"Hot!" So hot! So hot! Someone! Help! "

Zhao Xiaoxue was so hot that she couldn't even breathe. For some reason, there was a thick blanket piled up on her body, and the air was filled with a large amount of hot air, making it hard for people to breathe. But now, besides shouting loudly, she didn't have any strength on her arms, making it so that she couldn't even lift the blanket.

Zhao Xiaoxue shouted as she tried to push away the heavy blanket, but she failed after several attempts.

"Little Wu, Little Wu!" Daddy is here! "

Hearing someone shouting nearby, Zhao Xiaoxue tilted her head and saw a round middle-aged man wearing a red robe running towards her with a face full of worry.

"Dry..." "Godfather …"

She had seen him in her dreams before, but she hadn't expected that this wasn't a dream. She had actually seen her godfather, Principal Zhao of the hospital.

"Little Wu, what did you call me just now?" Am I hearing things? Are you calling me father? "

With such an unexpected discovery, Old Master Xue was so overjoyed that he didn't even know how to express it.

Ever since Xiao Wu started getting sick seven years ago, he had to introduce himself in front of his daughter almost every seven days. Otherwise, she wouldn't even know who he was.

But this time, before he even introduced himself, Little Wu had actually called him father in advance. Such a discovery made Old Master Xue feel a bit overwhelmed, and tears started to well up in his eyes. He did not want the tears to fall.

"That's great, Little Wu finally remembers me as her father!"

"Little Wu, what about me? Do you still remember who I am? "

Xue Yushan was trying to prove that his younger sister still remembered him.

Seeing the two men sitting by the bed, one crying for no reason while the other asking a strange question, Zhao Xiaoxue was really anxious in her heart. She felt a little helpless as she said:

"Big brother, if you don't help me, I'll be cooked by the steam!"

Hearing this, Xue Yishan suddenly jumped in joy.

"Did you hear that, Little Wu just called me big brother!"

"That's right!" That's right! "

Master Xue was happy as well.

The two men on the opposite side of the bed were grinning from ear to ear. However, Zhao Xiaoxue, who was lying on the bed, really wanted to find some needle and thread to sew up the two men's laughing mouth.


With her full strength, Zhao Xiaoxue began to shout hysterically. Finally, the two men reacted to the scream. In a flurry of movements, Zhao Xiaoxue was moved to another refreshing room. There was no hot air or heavy quilt, so her breathing immediately became much smoother.

"Little Wu, how do you feel now? Is there anything wrong with it? "

Master Xue asked very carefully.

Looking at the familiar face on the other side, Zhao Xiaoxue was especially excited. Just now, she almost asked Principal Zhao if he had transmigrated like her. However, after careful observation, she realized that he was not Principal Zhao.

Her godfather, Principal Zhao, was a studious person who didn't like to talk much. However, although the person in front of her had a similar appearance to her godfather, he wasn't cold at all.

On the contrary, it was extremely amiable. She cared deeply about him. Hearing his concern, warmth flowed through Zhao Xiaoxue's heart, making her choke to the point that she couldn't make a sound. She could only smile and shake her head.

"Shaking my head again? Is it a headache? Or could it be that this room is too stuffy? But Father also feels that this room is not suitable for you to live in! "

Master Xue once again looked around. Other than a few tables, the room was quite deserted.

"The conditions here are just too terrible. It's all your fault that your brother doesn't know how to enjoy himself. He's a great general of the Southern Chu Country, why would he live in such a place? It's nothing much, how can he live in a place like this!"

Hearing his father's nagging, he did not know whether to laugh or to cry. If his big tent could not accommodate people, then the other soldiers' tents would be impossible to describe.

Otherwise, with his father's character, he would definitely be able to transform this military camp into a luxurious courtyard with pavilions and pavilions. But with this, the training in the military camp would probably become a mess.

"Little Wu, are you feeling better? Are you hungry? Big brother has prepared your favorite braised pork ribs and white cake for you!"

Avoiding his father's gaze, Xue Yishan directly asked his sister.

"Little Wu has just woken up. How can she eat such oily food? She should be eating congee right now!"

Lord Xue answered from the side, but when Zhao Xiaoxue heard these words, her expression immediately darkened. She didn't know why, but Miss Xue Yu's preference for her was so shocking. She also liked these two foods, so when her big brother brought them up, her excited heart instantly leaped into her throat. But before she could even answer, she was splashed with cold water by her father.

"Little Wu wants to eat it, right?"

Seeing the change in her daughter's expression, Master Xue immediately understood her feelings.

"I want to eat it!"

Zhao Xiaoxue felt a little embarrassed.

"Eat as much as you want, Yama Minamiya. Hurry up and get someone to bring the food over!"

As expected, his father's love for him was limitless, and even his brother, a great general by his side, was abused as well.

"Dad, I want to eat this!"

Zhao Xiaoxue pointed at the fruit on the table in the middle of the room and began to call out.

"Alright, I'll take it for you!"

Very quickly, Master Xue handed her daughter a banana.

"Dad, I want to eat that!"

Even though her body was still a bit weak, she was still happy. It was because she had the father of a rich man, and the brother of a great general to protect her, that made her life so comfortable. Compared to when she had just transmigrated, this was like a day that even the gods envied.

"Little Wu, after we finish eating this apple, we'll be on our way!"

"On the road? "Where to?"

Zhao Xiaoxue was puzzled as to what this fat father in front of her was planning to do.

"To Anduo of course! It is not convenient to stay here, Qing He is not here, and you do not have a servant girl serving you, how can you continue living like this!

Old Master Xue would never tolerate letting his precious daughter live in such a 'harsh' environment.

"But …" This place is pretty good, Anduo must be very far away, and the bumpy road is even more uncomfortable! "

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't want to leave. She recovered quite a bit in just half a day. She believed that if she was given a little more time, she would definitely be able to get off the bed and walk. Then, she could go out and take a look at the situation outside.

Of course, she really wanted to know about that person's situation. Although she knew that her worries were a bit unnecessary, she just wanted to know about his situation. She didn't even blame him for not saving her by the cliff.

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