After an unknown period of time, her nerves started to recover again. Zhao Xiaoxue opened her eyes expectantly. It was a pitch black night while she sat on the wet grass.

Even though she couldn't see her surroundings clearly, Zhao Xiaoxue was sure that she was still in this world because her figure was really too slim, and her clothes didn't change at all.

Suddenly, green light began to appear not far away. The light and shadows were faint, appearing in pairs and swaying at a strange angle.


Even if she had a strong body from before, she still wouldn't be able to deal with a wolf, not to mention that her current body was so weak, and she didn't have a weapon in her hand. When facing a danger, the first thing she thought of was running, and Zhao Xiaoxue was trying her best, but her speed was still not fast enough.


Zhao Xiaoxue would not wait for death. She tried her best to find a weapon that she could use to resist, but unfortunately, some of the broken wood and stones were not able to do so.

"This is …"

He had finally found a weapon, but he didn't expect Qing He to actually prepare a dagger inside the bag for him. He pulled out a dagger and began to fight the enemy, but unfortunately, the green light's ferocity was beyond Zhao Xiaoxue's imagination.

However, before he could recover his senses, another thing that was shining with a green light pounced over. At this moment, Zhao Xiaoxue discovered that there wasn't just one of these things emitting a green light, there were also a lot of them. The dense green light around the area was shaking, causing people's feet to feel cold.

"Dammit, if only there was fire now!"

Even if there was a fire in the bag, under these circumstances, how could he allow himself to start it?

"Swoosh swoosh!"

Just as Zhao Xiaoxue finished speaking, she heard a few strange rubbing sounds. Before she could react, she felt a light in front of her eyes. In an instant, a bright torch appeared in front of her.

"Take it!"

It was a low, seductive voice, so deep that no one could resist it. Zhao Xiaoxue even forgot to speak, and just stupidly took the torch.

Under the illumination of the flames, Zhao Xiaoxue was able to clearly see the person's face. It was a clean face, fair skin, and handsome facial features.

A cool breeze blew. The white robed man's long hair fluttered in the wind. Oh my god, how could there be such a good-looking man in this world!

"Thank you!"

Torches were delivered at the joints, no doubt on a snowy day.

"Thank me?"

The man raised his eyebrows slightly as he revealed a faint smile.

Looking at the man's expression, Zhao Xiaoxue's heart skipped a beat. Although she was only a surgeon, she had outstanding observation and analysis skills. The man's smile just now was very strange, giving people a chilly feeling.

"Who are you? You... Why are we here? "

Zhao Xiaoxue became vigilant.

Looking at the woman's guarded expression, the man lightly snorted.

"Why should I tell you? If you want a torch, I'll give it to you. You can handle the rest by yourself!"

After saying that, the man flicked his sleeves and turned around. He looked like he was strolling leisurely in the courtyard. It was as if the surroundings weren't the place where ferocious beasts roamed, but a place where one could walk in the back garden.

"Wait! All around me... "Wolf …"

Zhao Xiaoxue hadn't finished speaking when she saw a strange scene. The originally vicious wolf pack, in the direction that the white-clothed man left in, had somehow opened up a path. They were as obedient as a man's dog.

"Wah!" "So powerful!"

At this moment, Zhao Xiaoxue felt that the man's existence seemed to be more useful than a torch.

"Hey, wait for me!"

Zhao Xiaoxue chased after the man in white, but there was no trace of him.

"He … Was he a human or a ghost? How could it disappear so quickly? "

The only thing Zhao Xiaoxue could do was pray that the torch would not be extinguished. Although there were no attacks from the surrounding green wolves, they didn't disperse and continued to gather more and more.

Zhao Xiaoxue did not stand on the spot. Since there was a torch, even if she was not familiar with the place, she could not sit still and wait for death. She carefully held the torch and walked in a fixed direction.

The wind was blowing harder and harder. No matter how Zhao Xiaoxue took good care of her, the fire danced restlessly. This made her nervous heart jump to her throat as she chanted:

"Do not extinguish it. You must hold on …"


The ground shook again, and Zhao Xiaoxue's body began to shake. Was it another earthquake? What the hell was this place? Why were there so many earthquakes?

With much difficulty, Zhao Xiaoxue managed to stabilize her body and carefully protect the flames. Looking at the ground that was starting to shake, she could only sigh helplessly. Since it was an earthquake, the only thing she could do was to get down.

Just as Zhao Xiaoxue was about to lie down, the ground stopped shaking. It was just a small aftershock. She was about to relax, but she noticed that the wolves' reactions were abnormal.

After the aftershocks, the wolves that had scattered around her started to gather together. She wasn't sure if she was mistaken, but when she saw the wolf pack's green eyes, she actually saw a look of unwillingness and helplessness.


Someone from the pack of wolves shouted loudly. Immediately after, the pack of wolves began to stir. Borrowing the light of the fire, Zhao Xiaoxue saw that the wolves had started to disappear into the night.

"Hey!" "You guys …"

Did he really want to catch these wolves and ask them what was going on? It was said that animals had the ability to avoid danger more than humans. Since the wolves chose to leave, it meant that there would be danger. Thinking of this, Zhao Xiaoxue stabilized her torch and continued on her way.


The rumbling sound behind Zhao Xiaoxue became louder and louder, but luckily, there were no big cracks on the ground, otherwise she really wouldn't be able to run. However, the rumbling sound was so rhythmic, it didn't sound like an earthquake, but rather …

The unknown was fearless, but when she saw the true appearance of the 'aftershock' behind her, she was so scared that her entire body went limp and she fell to the ground. She couldn't believe her eyes.

"You … "You …"

Seeing such a huge monster, Zhao Xiaoxue was so scared that her speech became slurred and her entire body shivered.

"Hmm? "You are a human?"

Monster was somewhat surprised, but Zhao Xiaoxue felt even more surprised. She opened her mouth wide in shock and stammered,

"You … You will... Can you speak? "

Zhao Xiaoxue wasn't timid. She was born bold and had seen many science fiction movies. However, there were only a few animals that could speak, but the monster in front of her could speak human language. This had broken her understanding.

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