"You've been following us all this time, why didn't you say so earlier?"

Zhao Xiaoxue knew that this guard's martial arts were not bad. If she had him by her side, those bullies would not dare to provoke her.

Of course, Zhao Xiaoxue knew that Bu Fang was not far from her. However, Bu Fang was always extremely elusive, and was simply too mysterious. Unless it was a special case, he did not dare to let him appear.

"Alright, with Guard Xia following us, I believe there won't be any more problems!" "Let's go!"

Zhao Xiaoxue trusted Xia Yu quite a bit, but Xia Yu didn't think so. She stood there hesitating.

"Guard Xia, what happened to you?"

Seeing that the person behind her did not move, Zhao Xiaoxue was puzzled.

"You don't want to stay by our side, don't you …"

Zhao Xiaoxue was a modern man, she believed in her bones that everyone was equal. This time, they had left the mansion very suddenly, perhaps the Xia guards just happened to see it. If he didn't want to follow her, Zhao Xiaoxue wouldn't force it.

"NO!" "Princess Consort Nan misunderstood me. Your subordinate was only thinking that if you don't want to be disturbed while walking down this street, you might have to change your clothes …"

Xia Yu was also having difficulty speaking. How could a subordinate like him have too many demands on his master? This was a bit too much.

"Change into clothes?"

Zhao Xiaoxue lowered her head to look at herself. Although she didn't see anything wrong with it, with what had happened, if Xia Yu had been following them all this time, she should have seen it too.

"I'm already wearing men's clothing. Don't tell me you want me to change back into women's clothing?"

Zhao Xiaoxue had never thought that her charm was so great, so she didn't have any special requirements for dressing up.

"Change into female attire? No... "No …"

When she heard that Princess Consort South wanted to change into a woman's outfit to shop, Xia Yu was also frightened. If it really was like this, then there would be even more things happening before.

"Then what do you want me to do?"

Zhao Xiaoxue also knew that the problem lay with her, so she humbly accepted Xia Yu's suggestion.

"Why don't you wear a hat with a veil?"

This was the simplest method that Xia Yu could think of.

"Alright! Just listen to Guard Xia! "

Wearing a hat or not didn't affect Zhao Xiaoxue's goals at all. If wearing a hat could reduce some unnecessary troubles, she would naturally happily accept it.

"Then this subordinate will immediately do it!"

Xia Yu was the one who suggested this idea, Xia Yu naturally had to think of a way to deal with it. Peace City was bustling with activity. Not only did it have the imperial city, there were also numerous noble mansions. Their female servants naturally wanted to go shopping, so they would inevitably use all sorts of concealed hats.

As a result, it was easy to buy a hat, but in order to avoid attracting attention again, Xia Yu went into the store to buy a hat, while Zhao Xiaoxue and Qing He stayed where they were.

"What's going on? "What about the carriage?"

On the opposite side of Zhao Xiaoxue and Qing He, a young maid was interrogating the servant who had hastily ran in front of her. Perhaps it was his actions that displeased her, but anger could be seen on the servant's face.

"The carriage was found, but …"

The attendant wanted to say something but hesitated. He stared at the young lady who was questioning him carefully. Needless to say, when the other party spoke the truth, it would definitely be a reprimand.

"Hurry up and speak. Why are you hesitating? Madame is waiting for a carriage! "

The maid was extremely anxious.

"Ah, that's the carriage!"

Following the attendant's finger, Zhao Xiaoxue saw a horse carriage. It looked somewhat old, and the carriage frame seemed very ordinary. Although it didn't look inside the carriage, it shouldn't be too luxurious because no one would decorate it with too many things.

"What?" "You only found such a crappy carriage, do you know that you'll have to wait for Madam to go to the tea party? Do you really plan on letting her ride in such a carriage?"

The maid panicked as she thought of how this was the only carriage the madame could take when she was travelling.

"Miss Little Ci, this little one has done my best. The mansion's golden carriage has been used by the old master. Right now, this is the only carriage that he can rent. Why don't you tell the old lady about it, perhaps …"

"There's no possibility. We can't use this kind of carriage if we continue to look for it!"

The maid known as Xiao Ci was a sharp-tongued person. Furthermore, she seemed to be rather fierce towards people, to the point that the attendant's eyes were filled with fear.

Hearing the conversation on the other side, Zhao Xiaoxue, who was standing on the other side of the street, shook her head slightly. She didn't approve of the maid's actions, but she didn't care.

"Alright!" "Princess, how about this hat?"

Xia Yu's movements were quick. Not long after, she walked out of the shop with a hat wrapped in a black veil in her hand. When she saw the Southern Princess, she respectfully handed it over.

"As expected …"

As soon as Zhao Xiaoxue opened her mouth, she felt something was wrong, so she stopped talking.

"Princess, what did you just say?"

Xia Yu's sharp eyes naturally heard, but when he asked, Zhao Xiaoxue only slightly shook her head:

"It's nothing!"

Zhao Xiaoxue had originally thought that Xia Yu, as a man, would have a very different sense of beauty compared to a woman, but when she came out with her hat, it didn't have much color.

Zhao Xiaoxue took the hat and placed it on her head. The size was suitable, but the black gauze was very blocking her vision. However, it was only temporary, so Zhao Xiaoxue didn't seem to be too conflicted.

"Southern Princess, this is Wen Luo Street. I wonder where you plan to go?"

Even now, Xia Yu still did not know the purpose of the wangfei's departure, so she did not know which direction to take next.

"Wenluo Street? Which direction? We plan to go to the east of the city! "

Actually, Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't find the direction either.

"East of the city? Wenluo Street is just east of the city! "

Xia Yu truthfully said, her heart wondering what the Southern King's Estate was planning to do.

"This is the east side of the city? That... Do you know Teacher Han? "

Rather than asking others, he might as well ask Guard Xia, who was beside him. It was likely that he knew quite a few things.

"So Princess Hua-Yang is looking for Teacher Han?" What a coincidence. Weren't they facing the Han Residence? "Esteemed wangfei, look, the person who just left the house is Lady Han!"

Xia Yu pointed at the middle-aged woman who was slowly being supported out of the door and could not help but widen her eyes. The mansion across the street was not small and there was a plaque on it.

"Greetings, Madam Han!"

She had not expected that there would be an unfamiliar man wearing a black gauze hat approaching her. If it weren't for the fact that there were two servants with extraordinary temperament following her, she would have definitely sent people to chase them away.

"What business does this young master have with me?"

"It's like this. I've heard that Teacher Han is rich, that peaches fill the entire world. I admire him greatly, and want Teacher Han to teach me how to learn!"

Zhao Xiaoxue did not beat around the bush. She already knew that Madam Han would be very busy attending the tea ceremony, so she went up to ask for her recommendation. After all, her ultimate goal was to meet Teacher Han.

"Hmm? So you want to be my master's student? "

As she spoke, Lady Han couldn't help her gaze roaming over the three people in front of her. To be honest, she had seen quite a few people come knocking at her door for school, but this was the first time she had seen someone like this empty-handed.

"Yes!" I hope that Madam Han can help with the recommendation! "

Zhao Xiaoxue's attitude was respectful, but Lady Han didn't seem to care.

"My master is not here! Come back another day! "

With that, Han Yunxi started to walk towards the carriage that displeased her. There was no helping it; there was no time now, so she could only wait.

Seeing that the other party was ignoring her, Zhao Xiaoxue naturally wouldn't shamelessly stick to him. However, before she came to inquire, she also prepared a present. Even if it was a modern person, they would also know when to give a small gift.

"Lady Han seems to be in a hurry. Do you want this one to send you off?"

Just as Han Yunxi was about to board the carriage, she heard the black-hat young master behind her speak once again. This time, he actually brought up a topic of concern to her. With an impatient expression from before, Han Yunxi said with a smile at the corner of her mouth:

"Young master sure has the heart to pursue studies. I don't know where your carriage is …"

The teahouse was about to begin, and Han Yunxi really didn't want to miss it. As she spoke, she looked around, and soon her gaze was attracted by a luxurious carriage decorated with gold plates. She was unable to shift her gaze away, and followed the carriage as it moved.

"This is my carriage. Is Madam Han willing?"

The fact that my master has a student like you is also his pride. To tell you the truth, my master is not at home right now.

Seeing the luxurious carriage in front of her, Madam Han's heart jumped into her throat. She thought to herself that if she could take such a luxurious carriage to attend the tea ceremony, her ranking would definitely rise by quite a bit.

"Ah?" Teacher Han isn't here? "

Zhao Xiaoxue really wanted to learn how to read. Now that she knew Teacher Han wasn't reading, she was quite disappointed.

"Eh!" I can't let my master come here for nothing. Fortunately, the place where my master is playing chess today is also the Gao Residence, so, if you really want to see my master, then you can only come with us to the Gao Residence! "

Lady Han's words changed very quickly.

"To the Gao Residence? But I don't have an invitation! "

Every few days, the Southern King's Manor would receive an invitation to a banquet. However, due to the firm attitude of the Southern King, Zhao Xiaoxue did not dare to take an interest in the banquet, so she rarely attended.

"I do! Let's go! Get in the car! "

It had to be said that Han Li's role had changed very quickly. Although this carriage belonged to Zhao Xiaoxue, it seemed to belong to her.

"Wah!" This carriage is too … It's too extravagant! "

Entering the carriage, Madam Han was attracted by the beautiful decorations inside. The mink rug, the gilded carriage, the tight and ingenious decorations made it hard to look at.

"Ha ha!"

Fortunately, she covered her face with a black hat, and not only was Lady Han frightened by the decorations of the carriage, even Zhao Xiaoxue felt very surprised. Just now, she had only thought that she could use this method to get closer to Lady Han, but she didn't expect that Xia Yu would actually find such an extravagantly luxurious carriage in such a short amount of time.

The tea ceremony was held at the Residence of Gao, and the Residence of Gao was not far from the Han Residence.

"Madam Han has arrived!"

The carriage had just arrived at the entrance of the manor when Xia Yu, who was acting as the coachman once again, handed over Madam Han's invitation. According to the gatekeeping staff's instructions, all the participants of the tea ceremony could have driven the carriage into the manor.

"Hmm? Doesn't Lady Han need to get off the carriage? "

Zhao Xiaoxue felt that the carriage actually didn't stop after the shouting from outside. She couldn't help but ask a nearby person who hadn't recovered from the extravagant decorations of the carriage.

"Madam!" "Madam!"

Seeing her wife in a daze, Little Ci couldn't help but remind her.

"Eh?" "What?"

Lady Han finally regained her senses, but it was clear that she wasn't clear about Zhao Xiaoxue's question.

"Madam, the Young Master asked you just now, why did you not stop the carriage at the entrance of the Residence of High?"

Little Ci could also be considered alert. If she said directly why Madam didn't get off the carriage, it would seem like she was in a hurry.

Originally, she wanted to find a teacher to teach her how to read, but there was only a group of people who could learn from one another. If Teacher Han had such a rich fanatic's wife by his side, then Teacher Han would not be much better off.

Therefore, this kind of person really wasn't suitable. In any case, he was just recognizing words. Perhaps finding someone else would be fine.

"We're here!" They arrived so quickly! The carriage … "Of course the horse carriage can't stop. This time, everyone in the tea party must enter the mansion and arrange their seats according to the quality of the horse carriage, so …"

Madam Han didn't need to think to know that such a good carriage was definitely in a good location today. Thinking of this, she felt a surge of excitement in her heart.

"Using the carriage's excellent arrangement to get the position, doesn't that mean that once the carriage enters the mansion, it will be impossible to leave?"

Zhao Xiaoxue originally didn't have a good impression of this money grubber, Lady Han. Now that she heard that they were going to leave the carriage behind, she couldn't help but feel slightly angry. The Black Hat Young Master was infuriated, while Madam Han was also a little surprised.

"Carriage... It was true that they could not leave, but it would not be for long, so … I hope that Young Master won't be angry. Furthermore, my old master is right here in this mansion, once we get off the carriage, I'll get Little Ci to bring you to my old master. What do you think? "

It wasn't easy to get into the manor, so Lady Han couldn't allow Black Hat to fall out with him. She definitely couldn't miss such a good opportunity, so she had to properly appease him.


Zhao Xiaoxue didn't want to agree, but it was too late to turn down the offer. Although she was a bit unhappy, she thought it was because she was too idle, so she came to visit other people's residence.

"Madam Han has arrived. The carriage is waiting for four people!"

When the carriage entered a wide lawn, someone began to shout loudly, and then commanded the carriage to stop at a designated location.

"Four? Wow, this carriage is really not ordinary. Little Ci, did you hear that just now? The four of them? This time, I can actually stand so close! "

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