After making a ruckus for so long, the plaintiff finally appeared. Looking at Qing Bo Wen kneeling not far away, Zhao Xiao Xue frowned. Previously, Chu Yu purposely made this Sir Qing kneel on the cold ground.

Today, he had already become the main culprit who wanted her hands and feet, and wanted her to be imprisoned for 60 years. Zhao Xiaoxue was gnashing her teeth in hatred.

"Qing Bo Wen, this Yin Yuan Stone is yours. How do you think we should deal with it?"

After hearing the emperor's question, Qing Bo Wen sighed and said loudly as he wiped away the sweat on his forehead,

Your Majesty is clear that although this Yin Yuan Stone belongs to this humble subject, it has already been given to the Southern Wangfei yesterday. Therefore, to be exact, the Yin Yuan Stone belongs to the Southern Wangfei now.

Qing Bo Wen also knew that the situation was urgent, so he used the most concise language he could think of to say what he wanted to say.


Upon hearing Qing Parwen's words, Zhao Xiaoxue's spirit was immediately restored. Just a moment ago, she didn't like the other party, but now, she felt that this Sir Qing was indeed kind.

"Audacious Minister, how dare you lie in front of His Majesty. Do you know that the crime of bullying the monarch involves nine families?"

Qing Bo Wen was so scared that he was trembling on his knees. However, since he said what he just said, if he retracted what he said, it would mean that he was lying. After all, he was the Minister of Rites, so he did his best to adjust his state of mind and said with difficulty:

"Your Majesty understands. This humble subject's words just now are true. Otherwise, I could have asked the Southern Princess. At that time, Her Highness the Southern King was also present!"

Qing Bo Wen had already done his best. If this King Jing Yu was even more aggressive, he would not be able to defend against him.

"Yes!" Right! "What Sir Qing said is true. He has already given me the Yin Yuan Stone. Therefore, this Yin Yuan Stone is already mine. Even if I were to accidentally lose it, it is still my own business!"

With the help of this Lord Qing's friendship and Zhao Xiaoxue's revival, if the plaintiff turned from Lord Qing to her, then there would be no way for the case to continue to be tried. After all, she would never foolishly sue him.

"You are lying, at that time, my subordinate was present, and some men in black were trying to steal the Yin Source Stones of Vice Minister Qing, but it was unsuccessful." You are lying, at that time, my subordinate was present, and some men in black tried to steal the Yin Stones of Vice Minister Qing, but it was unsuccessful, and everyone saw the Yin Stones enter the box.

Hearing King Jing Yu's analysis, Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't help but swallow her saliva. Although she hated this person who wholeheartedly wanted to punish her, she had to admit that what he said was true.

Of course, there were also things that he did not know. Without Sir Qing's consent, she had already absorbed the Yin Yuan Stone, and upon careful analysis, she was truly guilty. However, the punishment after admitting her guilt was too great, and Zhao Xiaoxue could not bear it.

"At that time … At that time, this humble subject was confused, which was why I said the wrong things to the two generals. Please … Please forgive me, Your Majesty! "

The former was a tiger while the latter was a wolf. Qing Bo Wen was currently stuck in a dilemma. He, a mere second rank assistant minister, really couldn't stand up to these big shots!

"Wrong words? Sir Qing, you are also an old official in the imperial court, don't you know that slandering the royal family will cause you to be tortured to the point of tearing your heart out?

"This humble subject... "Your subject …"

Facing King Jing Yu's constant onslaught, Qing Bo Wen finally could not bear it and fainted.

"What kind of king are you? What do you want to do? Do you want to punish me? I have no enmity with you today, why are you treating me like this? That Yin spirit stone isn't yours, why are you so zealous? Speak, what is your purpose? "

Zhao Xiaoxue could not help but feel that this fellow was too arrogant. Regardless of whether it was the emperor or the plaintiff's official, everyone was speaking up for her. However, this King Jing Yu was simply too infuriating.

"Great General Xue's sister is indeed bold. How come this duke didn't realize this before? If I had, perhaps …"

King Jing Yu did not finish his sentence. However, his demand filled gaze was clearly seen by everyone present. This naturally included Zhao Xiaoxue.

You're wrong, I am not only the great general's sister, I am also the Southern Princess Consort. My Southern King is also a prince of the Southern Chu Country, so my status is equal to yours. As the Southern Princess, I am naturally on par with yours.

Zhao Xiaoxue was clear that if she wasn't a little bit stronger at this moment, there would be no way for her to survive. Although the emperor had always been on her side, it was more appropriate for her to make a ruckus like this.

"Alright, according to many reasons, the Southern Princess can indeed commute her sentence. She doesn't need to cut off her four limbs, and her sixty years' imprisonment can also be reduced to ten years!"

He didn't know if this King Jing Yu had really thought it through, or if he was scared, but he actually let go. Facing such a huge reduction in punishment, Zhao Xiaoxue suddenly felt a bit muddled. She was still thinking about how to argue with the person in front of her, but now she could only hold back her words.

"Not even ten years. This King has already gifted the golden medal to my beloved concubine. Now that she possesses the golden plate, there is no need for her to be put in prison like this! I hope that you do not have to trouble yourself anymore, King Jing Yu! "

Other than a few words he had muttered to the Southern Princess and the silent Southern King at this moment, everyone now knew that the Southern King protected his wife so well that he could even give out a gold medal.

Everyone knew that once the gold medallion was given out, it meant that the Southern King had to hand it over as well. Moreover, the gold medallion couldn't be retracted.

"Southern King, giving you a gold medal is no child's play. Once you give it away, you will never be able to take it back. How about this …"

"Royal brother, please consider carefully. This is my brother's decision, and I will never regret it!"

Seeing how worried the emperor was, Chu Yufeng immediately responded. It was clear that he was determined to give the gold medal to the emperor.

Thinking carefully?

Hearing this, Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't help but want to laugh. But in such a serious situation, she really didn't dare to laugh out loud.

This was because this wasn't something that a man would do after careful deliberation. It was just a moment of passion, feeling that the gold medal was too heavy, and letting her help him hold it.

"Hehe, the Southern King is really a romantic figure, only loving beauties, not nobles. Alright, since the Southern Wangfei has the gold medal, then this decade of imprisonment should be exempted, but no matter what, the Yin Source Stone was lost by the Southern Wangfei, so I have to give everyone an explanation. It's not a lot, but there are still three days of imprisonment to go through!"

King Jing Yu made another concession.

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