern Wangfei, both stopped their battles and looked over.

"The Southern Wangfei is quite free and easy. She still wants to study after being locked in the Sky Prison, but you know that every month, the people in the Sky Prison will be emptied out!"

The emperor was a bit angry. He couldn't understand how this magnificent little brother of his would fall in love with such a silly wangfei.

"Empty? "What does that mean?"

Zhao Xiaoxue had an ominous feeling. This world was too different from the one she understood. She had previously seen someone sitting in the Sky Prison for a lifetime on TV. Could the Sky Prison here be something else altogether?

"Clearing out naturally means cleaning up everything. Could it be that the Southern Princess thinks there's another reason for clearing up things?"

Finally, there was a trace of fear on the face of the arrogant Southern King's Consort. This made the emperor, who was sitting on the high platform, quite satisfied. She finally realized the terror!

"Then... Where are the people in that prison? "

Zhao Xiaoxue knew that she should not continue to ask this question, but there seemed to be a spell in her heart, and she wanted to know the exact answer.

"Pull them all to the city gates and behead them!"

It was as if he wanted to make this naïve Southern Princess face reality head on, so the Emperor would definitely answer his questions.

"Ah?" "Beheading!"

No wonder Chu Yufeng said that there was no chance, it turned out that entering the Sky Prison meant that he wouldn't live past a month, and he might be a little unlucky. As soon as he entered the Sky Prison, maybe he would meet a day when the Sky Prison needed him to be emptied, and then be beheaded.


Zhao Xiaoxue was so scared that her body swayed, and she almost fell down even when she was sitting down.

"Don't worry. With This King around, no one will be able to touch you!"

At this critical moment, Chu Yufeng had pulled the woman into his arms. To be honest, he didn't like her helpless look. He liked her silly look, but she was a petty woman.

"Hehe, the love between the Southern King and his wife is really enviable. However, the crime of breaking the law with the commoners is a rule that has been set thousands of years ago. I'm afraid even the Southern King cannot change that!"

King Jing Yu's tone was still calm, but his words began to poke into Zhao Xiaoxue's heart. She did not realize the seriousness of the situation before, but now that the Emperor had reminded her, she no longer felt that it was okay to stay in jail.

"It's only a rock. Do you want me to die for it?"

Zhao Xiaoxue could no longer be a spectator. No matter what impression she had of this King Jing Yu, she really wanted to gag him now. His words were too disturbing and made her feel that he was not even afraid of the Emperor.

"Heh heh, did the Southern Wangfei admit to stealing that Yin Yuan Stone? In our Southern Chu Country, if you steal a piece of primeval stone, your hands will be taken off, and then you will be imprisoned for thirty years. If you can survive after living for thirty years, it means that the heavens can forgive you.

"Thirty years? You even need to cut off both hands, why are you all so cruel? Just because of a rock? "

Zhao Xiaoxue ignored the important part in the front, only paying attention to the following punishment. Previously, she had only heard about going to jail, but she had never heard of having a limb amputated. Such a terrifying matter was really hard for her to accept.

"Don't misunderstand, Your Highness! What I just said was just stealing ordinary primeval stones, but what Your Highness has stolen right now is an extremely precious yin primeval stone. So according to the laws of the country, you should have your limbs amputated and be imprisoned for sixty years! "If in sixty years …"

"Enough! King Jing Yu stopped when he had enough. You will scare the Southern Wangfei like this! "

The emperor opened his mouth at the right time, but even so, Zhao Xiaoxue was already frightened. The courage she took out with great difficulty just now quietly retracted, and she pulled on the arm of the man beside her, shivering.

At this time, only the man beside her could help her. She did not want to be treated like this. How could she survive if she cut off all four limbs? Let alone sixty years, she would not even survive six days.

"Your majesty, your subject did not want to intentionally scare the Southern Princess, but this was the truth from the start. Of course, the Southern Princess has a special identity, so if you can return the Yin Source Stones, then you can naturally reduce the punishment a lot!"

For some reason, when they saw this beautiful and breathtaking Southern Princess Consort, one moment incredibly brave, the next moment as timid as a mouse, they couldn't help but want to tease her.

Chu Yujing had originally wanted to search the Southern King's Mansion to see if Grandmaster Destiny was hiding inside. Now that the Southern King's Mansion had been searched, he didn't want to make things difficult for them. However, he couldn't help it when he saw the rich expression on the face of the Southern King's Concubine!

"Qing Bo Wen!"

With a roar from the Emperor, the trembling Vice Minister of the Court at the side quickly leapt out and knelt on the nearby stone steps.

"This humble subject greets Your Majesty!"

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