Zhao Xiaoxue's driving skill had indeed improved quite a bit, but there was still a big problem. At most, she could only be considered as being able to follow the route and not overturn. The horses also wouldn't be easily manic.

However, the person sitting in the carriage felt that it was unusually bumpy. Moreover, he was also severely injured. He was unable to hold on and actually fainted.

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't know what was going on inside the carriage, so she was focused on driving. Originally, her skills weren't good, and with her being unable to see the road at night, Zhao Xiaoxue was sweating nervously.

Just when Zhao Xiaoxue was thinking about how she should clearly see the road ahead, the wheels of the carriage suddenly rolled over a log, causing the carriage to jolt. Zhao Xiaoxue's body also swayed back and forth.


How could she drive without the reins? Not only that, she couldn't even stop the carriage.

Looking at the swaying reins on the horse, Zhao Xiaoxue decided to take the risk. However, just as she got close to the horse, the originally honest horse suddenly became restless. It started to run even more violently, as if it was trying to break free.

"No way!"

Seeing the horse's reaction, Zhao Xiaoxue suddenly regretted. How could she have forgotten that these animals didn't want to come close to her. Although she didn't understand why, the truth was like this.

"Halt! I won't provoke you, stop!"

If he couldn't move, he could only shout, but shouting was useless. Not only did the horses in front of him have no intention of stopping, they were even running faster and faster. If this continued, the carriage would fall apart!

At the critical moment, a grey robe suddenly fell from the sky and landed on the horse's back. He tightly gripped the horse's belly with his legs and stretched out his hand to pull the reins. Not long after, the manic horse quickly calmed down.


The man gave a long cry, and the horse stopped.

Seeing this, Zhao Xiaoxue felt more at ease. She was truly lucky to have crossed the danger once again, but this was all thanks to the help of the gray-robed man. Thinking of this, Zhao Xiaoxue immediately cupped her hands and bowed:

"Many thanks to the chivalrous hero for saving us. Otherwise, the consequences would have been unimaginable!"

"No need to thank me, I'm just getting what I need for each of us!"

After the grey-robed man finished speaking, he jumped down from the horse's back. He did not leave, but turned around and walked towards Zhao Xiaoxue.

The gray-robed man stood tall and straight. Under the moonlight, Zhao Xiaoxue could vaguely see the other party's face. Although it wasn't as striking as Chu Yufeng's, it was still considered handsome. What did he mean by those words?

"Take what you want? "The meaning of being a chivalrous hero …"

Was he planning on asking for money? Normally, Zhao Xiaoxue would be a bit generous, but now, she and Little Xun only had a few pieces of silver inside the bag. If she gave them to him, wouldn't they become beggars?

"Actually... "We don't have much silver, if the chivalrous warriors really want it …"

Before Zhao Xiaoxue could finish, the other person already had no patience to listen. He raised his arm and an ice-cold long sword fell on the side of her neck. Zhao Xiaoxue was shocked:

"What is a chivalrous warrior doing? If you really want money, we can also give it to you! "

Zhao Xiaoxue understood that Qing Shan was not afraid of the lack of firewood.

"Leave the carriage behind!"

His tone did not allow anyone to reject it.

"Carriage? "No, I can give you all the silver, but I can't give you the carriage!"

Right now, they were running for their lives. If they didn't have the carriage, there would be no way for them to run.

"Is that so?"

The grey robed man had no intention of discussing with him. Upon hearing the other party's rejection, he slid his sword over the sword.

"I'll give you a chance to choose between life and a carriage. If you don't want to die under my sword, leave the carriage and leave!"

Zhao Xiaoxue could actually feel the sword sliding on her neck. In order to avoid being cut, she had to tilt her head, but even so, Zhao Xiaoxue was unwilling to compromise. She could only complain:

"Of course we want to die, but if we don't have a carriage, we won't be able to survive either!"

"You? There's still someone in the carriage? "

He was quite shocked to know that there was someone else in the carriage. With a wave of his left hand, the scabbard quickly lifted the curtain of the carriage, and the interior of the carriage was somewhat strange, but this was not what the gray-robed man was concerned about. He only wanted to know where the other person was.

"Little Xun!"

The moment the curtain was lifted, Zhao Xiaoxue immediately saw Little Xun curled up in the carriage. Seeing her motionless, she was shocked and quickly rushed into the carriage with a few steps, not caring about the sword on her neck. Feeling Little Xun's ice-cold hand and the weak pulse, Zhao Xiaoxue became extremely anxious.

"Xiao Xun, Xiao Xun, wake up!"

Zhao Xiaoxue wanted to save him, but she couldn't see it clearly. She could only rely on her feelings to wake him up.

"No matter what, you... "You all still need to get off the carriage. This carriage …"

"Do you have any sympathy? My friend is unconscious, yet you have such a hard heart! There's no difference between getting us out of the carriage at this time and killing us with one sword! "

With Xiao Xun in this state, if he were to move again, he might really take her life. Zhao Xiaoxue did not dare to take the risk, moreover, she could feel that this grey robed man was not an unforgivable villain, perhaps she could tell him that there would be a turning point.

"I let you off the carriage for your own good. If you stay in the carriage, I won't be able to save your lives!"

The grey-robed man was indeed moved, at least from Zhao Xiaoxue's point of view, his attitude was no longer tough.

"Don't worry, we don't need you to protect our lives. We can protect ourselves. If you really need a carriage, we'll let you drive it. As long as it runs fast enough, there won't be any danger!"

Zhao Xiaoxue had to fight for her chance. As long as she ran out of range, Bu Li would be able to reach them. When that happened, they would be able to preserve their lives.

"Humph!" This is your own choice. Since you are not afraid of death, then follow me! "

The gray-robed person had more important matters to attend to, so they couldn't stay here forever. This was their own choice, and if something really happened, it would have nothing to do with him.

"Giddy up!"

The grey-robed man withdrew his sword, raised the reins, and lashed out. The horse quickly moved.

Although this gray-robed man's driving skills were not bad, Zhao Xiaoxue, who was in the carriage, felt even more shaken. Her whole body was like a pea in a sieve, swaying back and forth.

But no matter what happened, the carriage was indeed moving fast enough. With this speed, Yue Ze Xiu and the rest would not be able to catch up easily. So, no matter how uncomfortable it was, Zhao Xiaoxue had to endure it.

"Phew!" Get in the car! "

After an unknown amount of time, the carriage suddenly stopped. Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't help but lift up the carriage curtain without caring about what the grey-robed person said. She began to vomit on the carriage. This was the first time she was in such a sorry state.

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