"No, not even for a day!"

The Southern King's attitude was very firm. He was clearly someone who suffered from an illness all year round, so even if he had the title of a noble king, he should still be somewhat sickly. But the Southern King who was speaking now did not have any weak aura, it was as if if if if King Jing Yu did not agree, he would use the most forceful method to fight to the end.

"Yu Feng, three days isn't long!"

The Southern King's abnormal behavior caused the Emperor to worry. He was only the younger brother of a mother and a brother. Naturally, he understood the situation very well. How could his younger brother be a weak and sickly person?

On the contrary, he had a robust physique and a strong spiritual energy. He was born with a spiritual energy at the fourth level. This was clearly a good thing.

However, in the Spirit Continent, those who were born with the Rank 4 Spiritual Energy were regarded as monsters and would cause other countries to group up against them. In order to let Yu Feng grow up safely, they had to announce that Yu Feng had no Spiritual Energy, and that he was suffering from an illness and wouldn't be able to live much longer.

Although the lack of spiritual energy was a lie, life was not far off. A person born with spiritual energy at the fourth rank had an extraordinary growth rate. Even without the Blood Essence Pill, he would be facing a life threatening calamity in just a few years.

He had gone through a trial with great difficulty, but unexpectedly, the Imperial Advisor discovered that within a few years, his destiny had appeared again. This kind of spiritual energy growth rate was simply a matter of life and death.

Thus, even if there was such a peerless master in the Southern Chu Country, he would not dare to spread the news, because if other countries were to find out, it would become a reason to attack. And when the country was in trouble, this expert Yu Feng would most likely die, so for the sake of the Southern Chu Country, and for Yu Feng himself, he could only tolerate it!

"No way!"

Even though the emperor had spoken, Chu Yufeng was still very determined. He didn't have many hopes, he only wished to protect this woman when he was alive. Perhaps, he should be stubborn for his own willpower!

"Since the Southern King is so resolute, it makes it difficult for me, the brother in charge of the administration of justice. After all, everyone knows that the Southern Wangfei has lost her Yin Source Stones, and now that she has a gold medal in her hands, she is clearly someone who can execute the Dharmic Dao.

The Southern King's abnormal behavior was seen by Chu Yujing. In the past, the Southern King lived in seclusion and rarely came into contact with people, so he was not very familiar with his habits.

But recently, due to the attention paid to him by the Grandmaster Heavenly Fate, he discovered that the Southern King was very special. Not only was his thoughts sincere, his Qi was also no weaker than anyone else's.

However, he clearly did not possess any spiritual power, yet he was able to scare people who possessed it. Chu Yujing also wanted to know why this was happening.

"No reason, no way, no way! Since you've already achieved your goal, the rest shouldn't be that important. Why do you care about these three days? "

The woman he was determined to protect, naturally he wouldn't let anyone hurt her, not to mention, he already knew Chu Yujing had started this incident and let him search the South King's Mansion. This was already his biggest concession.

"Of course I don't care about these three days, but these three days are very important to the Southern King and Princess Consort. Don't tell me you want the golden plate to become an ordinary piece of gold?"

If not for that, with the power he currently held in his hands, he would have long since been able to overthrow the current emperor's rule. However, he did not do that, because he was a person who abided by the laws.

"Yu Feng, don't be rash. King Jing Yu is right. There are some things that must be done!"

The emperor couldn't really let that gold medallion become ordinary gold. Although the gold medallion was currently in the hands of the Southern Wangfei, it was still an important weapon that held constant power. He absolutely couldn't let it go.

"But …"

Chu Yufeng felt helpless. He clearly wanted to be willful, but he was still restrained by an invisible pressure. For the sake of the country's stability, he could only compromise.

"Alright, Yu Feng, don't argue anymore. It's only three days, just three days!"

Chu Yufeng had always been an aloof and taciturn person who would often tease her. However, he didn't expect that she would be protected this time around. Zhao Xiaoxue was very touched.

Right now, she only needed three days. She was already satisfied as she was truly at fault and didn't want to make things difficult for the Emperor and the men around her. Zhao Xiaoxue was already prepared to go to jail.

"However, even if I have to go to jail, I don't go to prison. I only want an ordinary prison!"

Although this cell was divided into different grades, the better the conditions, the more dangerous it seemed. However, it was only for three days, it was better to be modest and stay in the ordinary cell. Otherwise, if she just entered the Sky Prison she would run into an empty cell, that wouldn't be worth it!

"Good!" "Since the Southern Wangfei has spoken, this can still be satisfied. The Southern Wangfei will stay in an ordinary cell, and in three days, she can return to the estate!"

Everyone took a step back, so Chu Yujing naturally couldn't force them into a corner. After all, he didn't want to turn against the Emperor and the Southern King.

"Not even three days!"

The Southern King finally stopped talking, but the voice of opposition did not stop. It was just that the voice did not come from the crowd, but from outside.

"Who dares to barge into the Northern Profound Palace?"

The eunuch standing on the high platform could not help but berate loudly. The emperor was still here, but this person seemed to not place the emperor in his eyes. He really deserved to be punished!

Just as his father-in-law finished speaking, he saw not far away, on the stairs, a round man wearing official uniform was slowly walking over with a box in his hand.

"This... Isn't this Master Xue from the wealthy side? Why is he wearing a uniform? "

"Yeah, he's an official too?"


At this time, not only was the surrounding officials curious, even Zhao Xiaoxue was surprised. She did not expect that the person who came was her godfather, who she had not seen for a long time. His godfather's body was still so thick and sturdy, but his face looked haggard, could it be that he was worried for her?

"Your servant, Hong Dian Temple's Snow Declaration, greets Your Majesty! Greetings, dukes! "

Xue Zhuo stepped forward, parted his official robe, and knelt on the ground with some difficulty.

"Hong Dian Temple official? Was he really an official? But isn't the Great Dipper Temple Lord Li? "

At this moment, some people turned to look at Lord Li. When they saw this, Lord Li awkwardly smiled.

"This official is the junior official of the Hong Dian Temple. As Sir Xue does not like such red tape, I have always been the one in charge of handling the affairs of the yamen!"

Hearing Lord Li's explanation, the other officials' faces all twisted. This Sir Xue has been neglecting his duties to the extreme. Such a person dares to show himself in front of a saint, and he even showed himself in front of Jing Yu, who has strict execution laws.

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