"Gold medal, is having a gold medal really that great? In the future, I will make an even bigger one! "

Hearing Master Xue's words, Zhao Jie was shocked. If someone with ulterior motives were to hear such outrageous words, who knew what kind of trouble they would cause.

Xue Yishan also understood his father's temperament. As a businessman, his father was not the kind of person who would talk sarcastically. It was obvious that it was because of individual reasons, but for Xiao Wu, he had to stand up, so he went up to appease his father.

"Father, His Highness the Southern King is a guest that my son invited. He promised to save Little Wu!"

Sure enough, when it came to Little Wu, it was obvious that Master Xue wasn't excited anymore, but after reacting to it, he once again had a face full of disdain:

"What can he do to save Little Wu?" I will find a way to save my daughter! No need to trouble an outsider! "

Master Xue was very resistant to the Southern King.

"Yeah, of course the wealthy Xue Clan has a way to save people, but because Miss has a strange disease, she has to eat one Blood Essence Pill every seven days to extend her life!"

The man's voice wasn't loud, but it was shockingly loud.

"Blood Essence Pill to extend one's life?"

Although they were surrounded by the Great General's men and everyone knew that the young lady was sick, they didn't know that the young lady needed the Blood Essence Pill to extend her life. Everyone knew how precious the Blood Essence Pill was.

"You … How do you know? You told him? "

Besides him and Yao Mountain, almost no one knew about this secret. Of course, in Master Xue's heart, it was also clear that after seven years had passed, some people would suspect it sooner or later. However, he had not expected that this secret would be revealed from the South King's mouth.

"I didn't say that it was the Southern King who offered to help!"

Originally, he had received news that the Southern King had been kidnapped, but by the time he had arrived, the Southern King was already with the Imperial Guard, and he had not seen anyone from the Wu Country. Xue Ya Shan wanted to return, but the Southern King had offered to exchange the Blood Essence Pill with him for a condition.

"Alright, so what if you know? Don't tell me you think my Xue Clan can't afford the Blood Essence Pill?"

His words were sharp, and although he was ill, he looked very spirited. Even when standing together with Yushan, his momentum was not weak, and such a person did not seem like the rumored prince on the verge of death.

"No one dares to doubt the Xue Clan's wealth, but the Blood Essence Pill is a priceless treasure, especially a Grade 4 Blood Essence Pill. If not, Master Xue wouldn't have gone all the way to the border of the central region to participate in the black market auction …"

"You … You sent someone to spy on me? "

At this moment, Master Xue felt that the purple-clothed person in front of him had become somewhat terrifying. Very few people knew of his whereabouts, but the person in front of him was so clear.

"It's not a surveillance, it's just that you know about the news. Therefore, since you need a Rank 4 Blood Essence Pill and I have it, it should be reasonable in exchange for the item!"

If the Imperial Guards didn't have too few people and the area of the Qian Prefecture was too big, he wouldn't need to go through so much trouble. Just like how the Xue Clan didn't like him, he wouldn't be happy to meet the Xue Clan either.

"In exchange? What do you intend to exchange for the [Level 4 Blood Essence Pill]? "

This time, when he went to the black market, Master Xue knew that Level 4 Blood Essence Pills were priceless. Luckily, he was lucky enough to buy four, or else he really wouldn't know what to do.

Since a month ago, Little Wu's illness had suddenly worsened. Before, she could still control the Level 3 Blood Essence Pill, but now, she had to refine a Level 4 Blood Essence Pill.

After finishing the remaining three pills, he didn't know what to do next. Now that the other party had a Rank 4 Blood Essence Pill, his tone became much more gentle.

"That's right!" Your Highness, what do you plan to exchange this Blood Essence Pill for? "

Earlier, when he was rushing to save Xiao Wu, he didn't ask in detail. Now that Xiao Wu was fine, Xuejing Mountain also wanted to find out what the Southern King really wanted to do. Could it be that he wanted revenge and wanted him to send me to the Wu Country because of Wu Leng Yi's kidnapping? Taking the initiative to send out troops was a big deal. He didn't think too much about it before, but now he hesitated.

"It's simple. This King needs General Xue to send someone to help This King find someone!"

"To whom?"

Xue Ya Shan became vigilant. Could it be that he was looking for Wu Leng Yi?

"A maid by my side!"

The man had just finished speaking when everyone's mouths were wide open in shock. The Southern King had gone to such lengths to not hesitate to use a Rank 4 Blood Essence Pill to exchange. Why was it only for the sake of a maid?

"Isn't the Southern King just joking? Is he really just looking for a maid?"

Xue Ya Shan was also quite surprised.

"Yes!" If he were to die, he would see the person in front of him. If he died … No matter what, I have to find her! "

Only after searching for so many days did Chu Yufeng realize how much he was afraid of finding her corpse.

In that instant, everyone could feel that the relationship between this maid and the Southern King was definitely not ordinary.

"Then does the Southern King have a portrait of this lady? I will immediately order my men to scatter in search!"

However, in order to find someone, Xue Yishan would not refuse.

"Luther, bring the portrait!"

Hearing the order of the Southern King, a youth dressed in black took out a scroll and respectfully handed it to the Southern King.

At this moment, everyone was staring at the painting in the Southern King's hands. They all wanted to see what this servant girl that the Southern King cared so much about looked like.

Ah!" Someone! Help! Help!

The person in the painting did not see, but the call from inside startled everyone. Hearing this familiar voice, Master Xue and Xue Yishan were not in the mood to see what the maid looked like, rather the snow dancing in the room was most important.

"Quick!" Fast! Little Wu has woken up! "

Old Master Xue did not care about the situation inside the house. Even if he was suffocated to death, he had to go and see his precious daughter.

Master Xue took the lead, Xue Ya Shan followed closely behind, Zhao Jie followed closely behind. Although the rest of them wanted to enter, the hot room was not a place where they could stay. Moreover, the Miss was a lady of a noble family, so it was inappropriate for them to rush in with so many people.

Moreover, the Southern King was still here, and it was true that the great general had left without a care when he heard that the young miss had woken up. This caused the Southern King to be extremely embarrassed, and even his hand that was standing there opening the scroll became stiff.

Everyone felt that the reason why the Southern King stood there was because he was too embarrassed to recover from his shock. However, only the Southern King himself knew how shocked he was because of that familiar shout.

For the past few days, the same shouts had been heard incessantly. That cowardly person was still alive, and upon receiving this result, his gloomy mood immediately improved significantly. The corners of his mouth curled up, and a smile appeared on his face.

The Southern King was born with an extraordinary and handsome appearance. With this smile, he was actually able to stupefy all the soldiers who were staring at him.

"Give this to your general!"

While the soldier was staring blankly at the Southern King, the Southern King had already placed a white porcelain bottle into the hands of one of the soldiers. As the soldier was staring blankly at the Southern King, the Southern King had already placed a white porcelain bottle into the hands of one of the soldiers.

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