"The road won't be bumpy. Dad has already arranged it, he definitely won't let our Little Wu down!"

Although Master Xue had always been obedient to his precious daughter, he would never compromise on such a large scale issue. After all, this place was not even comparable to the capital.

"But …" Father, I don't want to leave this place, I … I don't want to leave my big brother! "

Zhao Xiaoxue began to act coquettishly. Although it didn't last long, she was very clear on how much this fat father doted on her.

"Un, so Little Wu doesn't want to separate from your big brother. That's easy, I'll let your big brother follow you back to Andu!" This idea is not bad. It's rare that Little Wu won't forget us. Indeed, we should go back and celebrate! "

When Master Xue finished speaking, he immediately stood up. Seeing the reaction of his fat father, Zhao Xiaoxue blinked in surprise:

"Dad, what are you planning to do?"

"What else can we do? Your father will ask your brother to pack up and return to the city!"

Master Xue did not care how shocking his words were. He made up his mind and turned to leave.

Looking at the fat dad's back, Zhao Xiaoxue guessed that those words were definitely for fun. No matter what, Big Bro is the general guarding the border, so how can he just return like that?

According to ancient costume dramas she had seen before, the generals guarding the border could be considered conspirators if they returned without an imperial decree.

"Ya Shan! "Hurry and pack up, we're leaving!"

Zhao Xiaoxue was still thinking about how serious this problem was when her father's voice came from outside.

"Father, are you and Little Wu leaving?"

Xue Yishan was in the middle of a discussion, and when he heard Master Xue's call, he quickly went out of the camp to respond.

Seeing Xue Yao Mountain, Master Xue laughed and said:

"Not only me and Little Wu, but also you. Little Wu is reluctant to part with this big brother of yours, so you have to return with us to Andu!"

"What?" This... This won't do? "

Master Xue's words shocked Xue Yishan so much that his face began to twitch.

"What do you mean no? Even if I can't, I still have to!"

Hearing Master Xue's roar, Zhao Xiaoxue who was leaning against the bed and listening outside couldn't help but cover her face. This fat father of hers was indeed extraordinary. His personality was even a little like a stubborn child.

Zhao Xiaoxue wanted to hear more, but there was no sound coming from outside. Perhaps Big Bro was softly explaining this to Fat Daddy. After all, this kind of thing wasn't good enough for others to hear.

"Father, this was left behind by the Southern King!"

Xue Yishan was indeed speaking softly to Master Xue, but it was not the explanation that Zhao Xiaoxue had imagined. Instead, he was holding a small porcelain bottle and handing it to Master Xue.

"Level 4 Blood Essence Pill?"

With some doubts, Master Xue opened the bottle seriously to examine it.

"I have already verified that it is indeed a Level 4 Blood Essence Pill!"

Hearing Xue Zhaoshan's words, Master Xue seemed to have thought of something:

"I never thought that the Southern King would care so much about his maid. Indeed, no one can escape from love!" Since they have fulfilled their promise, then send someone to look for it carefully! "

Although he didn't really like the Southern King, he still had the most important part of being a merchant who kept his promises.

"But the Southern King did not tell us what the person he was looking for looked like, nor did he leave behind a portrait. When I sent someone to look for him again, he had already disappeared along with the Imperial Guards. There was no way to contact them!"

This was what made Snowy's mountain strange.

"If that's the case, then it's possible that he found that maid. Since she's gone, this deal can't continue. If you're not at ease, then you can return this Level 4 Blood Essence Pill to her when you get back to Andu!"

Honestly speaking, Master Xue was reluctant, because he knew how rare a Level 4 Blood Essence Pill was, and it was what Xiao Wu needed the most, but he also knew that his own son was in need of a trade, and if there was only a one-sided deal, his honest son would never accept it.

Sure enough, after hearing Master Xue's words, Xue Yishan felt a lot more at ease. He took the small porcelain bottle from Master Xue's hands somewhat embarrassedly, and then said while chuckling:

"Thank you, Father, for your understanding. Your son is afraid that you will not let me return this Level 4 Blood Essence Pill!"

Hearing Xue Zhaoshan's words, Master Xue frowned.

"Is your father that kind of person?"

Master Xue asked loudly, but he didn't have much confidence.

Zhao Xiaoxue did not know about the conflict between Master Xue and Xue Yishan, she did not even know that she needed such a precious Blood Essence Pill to extend her life. She only thought that if she really left, she would probably never see that man again.

For some reason, during this period of time, the image of that man would always appear in her mind. His voice, his movements and every expression were all very interesting. Of course, she wanted to know why he was so pessimistic, but she didn't have the chance to ask.

"Little Wu, what are you thinking about? "He's so lost in thought!"

A figure instantly flashed in front of her eyes, scaring the contemplating Zhao Xiaoxue. The voice belonged to her big brother, since he knew she was leaving and had come to send her off. He quickly raised his head, planning to leave a good impression on her big brother.

"Big brother, you have come to send me off …"

Before Zhao Xiaoxue could finish, she was already attracted by the handsome man in white robes in front of her. On her angular face, there was a particularly eye-catching nose. She was obviously not a stranger, but she was still shocked by the person in front of her.

"Little Wu, what's wrong? Why are you looking at your big brother like that? "

Xue Zhaoshan, who had taken off his armor, had turned into a handsome young master. Moreover, he always had a faint smile on his face. It was hard to imagine that he was a great general.

"I was thinking that my big brother wouldn't look so good if he wasn't wearing armor!"

Zhao Xiaoxue's words made Xue Yishan's face turn red as he pretended to be angry:

"Little Wu has really grown up. She actually dares to play with your big brother. Be careful that he doesn't spank you!"

"Big Bro won't hit me!"

Previously, she didn't know how good this big brother was to his little sister. However, after getting along with him for a while, Zhao Xiaoxue realized that this big brother was simply a standard berserk demon that protected his little sister.

"Really? I'll try hitting you right now! "

However, Zhao Xiaoxue was not stupid enough to stand on the spot. Since she could barely walk, she started to help the table while dodging. A sly smile appeared in her eyes, and then under Xue Yushan's astonished gaze, she forcefully shouted:

"Help! Daddy, help! Big Bro is going to hit someone! "

Zhao Xiaoxue's shout scared Xue Yishan so much that he was at a loss for what to do. He quickly cupped his hands and bowed to his little sister. Seeing the man give in, Zhao Xiaoxue had a face full of pride. So this was the feeling of bullying his big brother. She felt inexplicably happy.

"Ya Shan, Little Wu, it's time for us to leave!"

Just as Master Xue entered the tent, he saw the two siblings' strange actions and was quite confused:

"What are you doing?"

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