"Cold!" "It's so cold!"

Zhao Xiaoxue, who was lying on the bed, was suddenly awakened by the bone-chilling cold. She opened her eyes and found that she was still lying on the bed with a thick blanket covering her body.

"This blanket..." How to... "Why isn't it warm at all?"

Zhao Xiaoxue gnashed her teeth as she hugged her blanket and curled into a ball. However, the coldness that came from her bones was not able to warm up. Instead, it was getting colder and colder.

"No …" No! I'm going to die from the cold! "

Clutching her blanket, Zhao Xiaoxue struggled to move her body. She sat on the side of the bed with much difficulty and realized that there were several braziers in the room.

The red charcoal lit up the entire tent. The scenery in the room was distorted under the cover of the high temperature air currents. Even with the naked eye, one could tell that the interior of the room was already very warm.

However, the heat in the room couldn't be transmitted to her at all. Zhao Xiaoxue felt as if her body was locked in a world of ice. Other than the cold, it was also cold.

"Save …" "Help!"

Zhao Xiaoxue's teeth were already chattering so much that her upper and lower lip could not even touch.

"Quickly open the door, the brazier is coming!"

A voice came from outside the house. Zhao Xiaoxue was overjoyed. Finally, someone could help her.

"Little... "Miss!"

A young man wearing a grey robe saw Zhao Xiaoxue quickly put down the brazier and rushed over. He was at a loss as he looked at Miss Xue who was wrapped in a blanket and didn't know what to do.

"You … "You are …"

Zhao Xiaoxue's words were already slurring. She had never seen this young man before, so she didn't know who he was.

"Miss, your subordinate is Zhao Jie! "You are now …"

Zhao Jie didn't dare to speak anymore. Previously, he only knew that Miss would get sick every seven days, but he didn't expect it to turn out like this. The house was filled with fire, so normal people couldn't even get close to it.

"That won't do, little miss. What's done is done, but the general just has to …"

Zhao Jie wanted to say something, but hesitated. Before the general left, he told him to take care of the young lady, but now the room was so hot that the military doctor was afraid to come in, so what could he do?

"Cold..." "Cold …"

Zhao Xiaoxue felt that her life was gradually leaving her body, as if some kind of power was pulling her soul out of her body. She had a premonition that if she fainted this time, she might not be as lucky as before, and might never wake up again.

Looking at Miss Xue who was getting more and more sick, Zhao Jie had no idea what to do. Meanwhile, the person sitting on the bed was already on the verge of collapse.

"Little Wu!" Where's Little Wu? "

Zhao Xiaoxue once again heard a sound coming from outside the tent. Was Big Bro back? No, it was Snow Flower's big brother who had returned. He really didn't belong to this world, but the feeling of having family was really great. It was a pity that she couldn't have them.

"Aiyo, my foolish daughter, how could you … "How could it be …"

On her deathbed, Zhao Xiaoxue finally saw someone she was familiar with. She tried to move her lips that were already stiff, and it took her a lot of effort to spit out a few words that had no tone:

"Dry..." "Godfather!"

Hearing his daughter's almost toneless call, the person who came quickly went forward and hugged her:

"My poor daughter, your father is here, and your father is by your side. Don't worry, as long as your father is here, no one will be able to take your life! Not even the Heavens can!"

Having said so, the man quickly took out a small white bottle and handed it over to Zhao Jie:

"Hurry up and give her the pill inside!"

It wasn't that the person didn't want to fight, but his body simply didn't allow it. Although he was the Xue Clan's master as rich as a nation, he was still an ordinary person without any spiritual power.

It was rare for a person without spiritual energy to suddenly barge into such a hot room without fainting. Coupled with his fat body, it only took a short while before bean-sized beads of sweat began to fall.

He was afraid that if he wasn't careful, the sweat would melt the precious pellet. This was Lil 'Wu's life-saving medicine, so he couldn't let anything go wrong.

Hearing the order, Zhao Jie didn't dare to delay any longer. He quickly stepped forward and quickly fed the pill to Zhao Xiaoxue.

The frost on his head started to dissipate, his pasty white face looked much better. Seeing this, Master Xue finally felt more at ease, luckily he had enough time, and carefully placed his daughter on the bed. He planned to wait for Little Wu to wake up like this.

"Old master, you should wait outside first!"

Zhao Jie suggested carefully.

"No …" I want to stay here and watch Little Wu! "

Master Xue's temper was as stubborn as the great general's. Having such a master was truly a headache.

"But Master, this room is too hot, I'm afraid your body won't be able to handle it!"

Zhao Jie couldn't just ignore him.

"My body is doing great … "Alright …"

Before Master Xue could finish his sentence, his body began to sway. Seeing that the situation was not going well, Zhao Jie quickly helped Master Xue out of the tent.

"Father, why have you come? "Little Wu, she …"

The two of them had just come out and the great general was walking quickly towards them. When he saw his father come out of the tent, he was quite surprised, but no matter what, his father had gone to see Little Wu.

"I... Of course I'm here to save our Little Wu! "Don't worry, with dad around, how can we let Little Wu get into trouble!"

Fortunately, Zhao Jie reacted in time and quickly pulled him away from the scorching air. Under the stimulation of the cold wind, Master Xue quickly regained his senses and quickly straightened up with Zhao Jie's support. He didn't notice earlier, but at this moment, he discovered that there was actually a purple figure behind Yao Mountain.

"Southern King? You... Why are you here? "

Hearing Old Xue's question, Chu Yufeng lightly raised his eyes. Old Xue was waiting for his answer, but he didn't think that he would only wait for his disdainful glance.

"Hey, you... Yishan, why did you bring an outsider here? "

Although they lived in An Du, they had not seen each other much. Of course, the more important reason was that he did not want this Southern King to see his precious daughter, who was beautiful like a flower.

"Outsider? I wonder who is the real outsider? "

Chu Yufeng finally spoke. Just one sentence was enough to anger Old Master Xue so much that he almost rushed forward to beat him up. Long ago, he had disliked this Southern King and now hated him to the extreme.

"The outsiders will obviously be you. I am the father of Yao Mountain, and this is the territory of Yao Mountain, but you, what are you?"

Old Master Xue was so angry that his teeth itched when he saw the face of the other side that didn't have much of a reaction. If he didn't see the black-clothed men behind the purple robe, he really would have let this person that he had hated for over ten years be dealt with.

"Master, His Royal Highness the Southern King is the special envoy of the Chu Country. He has the gold medal and is representing the heavens to inspect the entire country's organizations, including the army!"

Zhao Jie timely reminded Master Xue, truly afraid that if Master Xue continued to be so impulsive, it would lead to serious consequences.

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