"What happened to her?"

When everyone left, the low voice sounded again. However, it was not about anything else. It was about something that people couldn't understand.

"I just fell asleep!"

Chu Yufeng knew that the person speaking was referring to the woman beside him. He had long felt that the Imperial Advisor's attitude towards Snowflake was unusual, but he hadn't expected her to be so special.

When he opened the door, other than a large sacrificial ceremony, the door wouldn't open at all because the golden light couldn't be leaked casually. However, he didn't expect that the door would open today.

'Bang! '

A ray of golden light flew past and lifted the curtain of the carriage. Soon, the situation inside the carriage became clear.

"Humph!" Calm Incense? I never thought that the great Southern King would actually resort to such tricks. "

Just as his voice faded, a man wearing a bright yellow robe descended from the sky. If those who believed in the legends of the Devils saw this scene, they would definitely accuse the rumors of being too false.

The man in the bright yellow robe looked to be in his thirties. He had a tall and slender figure, a handsome face, and fair skin. How could this be a devil? He was simply a handsome man.

However, there was a deep ravine between the brows of this beautiful man. It was as if he had an extremely heavy load on his mind that made it inconvenient for him to come to outsiders.

"There's no other choice. This King does not wish for her to know before the matter is made clear!"

As Chu Yufeng spoke, he took out a box from the bottom of the carriage. If Zhao Xiaoxue hadn't fallen asleep, he would have recognized this box as the one his fat father had given him to store the Yin Energy Stones.

"It's … it's so similar!"

Looking at the sleeping figure in the carriage, the Imperial Advisor was somewhat dazed.

"Like who?"

The Imperial Advisor's reaction was very strange, especially after seeing the woman in the carriage.

"Of course it's like her, but I know it can't be her!"

At this point, the Imperial Advisor's face revealed a pained expression.

"Could it be that Imperial Advisor knows Snowy's mother?"

This was Chu Yufeng's guess. Although the Imperial Advisor was looking at the nearby Xiao Xue, in his eyes, it was as if he was looking at someone else. If he wasn't mistaken, this person might be her mother.

Xiao Xue was so beautiful. Needless to say, her mother was also a great beauty. Unfortunately, Chu Yufeng had never seen her before.

"So what if we know each other? If there's a choice, it might be best if we don't know each other! "

Speaking of the past, it was as if he had touched the most painful wound in the heart of the Imperial Advisor, causing him great pain.

"Since Imperial Advisor and Snowy's mother are old acquaintances, for the sake of their mother, please help Snowy!"

Chu Yufeng handed the box over.

"What's in this box?"

The Imperial Advisor knew that Chu Yufeng was a formidable character, so ordinary matters wouldn't be a problem for him. Of course, he also knew that Chu Yufeng had signed a blood contract with the woman in the carriage, and they were tied together by their lives.

"Yin Yuan Stones!"

Since he had come here to find out the answer, he had no intention of hiding it.

"Yin Source Stone?"

Mentioning the Yin Stones, the Imperial Advisor's expression became complicated. After a few moments of hesitation, he finally returned to normal, avoiding the box that the other party handed to him. He purposely asked:

"You're not an elementalist, what are you going to do with these primeval stones? Not to mention the Yin Source Stones, even if you are really an Essence Doctor, it will still be useless to you! "

Hearing the Imperial Advisor's words, Chu Yufeng sighed in his heart. He was right, the Imperial Advisor did know about the Yin Yuan Stones and the female Imperial Physician.

"To tell you the truth, Imperial Advisor, these primeval stones were not mine, but Xiao Xue's. However, due to some special reasons, this one does not dare to give these primeval stones to Xiao Xue!"


This time, it was the Imperial Advisor who became curious. Perhaps he realized that his actions were somewhat exaggerated, so he pretended to be calm and said:

"Yin Yuan Stones should only be used by female doctors. If the Southern King does not give these Yin Yuan Stones to her, who else can she give them to?"

Hearing the Imperial Advisor's words, Chu Yufeng was slightly surprised:

"Does the State Grandmaster know that Xiao Xue is a female elementalist? Then wouldn't that mean all female doctors can consume Yin Source Stones? "

This was what Chu Yufeng wanted to ask.

"Swallowing Yin Stones? Could it be that Snowy … Is she also starting to swallow Yin Yuan Stones? "

Upon hearing this news, the Imperial Advisor frowned as a look of terror appeared on his face. It could be seen that this news was extremely terrifying, enough to frighten even the master of the pagoda.

"Yes, it has already happened twice. When she holds the Yin Yuan Stone in her hand, the Yin Yuan Stone will gradually shrink and eventually disappear!"

Seeing the Imperial Advisor's reaction, Chu Yufeng suddenly realized that devouring Yin Yuan Stones was not a good thing at all.

"Twice? How could this be? She was so young, how could she have reached such a state so quickly? As expected … Indeed, the heavens are unfair! "

The Imperial Advisor pointed angrily at the sky.

"What exactly does this phenomenon mean? What will happen if I devour Yin Energy Stones? "

Chu Yufeng became anxious. His premonition was right, he had never heard of anyone devouring primeval stones before. Although primeval stones helped recover their vitality, no one had ever devoured them, and the speed at which they were devouring them was simply amazing.

"What is this phenomenon? I do not know, but I do know that once you start devouring primeval stones, it means that the fate of the Yuan Doctor is nearing its end. It is just like the fate of those who cultivate in spirit energy, but there is a clear difference between it and the fate of those who do.

With that, the Imperial Advisor leaned against a wall not too far away with a depressed look on his face. Looking at the sleeping Snowy, he felt a sense of desolation.

"The heavens are jealous of the talented, their lives are ruined by their beauty, this …" This is all life! "

"Wait a minute, there must be a way to save him, right?"

Even though he didn't have long to live, he still wanted to keep women alive. It was as if women could help him survive in this world, but in this situation, he realized that they were indeed in the same boat. After torturing for so long, one of them still died.

"There's no other way. Once she starts devouring primeval stones, there's nothing left to do. Moreover, as long as she reaches three stones, her life will be gone!"

'Clap clap! '

Just as the Imperial Advisor finished speaking, Chu Yufeng felt his fingers go weak. The box he was holding fell to the ground, and the Yin Stones inside tumbled out onto the floor.

"Three? One, two... There's still one more? "

Only now did Chu Yufeng realize that this woman's life was even more dangerous than his own.

After about an hour, the Southern King personally led his horse out. However, the Southern King's expression was especially sorrowful, so Xia Yu was very worried.

"What happened to His Highness the Southern King? "Is it the Imperial Advisor who …"

Did he fall out with the Imperial Advisor?

"Return to the manor!"

Chu Yufeng was no longer in the mood to reply. He dragged his exhausted body onto the carriage.

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