On the carriage, Zhao Xiaoxue's eyes widened in disbelief. Just now, because she suddenly possessed six Yin Source Stones, King Jing Yu and the others didn't dare to make things difficult for her.

She had left the Northern Profound Palace in such a boastful manner. Originally, she had wanted to take a closer look at the Yin Energy Stones from the carriage, but she had heard such a shocking piece of news.

"Of course it's fake, otherwise how could there be so many Yin Energy Stones? You should know that we used Yang Yuan Stones to conduct a search throughout the city, and other than the government, we cannot cause any reaction from Yang Yuan Stones. If they can't attract Yang Yuan Stones, then how can they be called Yin Yuan Stones."

The man sitting across from him answered calmly.

"Ah?" This is true, even that King Jingyu has never seen Yin Yuan Stones before, it can be seen that Yin Yuan Stones are truly rare. Father took out six of them, it's not too realistic, I think father is trying to save me, aiya! Such a pitiful father and mother heart. Luckily we were not discovered by that King Jing Yu, otherwise father would have been punished! "

He was previously frightened by the Yin energy stone that his father took out, but now that he knew it was fake, he could only sigh in relief.

"That's not right. King Jing Yu did not discover that it was because he did not recognize the Yin Yuan Stones, but that Lord Qing was someone who loved Yuan Stones. He should not have seen wrongly, right?"

This point puzzled Zhao Xiaoxue.

"Sir Qing has been scared senseless once. It can be seen that he also hopes for this matter to end earlier. If it really is Yin Yuan Stones, then why is it that he does not have a desire to obtain them from you, like how he loves Yuan Stones?"

The man helped the woman analyze once again, yet he didn't say it, thinking about it in such a way, it did make sense.

"Alright, looks like it's true or false! "Daddy, this is really too risky, why do you have to take so many fake Yin Yuan Stones? Two or one is enough, isn't it tiring to carry so much?"

Thinking about how her fat dad was panting while holding the box, Zhao Xiaoxue felt a little uneasy. She really wasn't filial. She used to be, but now she was too.

"Hmm? So tired! After such a ruckus, he could barely keep his eyes open! "But you clearly slept very well last night …"

Before Zhao Xiaoxue could finish muttering, her body swayed and fell to the side. Seeing this, the purple figure sitting opposite her flashed and arrived next to the woman to support her. He gently brushed away the woman's frown and said in a low voice:

"Have a good rest. This Calm Incense is not harmful to you!"

Having said so, the man carefully placed the woman on the soft bed within the carriage and then called to Xia Yu who was driving the carriage outside:

"Turn around and go to the Golden Pagoda!"

On the eastern outskirts of Andu City, there was a tall mound with a tall building on top of it. It was called the Golden Pagoda, and it was not that the Golden Pagoda was made out of gold.

This force was birthed from the bottom of the tower, and from the top of the tower, it flew out rapidly. Golden rays of light covered the entire pagoda, making people want to touch it but not daring to come close.

Although the golden pagoda was located in the eastern part of the city, not many people dared to go near it. This was because a mysterious person lived inside the pagoda.

Some said that he was seven feet tall with a green face and fangs. Others said that he had no hands or feet, only a white mist. Some even said that he was a demon that could swallow people alive.

However, this was a place that no one dared to approach. A carriage was rapidly approaching, passing through the golden fog and arriving at the entrance of the pagoda.

"Hurry and open the door, His Highness the Southern King has arrived!"

Xia Yu had followed the Southern King for many years, so she naturally knew that the Golden Pagoda was not some demon. The Golden Pagoda was like the Southern King's mansion, it had its master and its servants, and the owner of this pagoda was the current Imperial Advisor of the Southern Chu Country.


The tightly shut door revealed a crack, and immediately after, two attendants wearing snow-white robes opened the door from left and right, each side. Their expressions were solemn and respectful.

"Why is the door open?"

This was the first time she had seen the door open. Every time she came here, she would only see the servants open a small door and invite people from outside with a look of disdain. She didn't expect that this would be such an exception, which really puzzled Xia Yu.

The door was completely opened. A servant quickly arrived at the side of the carriage and bowed to the person inside.

"My master invites His Highness the Southern King to enter!"

Xia Yu, on the other hand, was somewhat familiar with this servant, he was the gatekeeper Jin Chan. In the past, when they saw him, they would always look up to him.

Besides, His Highness the Southern King would not agree. Thinking of this, Xia Yu jumped down from the carriage, and pulled open the curtain to allow His Highness the Southern King to alight.

However, Xia Yu had just turned around when she was stopped by this gentle attendant:

"Your highness, the Southern King, is of noble status. As my master has instructed, carriages are permitted to enter!"

"Ah?" Inside the carriage … Enter the Golden Pagoda? I... Am I hearing things? "

Although the Southern King did indeed have the privilege to enter the palace in a carriage, but they had never heard of him being able to enter the golden pagoda in a carriage. Although the Southern King did indeed have the privilege to enter the palace in a carriage, they had never heard of anyone entering the golden pagoda in a carriage.

"My master is already waiting inside. I ask that Your Highness the Southern King enter as soon as possible!"

Jin Chan didn't plan to give Xia Yu much of an explanation. It was only because the guard in front of him was curious, and even he, who had been serving the Imperial Advisor for a long time, was very curious.

It was unprecedented to open the door of the pagoda to welcome a guest. Why did the Imperial Advisor treat His Highness the Southern King with such special treatment? Why was he so dismissive in the past?

Xia Yu and Jin Chan were both very confused, but they did not dare to delay. Since the master of the pagoda agreed to enter the pagoda, Xia Yu naturally cooperated.

The interior of the pagoda was very different from an ordinary mansion. It did not have many courtyards, only an empty space, especially at the bottom of the pagoda. The space was very spacious and spacious, and not to mention a carriage, even if more than ten carriages were to be present at the same time, it would not feel crowded.

"Master, His Highness the Southern King has arrived!"

Jin Chan reported respectfully to the top of the tower.

"All of you, get out!"

A deep voice suddenly rang out from inside the tower. It wasn't loud, but somehow it made people's hearts tremble. Xia Yu felt as if the voice instantly surrounded him, making him feel scared.

"But the Southern King …"

Although he was intimidated by this strange voice, he hesitated when he remembered that his master was the Southern King.

"Xia Yu, wait outside the golden tower!"

With the Southern King's order, Xia Yu no longer hesitated and released seven layers of spiritual energy, just so that she could leave faster.

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