"What?" And these two are fake? "

Zhao Xiaoxue had expected such an outcome, but when she heard Chu Yufeng say it, she felt disappointed. After all, her father's words were very serious, and it didn't seem to be a lie.

Looking at the square box on the table, Zhao Xiaoxue helplessly sighed and said,

"Sigh!" "Daddy, it's really weird. Yesterday, I had to hand over the fake Yin Energy Stone, but today, I took out two more fake Yin Energy Stones. Why is this happening?"

Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't figure it out.

"Maybe Father-in-law has been deceived. After all, these Yin Yuan Stones are just too realistic!"

Just as Chu Yufeng said this, the lady on the side turned her head and stared at him.

The woman's gaze caused the man's heart to thump. Could it be that this woman saw through something? He could not help but ask with a guilty conscience:

"Why are you looking at This King like that?"

Hearing the man's question, Zhao Xiaoxue smiled mischievously:

"What is it? You can be shy, too? Come to think of it, your son-in-law isn't bad at all! "

Zhao Xiaoxue could see that when her father heard Chu Yufeng call her father-in-law, his heart was filled with joy.

"So you're talking about this …"

Chu Yufeng let out a sigh of relief.

"Not this? "Then what are you worried about?"

Zhao Xiaoxue felt that this man was a bit strange today. His words were no longer free and easy as usual, but other than that, he didn't seem any different. Could it be due to the appearance of this fat father?

"Nothing, just stay here properly. This King still has things to do!"

Chu Yufeng was about to leave. If he stayed any longer, he had no confidence that he would be discovered by a woman. However, this time, he did not forget to bring the square box on the table with him.

"Wait, what are you doing with this box?"

Although it was fake, it was given to her by her father, so she had to keep it no matter what.

"This is not a Yin Yuan Stone, there is no use if I leave it with you. Hence, I took it out …"

Chu Yufeng hadn't even finished speaking when Zhao Xiaoxue took the box into her hands. Then, she tilted her head and carefully looked at the box. With a reluctant face, she said,

"Although this isn't a Yin Yuan Stone, this box is really pretty. Don't throw it away, I want to keep it!"

"But …"

The woman's actions gave the man a fright. He wanted to quickly take back the box, but just as he extended his hand, he slowly retracted it back. Especially when the woman gave him a puzzled look, he did not dare to make any unusual movements.

"Okay, if you want to keep it, then keep it! Other than this box, Father-in-law seems to have given you another box. Can't you see what's inside? "

Chu Yufeng pointed at a nearby box, trying to divert the woman's attention away.

"Oh right, Daddy said that it was a letter. It was a letter from before … I wrote it in the past! "

Zhao Xiaoxue was also curious. Just what exactly did Snowflake write about in the past? If one were to calculate the time, then Snowflutter from seven years ago should have been a ten-year old little girl. It was hard to imagine what a ten-year old little girl would write.

"You can be considered a talented girl in the past. Now, you want to know what you wrote in the past and it looks like you need to put in some effort. Forget it, I won't disturb you and you." You can consider yourself a talented girl in the past and now, you want to know what you wrote in the past.

Even without the man's reminder, Zhao Xiaoxue knew that she was currently illiterate. The man's suggestion was not bad. If she wanted to know the contents of the letter as soon as possible, Bu Li would be a good helper.

Of course, other than Bu Li, the man in front of her was also the best teacher in the world. It was a pity that he was very busy. Although she didn't know what this man was busy with, Zhao Xiaoxue knew that he was not as free as the others.

"Alright, you can go back to your work. I'll take care of this slowly!"

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't want to drag down her men. She knew that she didn't have much time left to live, so she should make her daily life meaningful. Of course, compared to waiting for death to come, it was better to live a busy life.

While speaking, Zhao Xiaoxue had already opened the box. She originally thought that the letter was just a small notebook, but when she opened the lid, she found out that the box was filled with papers. No matter what Snowflake wrote when she was young, her diligence was worthy of respect.

Zhao Xiaoxue stretched out her hand. Although she knew that she couldn't read, she still couldn't help but want to see what was written on the paper, or what was drawn on it.


Zhao Xiaoxue had clearly placed her hand on the stack of paper, but her wrist was somehow pulled by some kind of power. Just when she was trying to find the source of that power, it had already disappeared.

Although she did not find any power, Zhao Xiaoxue noticed the weird behavior of the man beside her. It was as if he had taken a primeval stone from the box.

"What are you doing?" "Why are you …"

Zhao Xiaoxue was surprised, but the man in front of her was very calm:

"If you like this box, then keep it, but the Yin Yuan Stones inside are fake. This King won't be able to rest easy with them by your side, so I will keep the fake Yin Yuan Stones in my possession for the time being!"

Without waiting for the woman's reply, Chu Yufeng grasped the stone in his hand and turned around to leave.

"Hello …" Since it's fake, is there a need to take it away? "

Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't understand Chu Yufeng's actions at all. She suddenly came up with a scary guess:

"Could it be that the stone is real?"

Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't help but shake her head when she heard this thought.

"That won't happen. If it's true, Yu Feng has no reason to take it away!"

Zhao Xiaoxue trusted Chu Yufeng, but what she didn't know was that he had lied to her.

Just as Chu Yufeng walked out of the Warm Jade Pavilion, he found Butler Qiu standing outside the courtyard. He looked worried. Even though he had already guessed the reason, Chu Yufeng still asked deliberately.

"Butler, what happened to you?"

Hearing the South King's question, the butler Qiu rushed forward and bowed as he begged,

"Save me, Southern King! I heard that wangfei wants to find a subordinate to interrogate her!" All subordinates... You don't even know what to do? "

Ever since the incident in the east window, the butler had been waiting carefully outside the courtyard of the Warm Jade Pavilion, afraid that the Southern Princess would come find him to denounce him. After all, he was the one who ordered the guard to stop Master Xue.

He heard that the father-daughter relationship between the Southern Princess and Master Xue was very deep, so she would definitely ask him about it. But after waiting for a long time, she didn't receive any summons from the Southern Princess. Instead, she saw the Southern King walk out.

"Butler, you decide this yourself!" This King believes that you can handle it! Because you have never disappointed This King! "

After saying so, the Southern King waved his arm and patted the other party's shoulder. The strength was clearly not that strong, but Steward Qiu's body almost collapsed. He felt sorrowful in his heart.

"Oh my god!" We're going to be the scapegoats! "

Since the Southern King is so powerful, I didn't expect him to be afraid of himself. If I knew it would be like this, why did you order me to do this?

Although he was complaining incessantly in his heart, the butler knew that he should not have asked such a question.

"Forget it, let's avoid the Southern Wangfei for the next few days!" Perhaps time can dilute everything! "

This was Qiu's wish.

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