"Hu hu!" Someone help me! "

Although the sledgehammer was very powerful, it was not enough to heal the old wounds. In addition to being tortured by the manic Xiao Xun, he felt that it was extremely strenuous.

Hearing the call of the sledgehammer, Bu Li hugged his longsword and retreated a few steps. His manner of escaping was truly lacking in the bearing of a chivalrous hero. To this, Yi Miao only frowned slightly, but did not dare to say anything.

"Let me help you!"

Yi Miao stepped forward.

"Let me help you!"

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't care about Bu Li's reaction. What she cared about the most right now was Xiao Xun. She helped Xiao Xun into the room and laid him on the bed.

"Big Hammer, you can leave!"

Without waiting for Southern Princess Consort to speak, Yi Miaomiao struck out with his sledgehammer.

Could it be that this Young Master Yi didn't allow his patients to stay by the side? Although it was not appropriate to leave Xiao Xun and a man alone in the room, it was not a big problem for medical workers at an extraordinary moment.

"Yi Miao, I will leave Xiao Xun in your hands, you must treat her!"

Without Yi Miaomiao saying anything, Zhao Xiaoxue took the initiative to leave.

"Southern Wangfei, please wait a moment!"

Just as Zhao Xiaoxue turned around, she was stopped by Yi Miaomiao who suddenly stood up.

"What's wrong?"

"This humble one has a presumptuous request to ask, I hope that the wangfei can agree to it!"

As he spoke, Yi Miao took out a bag containing gold needles.

Looking at her opponent's actions, Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't help but think that this guy couldn't be thinking of asking her to disinfect the needles, right? Of course, the premise was that there was a disinfectant here, or maybe, roasting it could also be one way out.

He didn't know if it was to test Zhao Xiaoxue's thoughts, but Yi Miaomiao took out the golden needle and placed it in front of her.

"Southern Princess, please help with the acupuncture!"


Zhao Xiaoxue was shocked. Using acupuncture was much more difficult than disinfection, moreover, she really didn't know how!

"NO!" No! No, I can't! "I don't know how to!"

Zhao Xiaoxue quickly waved her hand, not daring to take the golden needle from Yi Miaomiao.

"But if Princess Consort Nan doesn't help, Lady Guan might not be able to!"

Yi Miao's words did not sound like a lie, but Zhao Xiaoxue did not have the ability to do so.

"Didn't you just say that you can cure Xiao Xun's life? Why are you pushing it away now?"

Zhao Xiaoxue was truly furious that these people could be so careless as to save her.

"I'm not trying to shirk myself, but I really have something hard to say. Everyone knows, no matter who goes through tribulation, they all need needles, but the condition is that there's no clothes covering their chests, so …"

"Are you worried about the difference between men and women? Even at this time, I still care about these things. I can assure you, if Little Xun wakes up, I will definitely explain everything to you! "

Looking at Yi Miaomiao's troubled face, he was actually worried about this problem. The situation was special, and in the eyes of a doctor, even if one didn't know anything, it was still for treatment.

No!" "Not only that, the main thing is that, as a man, even as an elementalist, it has been a long time since I saved a man. There aren't many women with spiritual energy, and even if it's about to end, I would call for a female elementalist to help me. I won't let a male elementalist do it, so …

Zhao Xiaoxue was not confused. After Yi Miaomiao said this, how could she not understand?

"If you want to say that you don't have the experience of treating women, then... "Then what do we do now?"

Zhao Xiaoxue was not an unreasonable person. She knew the importance of experience. For someone who had never placed a needle on a woman before, letting them hastily do so was indeed very dangerous.

"We can give it a try now, but we'll need Princess Consort Nan's help!"

This time, Zhao Xiaoxue could no longer refuse. But what exactly was the 'try' that Yi Miao had mentioned? Was it reliable? Zhao Xiaoxue was suddenly worried.

Under Yi Miao's command, Zhao Xiaoxue helped Xiao Xun sit up and removed his shirt. This was different from the acupuncture that Zhuo Fan had used before. Yi Miao did not intend to do this in front of her chest, but to have Zhao Xiaoxue do it behind her back.

"Are you sure you want me to... Needle on the back? "

Zhao Xiaoxue seemed to be at a loss as she held the long and thin needle. Although she was also holding a scalpel, a golden needle and a scalpel were two completely different things.

"Yes, Princess Consort Southern, please place the needle!"

Yi Miao did not dare to waver his heart at this moment, because today was his first time trying it out. However, according to the books, although this method's effect was not significant, it was still the only safest method.

"Needle? Which part is it exactly? "

Zhao Xiaoxue was at a loss with regards to this.

"Just this one ball will do!"

Surprisingly, Yi Miaomiao had pointed out the position of the needle to Zhao Xiaoxue. However, it was not an exact one. Rather, it was about the size of a palm.

"Yi Miao, are you sure there won't be a problem with the acupuncture like this?"

He wasn't aware of it previously, but after learning about the process of how to treat humans, he realized that it was unreliable. At the very least, compared to Zhuo Fan, his medical standards were much lower.

"It can't be, this ball of needles won't kill anyone!"

Hearing this reply, Zhao Xiaoxue's heart turned cold. Was this even the words of a doctor?

Faced with such an unreliable voice, Zhao Xiaoxue naturally had her own thoughts. Perhaps the others were not clear, but she could clearly distinguish which was the bone, which was the blood vessel, and which was the nerve.

Thus, within the range Yi Miao mentioned, Zhao Xiaoxue removed the danger zone and finally slowly inserted the golden needle into Xiao Xun's body.

"Uh, it hurts!" "It hurts!"

Hearing Xiao Xun's call, Zhao Xiaoxue's back was covered in cold sweat. Her hands quickly stopped moving and she quickly asked:

"Yi Miao, what's going on?"

"Em, maybe..." Maybe there's something wrong with this place, so I'll have to ask the Southern Wangfei to pull out the golden needles and then find a place to test it out! "

Yi Miaomiao continued to sit opposite of Guan Xiao Xun after speaking, helping her stabilize Xiao Xun's body while carefully observing his expression.

"Wrong? This is the position that you are talking about! "

"Sigh!" Why don't we try out this ball? "

Hearing that his previous position was not right, Yi Miaomiao decided to change to another position.

"What?" You really think that Xiao Xun is just a test subject, if anything happens to Xiao Xun, I will definitely not let you get away with it! "

If it wasn't for Yi Miaomiao's order, Zhao Xiaoxue would have kicked him to the ground.

"Princess Consort Nan, you can't blame me. Didn't I explain everything earlier? I found this method in the books and have not tried it before, so I can only try it bit by bit. You will be responsible for the acupuncture, and I will be responsible for its effectiveness. If it really comes to a dangerous place, I will immediately ask you to remove the needle.

Yi Miaomiao looked optimistic, but Zhao Xiaoxue was furious. Giving Xiao Xun's life to such an unreliable person was a huge mistake.

"Wait, I've seen an elemental doctor perform acupuncture before, but didn't an elemental doctor like you have the ability to create something like an earthworm? You can also use that to guide your acupuncture! "

Compared to this method of randomly looking for a acupuncture point, it was obviously more reliable. However, when Zhao Xiaoxue suggested it, she saw Yi Miaomiao looking at her with a look of disbelief.

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