"There are indeed a lot of people!"

Looking at the black clothed people around him, Gao Qi felt even more desolate. These people had fought with him before, and although they weren't first-rate experts, they were all third grade experts. Originally, it was not easy for him to deal with two or three of them by himself, but now with so many of them, there was no need to fight anymore, and Gao Qi already felt that he had lost.

"Of course we can't be short on people. To deal with a powerhouse at the peak of the third grade like you, being short on people isn't equivalent to courting death!"

The man in black standing right in front of Gao Qi spoke as he stepped forward. It was as if he had become extremely confident due to the number of subordinates around him.

"Since you know how formidable I am, if you don't want to die, then hurry up and leave!"

Gao Qi didn't have a better way. Even though he knew this method was clumsy, he still wanted to give it a try.


Unfortunately, Gao Qi's threat did not scare them away. Instead, it caused the man in black to laugh mockingly.

"It seems like you are really panicking. You actually used such a stupid method to scare us. You have been roaming the martial arts world for so many years. If such words scare us, then who would hire us?"

Hearing the word 'employment', Zhao Xiaoxue suddenly had an idea. These people were after nothing more than wealth. If she was told that she was the daughter of the richest man in the world, would there be a chance for discussion?

"Humph!" It's just for money. No matter who hired you, I can pay you double the price. As long as you let us go, we will redeem the price after we return to Andu! "

These words were not from Zhao Xiaoxue, but from Yi Miaomiao who was slowly walking out of the carriage. Could it be that this was the so-called Master and disciple synchronization?

Although Zhao Xiaoxue didn't think that she was some kind of Heaven's Destiny master, nor did she feel that she could be someone else's master, this ingenious idea actually matched her own.

"Young master Yi from the Heavenly Destiny Faction of the Southern Chu Country is indeed rich and powerful, if others were to say it like that, they would think you're arrogant, but if you say it like that, people will naturally believe you have the ability, however, our business also has our own rules, if the buyer pays the deposit, there's no way to return the goods, so today you have to hand it over and Young Master Yi has to follow us!"

The man in black was confident that no one would be able to stop them.

"Just who is it that wants to invite me to help him transcend his tribulation? How dare he make such a ruckus. Didn't he think that if he angered me, the consequences would be severe?"

Yi Miao wouldn't have been easily manipulated. Otherwise, he wouldn't have fought back so resolutely. However, this situation didn't allow him to be willful. After all, too many lives were tied to him.

"Young Master Yi, you can ask that yourself!"

"Alright, I'll go with you, but you must not hurt anyone else!"

Knowing that this situation was useless, Yi Miaomiao decided to take advantage of the situation to discuss the terms with them.

"As long as the others don't resist, we won't make things difficult for them. We only want to seek for money and not our lives!"

The black clothed person's words seemed to be spoken with kindness, but those with discerning eyes knew that the reason why they were able to negotiate with others was because they were afraid of that peak grade three Spiritual Energy expert. Although a dozen of them would definitely trap him, they would definitely suffer heavy losses and no one would be willing to sacrifice their brothers for no reason.

"Alright, I will keep my word!"

After the deal was made, Yi Miao began to move forward.

"Young Master Yi, actually, I can …"

Gao Qi wanted to say that Yi Miaomiao and Li Qian had hired them to be guards, but they had not expected to run into these people the moment they had just left Angola. Not only did they not manage to protect Young Master Yi, they even wanted Young Master Yi to protect them.

It's not your fault, you can only blame them for having too many people, and let me meet the person who wants to see me. Your fate is about to end, so don't walk around any longer, my junior brother Pan Xin is not bad, you can go and find him!

At this point, Yi Miao couldn't help but turn her head to look at the person behind her. Zhao Xiaoxue only met his gaze. The two of them didn't say anything. Yi Miao finally nodded lightly and said to Gao Qi:

"Protect them well!"

After the explanation, Yi Miao finally stopped moving.

"Hold on, I'll have to trouble Young Master Yi to bring the Rank 4 Blood Essence Pill and the red spirit stone over!"

The leader in black spoke again. Although they had quite a few people on their side, he didn't have the courage to approach someone stronger than him. For safety's sake, it was better to let Young Master Yi bring them.

"Humph!" You really are insatiable! That thing belongs to Gao Qi, so I have no right to make the decision! "

Yi Miao was very clear that the Rank 4 Blood Essence Pill and the red spirit stone were both treasures, and perhaps, the two were the only things that Gao Qi needed to transcend the tribulation. After all, he and Pan Xin had both been reduced to the third level, and helping him to transcend the tribulation had increased his difficulty by quite a bit.

"You can take things if you want!" But I also have a condition! "

As he spoke, he had already taken out a Level 4 Blood Essence Pill and a red spirit stone from his waist.

Previously, Zhao Xiaoxue felt that this Gao Qi was very familiar, as if she had seen it somewhere. When she saw the Rank 4 Blood Essence Pill and the red spirit stone, she finally remembered that it was actually the person who won the competition in the Southern Chu Country's Royal Palace's pavilion.

"What condition?"

The black clothed man became vigilant, wondering if this Gao Qi would intentionally make things difficult for him. After all, these two items were priceless treasures.

"No matter who you want to bring Young Master Yi to meet, please treat him well on the road and don't make things difficult for him. Otherwise, I'll definitely let you guys have a taste of this sword!"

He had not forgotten his responsibilities, and now that he had given up, it was only a temporary decision. He would not return to Anduin, he would follow them.

"Hur hur, this is easy to say!"

Since the two sides had come to an agreement, the black clothed man was also very happy. He did not need to draw his sword to fight it. This was already the best outcome.

"Could I trouble Young Master Yi to bring the items over?"

The man in black reminded him again. Although it was a tone of agreement, everyone knew that the man in black didn't give him the chance to refuse. Miraculously, he could only turn around and take it.

At this moment, a figure quietly approached the leader of the men in black from not too far away.

"Third Master, just now, your subordinate had already brought some people to check the sudden death of that horse, and discovered …"

At this point, the subordinate at the side couldn't help but whisper into Third Boss' ear.


The Third Master of the black-clothed man felt very surprised.

"Of course, it's true. This was personally verified by your subordinate!"

Hearing his subordinate's confirmation, the Third Master of the Black clothed men became excited. He moved his two rows of teeth and the corner of his mouth slightly opened. He extended his arm and pointed at the person opposite him and said:

"Wait, in addition to Young Master Yi and those two treasures, we still need one more person!"

Zhao Xiaoxue felt like she was a spectator. Everyone else had already made their decision, and she just needed to obediently stand there without moving. But why did she have to point a finger at her!

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