"You are so stupid! With your eyesight, if no one had brought you along, you would have long been decapitated! "

The boss patted the head of his subordinate, then shook his head in disappointment. He had a mature look that could not be taught and made his subordinate look depressed.

"Then... Boss, should we still go find those two girls? "

Some of the people in the group did not forget that the purpose of passing through the alleyway was to stop the two men in men's clothing.

"What are you looking for? If we continue to search, I'm afraid we won't be able to find it! "

Although the boss' words sounded a bit scary, since they all respected him as their boss, everyone naturally had to listen to what their boss had to say. It seemed like they could only give up.

Hearing the conversation of these hoodlums in the alley, the two men in the light blue and dark green robes on the roof looked at each other and smiled. Their goal had already been achieved. Not fighting against each other was the best plan!

Hu hu hu hu! Miss … No... I can't take it anymore, let this servant run … I can't run anymore! "

She actually ran so far in one breath, and didn't seem to stop at all. Previously, the young miss was too weak, but now, the young miss was very strong. Regardless of her other abilities, just running was countless times stronger than before!

Hearing Qing He's call, Zhao Xiaoxue finally stopped and turned around. She noticed that the group of people from before were not chasing her, so she said with relief,

"Alright, let's go rest under that tree for a while!"

After resting for a while, Qing He stopped breathing. However, she kept her eyes on the street behind her as she was afraid that the group of people would suddenly catch up. However, the facts proved that her thoughts were unnecessary.

"Miss, you're too awesome. We really lost that group of people!"

Hearing Qing He's praise, Zhao Xiaoxue also smiled with pride. She didn't expect her luck to be so good this time.

"Yeah, that's why I'm right, right?"

"Yes!" xiaojie is right! "

Qing He had always worshiped the little miss, and now that the little miss was no longer so foolish, the Qing He took the little miss's words as a golden rule.

"Look, look at the two people under the tree, especially the one on the left... "She's too beautiful!"

During the conversation between Zhao Xiaoxue and Qing He, a few men who were dressed in traditional clothes appeared not too far away. They were smiling at them, a smile that made people feel particularly disgusted.

"These people... What do you want to do? "

Qing He was at a loss. Even from the distance, he could tell that these people had come with ill intentions.

"What else can we do? This definitely isn't a good thing. Thus, let's run!"

She lowered her head and looked at herself again. She was dressed in men's clothing, and her hair was a simple bun, but why did she have to attract such attention? It made people complain incessantly.

Zhao Xiaoxue was puzzled, but she didn't know that this result was completely because she had a good maid.

In the past, when no one helped her take care of her face, it could only be considered clean. Although her appearance was still impeccable, if she wore inconspicuous clothes, it would be easy for others to ignore her.

But now, even if Zhao Xiaoxue were to fall asleep, Qing He would carefully protect her skin, keeping her in a beautiful state. In addition, Qing He gave the little miss an androgynous hairstyle, which could even be described as bewitching.

"Not good, the beauty is running, quickly! Quick, bring the beauty back! "

Seeing the beauty escape, the men who were enchanted by the beauty started to chase after her. However, before they could even run a few steps, they were blocked by someone. Before they even had the chance to question who was in their way, the group of people mysteriously started to receive different degrees of attacks.

"You all … Why did you hit him? Can't you explain it clearly before you hit him? "

This time, he was really taking advantage of the situation, and he actually ran into such an unorthodox situation.

"Of course there's a reason to beat someone up. Some people aren't people you dare to think about, and some things aren't things you can do either!"

As soon as the blue-robed man finished speaking, he brandished the sword in his hand, causing the people behind him to stop moving. Even though they were injured, they still had to cover their wounds and quickly dodge in every direction.

Seeing that she already possessed great deterrence, Xia Yu finally breathed a sigh of relief. In order to protect the Southern Princess, he could only stifle all possible adverse events in the cradle. However, what made him speechless was that the deterrence this time wasn't over.

"Stop!" If you follow those two girls again, I'll cut off your feet! "

"Stop!" "Get out of my way, don't follow those two girls anymore!"


This sort of thing happened incessantly. Previously, he had wanted to persuade her and intimidate her, but the more he thought about it, the less patience he had. Thus, he decided to just make a move.

"Good! Hero, spare me! We were just curious. This girl is really too stunning, and she's even wearing men's clothing. It really makes one's heart itch, so … "Oh my god!"

Before the other party could finish his words, Bu Li's fist had easily struck his stomach, causing him to cry out in pain.

"This fist is telling you that the more beautiful you are, the more you need someone capable to think of you. So, all of you can only scram!"

With such powerful experts like Bu Li acting, how could these bullies with only grade one or two spiritual energy dare to stay? As they left, they looked at the fleeing figures in panic and couldn't help but sigh.

"The Southern Wangfei's charm is really amazing!"

Xia Yu had always let things go, but when such strange things kept happening, Xia Yu also felt a bit tired.

"Miss, if this charm continues to be used up, I won't be able to take it anymore!"

The fragrance of the wine in the surroundings was always stimulating his nose. Although these may not necessarily be fine wine, it was still unique and tasty, and he could only follow Xia Yu to do these boring things in order to protect the girl.

"Little... Miss! I... I can't run anymore! "

Just as Qing He finished speaking, she plopped down on the stone steps beside the street.

"Hu hu hu hu!"

She panted heavily as she stared dumbly ahead. She was unable to recover from her shock even after a long while. She was simply too tired.

"No …" We can't sit... Sit here, behind... The people behind will soon catch up! "

Qing He wasn't the only one who was tired. Zhao Xiaoxue was also panting from exhaustion, but there was nothing she could do. The two of them were too weak. If she didn't run away, then she would fall into the hands of those people with ulterior motives.

"Southern Wangfei, don't worry, no one will follow us from behind!"

Following the source of the voice, Zhao Xiaoxue looked up and saw a man in a light blue robe with a sword in his hand not far away. Zhao Xiaoxue and Qing He were immediately overjoyed.

"Xia Yu, why did you come?"

Zhao Xiaoxue was a little surprised, but it seemed that the other party had arrived at just the right time.

"Reporting to the southern wangfei, this subordinate has always been following the wangfei, but I don't dare to rashly disturb her!"

Now that Xia Yu also had no other choice but to show up, things would never end.

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