Holding her breath, Zhao Xiaoxue slightly moved her finger. In an instant, Zhao Xiaoxue felt a warm current circulating in her body. Even now, Zhao Xiaoxue was not sure what this warm current was. She just hoped it was Yuan Qi.

A warm current appeared, and Zhao Xiaoxue imitated Yi Miao's movements as she slowly picked up a spiritual herb. The weight of a spiritual herb didn't need to be weighed to know that it was definitely not as heavy as an iron sword.

However, at this moment, Zhao Xiaoxue felt that the herb was even heavier than the iron sword. She spent a lot of effort and only managed to lift a few leaves, but was unable to get the roots to follow.

"This Spirit Grass is so strange, I don't believe it …" I can't move it! "

Zhao Xiaoxue was really against the spirit grass today, so she clenched her teeth and closed her eyes to try harder. Finally, under her efforts, the spirit grass began to loosen up, and this was the moment when she needed to do it all at once.


In just a split-second, the spirit grass suddenly lost its strength. However, Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't react in time and fell to the ground. She almost flipped over.

"Miss, Miss! What's the matter with you? "

The moment Miss fell to the ground, Guan Xiao Xun finally reacted and rushed forward to support her.

"I'm fine!"

Although Zhao Xiaoxue said that she was fine, she didn't manage to stand up because of the heavy fall.

"This... "What's going on?"

Zhao Xiaoxue still hadn't stood up yet, but the others had already gathered around. Being the center of attention for so many people, Zhao Xiaoxue suddenly felt 'overwhelmed' and hurriedly explained:

"No need to be so nervous everyone, I …" "I'm fine!"

Finally, with the support of Xiao Xun, Zhao Xiaoxue stood up.

"Girl, you're fine, but what happened to these spiritual herbs?"

The hammer asked in surprise. Currently, he was unable to leave, so naturally he was most concerned about the purchase of the carriage. Originally, when he saw a pile of spirit herbs, as well as the spirit herbs refined by the imperial physician, it would naturally not be difficult to exchange the spirit grass for money.

"What happened to the spiritual herbs?"

The cry of the sledgehammer made Zhao Xiaoxue realize the change in the spirit grass. She looked up and saw that the originally green spirit grass had now turned black. Not only that, there was a small pile of grass that had now shrunk to a flat bottom.

"Young Master Yi, how did the spirit grass become like this?"

Li Qian was wholeheartedly trying to help, but he didn't know why such an unforeseen event suddenly occurred.

However, he was unable to find it. He gathered his Essence and slowly opened his eyes, and when he saw a lump of grayish-black withered grass, his brows tightened. He shot a glance at the stunned Southern Princess, and quietly analyzed:

"Is it because my movements were too slow? These spirit grass piles reacted together?"

Yi Miaomiao picked up two of the Spirit Grasses. He changed his fingers and slowly circulated his Essence. After a few attempts, he was still unable to find anything. He could only shake his head slightly and say:

"It's a pity that I can't refine it anymore!"

Hearing Young Master Yi's judgment, the sledgehammer's heart tightened and he quickly asked:

"Young Master Yi, are you saying that these spiritual herbs cannot be used?"

"Yes!" It was already useless! Even if it still had medicinal properties, the spirit herbs that couldn't be refined couldn't be absorbed by others, so … This was an accident! I... It is also a responsibility! "

Yi Miaomiao was in charge of refining the spiritual herbs. However, this was the first time he had refined so many of them, so he didn't pay much attention to it. Now that there was a problem, he didn't want to shirk his responsibility.

After Yi Miao got up, he walked towards Bu Li, who was resting under a tree not far away. These spirit herbs were all found by this Young Master Bu, so Yi Miao needed to give him an explanation.

"Hero Bu, I have a favor to ask of you. Now that the Spirit Grass has been destroyed, I am willing to take responsibility!"

From start to finish, Bu Li had his eyes closed. Everyone knew that this' expert 'had a bad temper. If they knew that the spiritual herbs he painstakingly harvested would be destroyed, who knew what would happen to them?

Afraid that Yi Miao would be hurt, Gao Qi and Li Qian also ran over. Just as they were about to explain, Bu Li opened his eyes and glanced at the group before looking at the withered spirit grass with a dark expression.

"Hero Bu, this matter is not Young Master Yi's fault. It was really an accident. If you want to punish us, then we …"

Before Gao Qi could finish his words, Bu Li lightly waved his hand to stop him. He then lightly said,

"This has nothing to do with you!"

Without waiting for the others to react, Bu Li hugged his sword and walked to the side.

"Thank you, Hero Bu. Please be at ease. In order to compensate me for my mistake this time, I will do anything but good on the journey!" "I'm not talented. Even though I don't have money, I still have the ability to refine spirit plants."

Yi Miao was very respectful, but Bu Fang did not reply. He continued to move forward as if the herbs were completely unrelated to him.

Although the Spirit Grass had been destroyed, at least before Zhao Xiaoxue and the others arrived, Yi Miaomiao had already successfully refined some of the Spirit Grass into pills. According to the crowd's calculations, they could probably be exchanged for a lot of silver.

Even though the spirit grass had been destroyed, Bu Fang did not pursue the matter and lightly passed over the matter. The group of people silently continued on their way, and no one brought up this matter again.

However, Zhao Xiaoxue was very clear that this spiritual herb was related to her. Not only could she destroy the lotus flower, but she also couldn't escape from these spiritual herbs. Could it be that the heat in her body wasn't elemental energy, then what was it?

"Miss, do you want to try it?"

Zhao Xiaoxue was filled with worry. Someone suddenly placed a black ball in front of her, which made her feel even more surprised. She turned around and found that Xiao Xun was smiling at her.

"This is the pill you made with those herbs?" Can this thing be eaten? "

Zhao Xiaoxue could not eat any of the implementing medicine, even the spiritual herbs were the same. If it wasn't good, then eating it would cause problems.

"Of course it can be eaten. It's not poisonous, and I got Young Master Yi to help me look at it. He also said it's edible, but the taste is a bit …"

At the end, Guan Xiao Xun revealed an awkward smile.

"The taste is bitter, isn't it?"

"Miss, how did you know?"

Guan Xiao Xun was surprised.

"Hur hur, this thing is pitch black. No wonder it's not bitter at all!"

Hearing Zhao Xiaoxue's explanation, Guan Xiao Xun's face was full of understanding, but she still stubbornly said:

"Because the time is too short, I didn't find any good supplementary ingredients on the way, so the taste really isn't too good. Worst case scenario, I'll keep it for myself to eat slowly!" "No matter what, this is a spiritual herb. For a spiritual beast of the first grade like me, even if I eat some spiritual herb dregs, it might still be useful!"

After saying that, Guan Xiao Xun put a black ball into his mouth and slowly chewed on it.

"We're right in front of Tian Liang Town!" When we get to town, everyone should find an inn to rest first. Li Gan and I will go handle the carriage! "

No one else had any objections to Gao Qi's arrangement.

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