Several times she wanted to get out of the car, but the sledgehammer stopped her with a wail. The sledgehammer even said that it would definitely satisfy the girl, so she limped forward with all her might, looking both funny and pitiful at the same time.

Zhao Xiaoxue knew that Bu Li was behind all of this. However, since the start of their journey, Bu Li did not say anything else. Carrying his sword, he slowly followed behind the carriage.

Why was this fellow so angry? Even though she was injured previously, it didn't take long for her to recover. Why should she be angry? Zhao Xiaoxue really wanted to discuss this issue with Bu Li, but he refused to give her the chance.

Slowly, the sky turned white, and the already wounded sledgehammer began to slow down.

"Let's stop here for a bit. The sky is getting brighter. Everyone, let's rest by the edge of the forest!"

This time, Zhao Xiaoxue didn't question anyone, but gave the order directly.

"Yes!" "Yes!"

The sledgehammer could not hold on any longer, and upon hearing the girl's command, it gave a grunt and went limp. Luckily, there was Gao Qi to carry it, or else the carriage would have fallen over.

Just as Zhao Xiaoxue was about to get off the carriage to talk, she was stopped by Yi Miaomiao, who pulled open the curtain behind her:

"Princess Consort, it's already dawn. Can you let me see the wound on your neck?"

Yi Miao was an elementalist, but he had learned a few medical skills. His medical skills weren't very high, so he could only deal with a few external injuries.

It had been dark before, so he couldn't see it clearly. It was easy for Yi Miaomiao to bandage the wound on her neck. Now that the sun had risen, he could take a good look at the wound for her.

"Sure, but my wounds shouldn't be too tight. There's no more blood!"

Even if she couldn't see the wound, Zhao Xiaoxue could still judge the condition of her injuries. As long as her carotid artery wasn't injured, there wouldn't be any danger for her life. Therefore, Zhao Xiaoxue didn't care too much about it.

"Princess Consort Nan, your injuries are on your neck. You can't be careless. If you don't handle them properly, they might leave behind scars. Then …"

It was hard to say how wonderful the word 'not beautiful' was. For a beauty like the one in front of him, even if she had scars, she would still be a first class beauty. However, it was still the best if she didn't have scars!

"Scar? It is indeed not pretty, but no one would care about beauty or ugliness! "

Although she didn't want to admit it, she was abandoned by others now. When she thought of this, Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't help but grind her teeth and clench her fists. She was thinking about how to settle the score with Chu Yufeng.

"The Southern Princess Consort can be at ease. I have a very useful Golden Sore Medicine here. As long as you apply it in time, there won't be any scars!"

As far as he was concerned, it was not that the Southern King did not like the Southern Princess, but because of his body, but this sort of matter was not that much better than the in-depth study of the Southern Princess, so he could only continue.

"Well, thank you! You've worked hard tonight! How are they? "

Zhao Xiaoxue knew that the two in the carriage weren't in danger, but she wasn't familiar with the techniques of using needles or pills to save people, so she could only let Yi Miao work in the carriage while she guarded outside.

"They're fine. They suffered some internal injuries and were given some medicine to treat internal injuries. I think they'll recover in a few days!"

As Yi Miaomiao spoke, he gestured for the Southern Princess to sit on a large rock not too far away, while he himself took out some top-grade Golden Sore Medicine.

"That's good, but... "This is not a long-term solution!"

Getting someone to pull the carriage around was too arduous. Both Gao Qi and the black clothed man's hammers would be too much for them to handle.

"Maybe I'll have to wait until the town in front of us!"

From his point of view, although Bu Fang was being unreasonable, he did not think that it was unreasonable. After all, there were two unconscious people in the carriage, so if there was no one pulling the carriage, it would be impossible. However, he did not expect that the Southern Princess's heart was not bad.

"When we get to the front, we must change to another carriage!" Hiss! "It's so cold!"

While Zhao Xiaoxue and Yi Miaomiao were talking, Yi Miaomiao had already removed the bandage. Zhao Xiaoxue felt a slight chill on her neck and quickly covered it with her hands.

Although it was just a casual touch, Zhao Xiaoxue clearly felt the wound on her finger. However, the feeling of her finger was different, there was no scratch, no pain. She touched it again carefully, and the skin on her neck was very smooth.

Even if she couldn't see, Zhao Xiaoxue was sure that the wound had healed. No, it was more accurate to say that the wound was missing!

"Princess!" Southern Wangfei! "


Yi Miao's loud shout scared Zhao Xiaoxue so much that she stood up.

"Southern Wangfei, what's wrong with you?" Why do you keep clutching your neck? How am I supposed to apply medicine on you if you're like this? "

Yi Miaomiao felt very strange. For some unknown reason, the Southern Princess began to stare blankly. She called him many times, but he didn't answer at all.

"Apply the medicine?" This... I'll do it myself! "

Although it wasn't heavy, it would still take some time before she would recover, but from yesterday on, she had become a monster. Any injury could be healed without being treated, and if others were to find out, wouldn't it bring about trouble?

Therefore, she didn't want to tell Yi Miaomiao. Although she knew Yi Miaomiao wasn't a bad person, she didn't have a deep understanding of her. It was better to have more Mind's Eye.

"Eh!" Please forgive me Southern Princess. I was rude just now, sorry! "I'm sorry!"

It was said that men and women shouldn't be too intimate with each other, so they didn't pay much attention to the Southern Princess when they saw her in men's clothing. Fortunately, she had warned them in time, or else they wouldn't have done it.

"Un, it's nothing. Just give me the bottle!"

Zhao Xiaoxue knew that the other side must have misunderstood, but she didn't plan to explain at this time. With one hand on her neck and the other on the medicine bottle, she turned around and walked to the back of the carriage. Perhaps Bu Li knew what was going on?

As she walked further and further away, Yi Miaomiao's brows furrowed even more. She was getting closer and closer, could it be that she was planning to give in and help her apply the medicine?

"Who exactly is this Bu Li? Just what was the relationship between him and the Southern Wangfei? Does His Highness the Southern King know? "Sigh!"

Just thinking about these problems caused a headache. Other than sighing, Yi Miaomiao seemed to be unable to do anything else. He could only turn around, unable to see anything.

Zhao Xiaoxue approached Bu Li, but he deliberately ignored her. Instead, he turned around and was about to leave.

"Bu Li, I have something to ask you!"

Zhao Xiaoxue was worried that if she didn't speak now, Bu Li would fly away. Who told him to fly, but she couldn't?!

"What does Miss want to ask?"

After a night of being calm, Bu Li was no longer as angry as he was before. His tone was much gentler, but there was no expression on his face.

"I want to know what you didn't finish yesterday. Why is this dagger threatening you, me and him? "

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