Just as Zhao Xiaoxue finished asking, Xue Yishan pouted intentionally, pretended to be angry and said:

"My foolish little sister, even if I mistaken everyone in the world, I wouldn't recognize my little Wu. I watched you grow up, and even if you poke your butt out, I know what shit you're going to shit …"

Just as Xue Yushan finished his sentence, Zhao Xiaoxue turned her face away somewhat embarrassedly. Seeing her shy face, Xue Yishan suddenly reacted:

"Cough, that Little Wu has grown up. This way of speaking is a bit indecent. Alright, since Big Bro will not recognize his own little sister, then look at this!"

As Xue Yishan said this, he raised Zhao Xiaoxue's left wrist, pointed at the thin red line, and said in a low voice:

"My Little Wu is the only one in this world who has one. Don't underestimate this red line. Even though it is very thin, it cannot be taken off. So, you are my little sister!" Furthermore, it can only be my little sister, Snowfly! "

The person on the other side was very sure, his complete judgment made Zhao Xiaoxue suspect that she was overthinking things. Her teleportation just took away Xue Yuejian's everything. Although it was a little unfair to the Xue Clan's Miss, it wasn't something that anyone could control, so she didn't have a choice.

"However... You really are a bit different! "

Snowy Mountain seriously stared at the other party's pair of large eyes.

"How is it different?"

It was said that the eyes were the windows to the soul. Could it be that the person facing him had already seen through something?

"Nothing much, I just look at Little Wu now, she always reminds me of your lively and intelligent look when you were young!"

Speaking of her former sister, Xuezhishan was also very nostalgic. Ever since her illness began seven years ago, her lively, intelligent, and charming look had completely disappeared without a trace. Her eyes had begun to become clouded, without much light in them.

But at this moment, although the little sister before him didn't seem to have much strength, her eyes were exceptionally bright. Her spirited eyes made people feel exceptionally joyful when they looked at her.

"So that's how it is!"

Zhao Xiaoxue let out a sigh of relief. The big brother across from her seemed to be quite meticulous, but she didn't realize that she wasn't his little sister for some reason. He really didn't know what to say.

"Little Wu, how many days have you been awake this time? Who told you your identity?" Isn't Qing He with you? "

If her guess was not wrong, then it should be the Qing He that had always been accompanying her. However, when she fell into the river, where did that girl go?

"When I woke up, Qing He told me that someone was chasing us. In order to protect me and lead the pursuers away, she didn't contact us again. As for how many days she had woken up, I'm not too sure. I only know that it was about three days after she fell into the water …"

Zhao Xiaoxue thought for a moment. She could only say this much. Although the person on the other side was a super good brother to her little sister, she wasn't Snowfly after all. She needed to speak less, safety first.

"Three days? Adding on the fact that you've already been unconscious for three days, wouldn't tomorrow be another seven days?! "

After hearing this conclusion, Xue Ya Shan was also shocked, his face instantly filled with anxiety.

"Seven days? "What does that mean?"

Could it be that this world also had a week's worth of calculations? While Zhao Xiaoxue was silently pondering in her heart, the person standing in front of her had already begun rubbing her hands together, muttering while spinning around:

"This won't do, I don't have much time left. I have to think of another way!" We can't just wait like this! "

Actually, when he saw his little sister, he had already sent someone to inform his father. He just didn't expect that it was already so urgent.

"Big brother, what's going on?"

Seeing the man on the other side anxious, Zhao Xiaoxue also started to become inexplicably nervous.

"Little Wu, actually, it's because …"

"General, Zhao Jie has something important to report!"

Suddenly, an anxious voice sounded from outside the living quarters.

Zhao Jie was a confidant of Xuezhishan, so he naturally knew him well. Unless something big happened, he wouldn't do that.

"Little Wu, rest well. Big Brother has to go out first. No matter what, don't worry. As long as Big Brother is here, you'll be fine!"

Although the matter was urgent, Xuejing Mountain still carefully tucked the bed quilt for little sister.

Just as Xue Yushan left, Zhao Xiaoxue felt that she did not have any strength left. She was too nervous just now, so she did not realize that she was actually so weak. She really needed to rest.

Outside the living quarters, when Zhao Jie saw Xue Yishan, he quickly stepped forward and reported in a low voice:

"General, your subordinate has discovered the presence of the Imperial Guards in the Qian Prefecture!"

With the mention of the Imperial Guards, Xuezhishan's expression changed,

"Why are they here?"

In the Imperial Guards, the weakest was a third level spirit energy user, their movements were very strange, I heard that they were directly controlling King Chu, but in the eyes of Xue Yushan, they seemed to be controlled by a mysterious person, and this person was not King Chu, but was at the border of the Southern Chu Country. If this person who was in charge of the Imperial Guards had ill intentions, then the Southern Chu border would be in danger.

"General, according to the news from Andu, His Highness the Southern King seems to have been kidnapped!"

"What? His Highness the Southern King was kidnapped?"

This is bad news. His Highness is the younger brother of King Chu's mother and father. Although he has always kept a low profile, Lord Chu cares about him the most. If someone hijacks his highness, he'll probably agree without hesitation.

"Who is so bold?"

Everyone knew how special the Southern King's status was. An ordinary person would not dare to do such a thing.

"I heard it's the Leng Yi Wang of the Wu Country!"

Zhao Jie was indeed worthy of being Xue Yishan's trusted aide. No one could match him in terms of information.

"The Cold Ember King of the Wu Nation? What is this guy trying to do? "

For a moment, Xue Yishan could not figure out the other party's intentions.

"General, why don't you let this subordinate investigate!"

Zhao Jie asked for orders.

"You … "Hold on!"

Xue Yushan was about to agree when he suddenly thought of a possibility:

"That Wu Leng Yi is already at the peak of level 4, is he about to level up?" He's captured His Highness the Southern King, could it be that he's heard of those rumors … "

Xue Yushan wanted to say something, but stopped and began to ponder.

"General, that's just a rumor. How could a weak body like His Highness the Southern King be able to withstand the power of a Rank 5 Spirit Beast's blood essence? The Coldheart King is really impatient. He would even believe such preposterous rumors!"

In any case, Zhao Jie didn't believe him at all.

"There must be a reason for this to happen. That Wu Lengyi is not a fool. Go and check, where is the Southern King now?" Maybe we can think of a way to save him! "

Hearing the general's plan, Zhao Jie was quite surprised:

"General, haven't you always disliked this person …" Weak Southern King? Why would they still think of saving him? "

Hearing Zhao Jie's question, Xue Yishan slightly narrowed his eyes:

"No matter what, we cannot disregard the interests of the country because of personal preferences!"

"Yes sir!"

Hearing the general's words, Zhao Jie looked ashamed and immediately turned around.

If that rumor was true, then His Highness the Southern King might be able to help Little Wu. Actually, he wasn't too selfless or impartial, at least, he had been in a state of selfishness just now.

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