At this critical moment, Yi Miao suddenly appeared again. Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't bear it any longer and brandished her golden needle and was about to pierce forward.

"Southern Princess, without my Essence to protect you, even if you pierce a golden needle, it would be useless!"

Even if he really was stabbed, Yi Miaomiao had to make a move.

"Elemental energy protection?"

Even though she was angry, Zhao Xiaoxue was clear that Yi Miao was right. Essence was a very useful thing in this world.

"Alright, then you just keep watch. Don't move, don't speak! "And …"

Zhao Xiaoxue wanted to remind him not to look around if it was necessary, but before she could finish, she saw that he had already closed his eyes.

"Don't worry, Southern Wangfei. I won't make a move, speak, or look around!"

Even though he was disappointed in Yi Miao, this mediocre doctor, his actions were still satisfactory. Without another word, under Yi Miao's protection of elemental energy, Zhao Xiaoxue started to use the needle from the aortic valve.


After the injection, Xiao Xun, who was lying on the bed, did not have any special reaction.

"Is that effective?"

Zhao Xiaoxue wasn't sure either.

"It should be effective. Even if it's ineffective, it shouldn't be too much of a problem with the protection of Essence!"

For someone who used to be a level 4 physician, this bit of control was still there. That was why Yi Miaomiao had dared to act so recklessly. It was just that he hadn't expected to anger the Southern Wangfei.


Zhao Xiaoxue really couldn't expect too much. Compared to Zhuo Fan, this would be too easy and unpredictable. It could be seen that his appearance was truly deceptive.

Although she didn't know the effect of the previous needle, as long as Xiao Xun's condition didn't worsen, Zhao Xiaoxue could only brace herself. Next was the pulmonary valve, then the tricuspid valve, and finally the mitral valve.


As soon as Zhao Xiaoxue's acupuncture ended, the person who had no reaction all along suddenly stood up and jumped into Yi Miaomiao's arms. She rested her head on Yi Miaomiao's shoulder and then spat out a mouthful of black blood.

"This blood …" "So dark!"

Looking at the blood that was like ink on the ground, Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't help but sigh. If she didn't see that it was spurted out by Little Xun on the spot, she would have taken it for something else.

"Little... "Miss!"

Spitting out the blood in her heart, Guan Xiao Xun's heart was no longer burning and was no longer suffering as she felt much better. Hearing the Miss's voice, she slowly opened her eyes.

"Xiao Xun, you … You're awake! You... Are you okay? "

Zhao Xiaoxue was delighted. It seemed that she had made the right choice.

"That's right!" Lady Guan, you are finally awake! We did it! "

Yi Miaomiao was also sweating. Now that he was awake, he was equally happy.

"Eh?" You... Why are you here? "

Hearing the man's voice, Guan Xiaoru was very surprised, especially when she was still leaning on his shoulder. The heat released from her body, which she had finally managed to release, suddenly rose up again.

"Miss Guan!" I... "I …"

Yi Miaomiao wanted to explain himself, but just as he opened his mouth, he realized that this matter was a bit complicated and he couldn't explain it clearly.


No matter what Yi Miao said, Guan Xiao Xun knew that it was inappropriate for the two of them to be together, so she supported herself and wanted to part ways with her. But just as she was a little further away, Guan Xiao Xun realized that she was completely naked, and immediately her head was buzzing with shyness.

"Miss Guan, this … It was an accident, no! No! This was a misunderstanding! Actually... "Actually, I didn't see anything!"

'Bang! '

Yi Miaomiao had just finished speaking when he was severely slapped in the face. He felt a burning pain on his left cheek.

"Get out! Don't you think it's shameful enough for me? "

Guan Xiao Xun was strong enough, if it was anyone else, they would have started to look for death long ago.

"Good!" I'll go out, I'll go out! "

Yi Miaomiao also knew that this was a bad place. If she did not leave now, her face would probably swell up on the other side.

Yi Miaomiao had almost escaped. Even when she was being chased down, Zhao Xiaoxue had never seen him in such a sorry state. It seemed that he had been beaten up quite badly, to the point that he was afraid.

"Woo woo …"

When Yi Miaomiao left, Guan Xiao Xun couldn't hold back her tears anymore.

Seeing this, Zhao Xiaoxue stepped forward to comfort him:

"Xiao Xun, actually, Yi Miao did not do it on purpose. Your clothes are still mine …"

"Miss, Xiao Xun understands, this matter cannot be blamed on him! It's all my fault! It was my own fate that suddenly caused this calamity to happen! "

For a female spiritual force user, a life calamity was an extremely dangerous matter. If they didn't find the female doctor earlier, it was very possible that they would lose their lives.

In the Spirit Continent, men and women were equally likely to become Spiritual Energy users. However, high level Spiritual Qi experts rarely had women. The main reason was that most of the girls had already lost their lives in this trial.

After all, there weren't many female doctors on the Spirit Continent, and male doctors weren't suitable for female spirit practitioners to undergo tribulations. This was because after undergoing a tribulation, they would lose their chastity like her.

"Xiao Xun, don't be sad, everything is over. It's good that you're fine!"

Being able to see Xiao Xun through this ordeal, Zhao Xiaoxue felt very comforted in her heart. At least there was one more person who could survive and not the same as Wu Shuang Yi.

"That's right!" "Young miss is right, Xiao Xun's survival is already Heaven's blessing, how can I care about anything else. I am now a Rank 2 Spiritual Qi user, and I have the ability to protect young miss, this is great!"

Guan Xiao Xun felt a surge of spiritual power within her body. Even without testing, she knew that her spiritual power had increased, which could be considered a blessing in disguise.

"Good, as long as you are alive, you are better than anything else! So hungry, Xiao Xun, are you hungry? "

After working hard for a while, he didn't feel hungry just a moment ago.

"Miss, let Little Xun help you …"

While speaking, Xiao Xun was about to get off the bed, but just as he moved, he felt the world spinning around him, and he suddenly fell back onto the bed.

"Alright, Xiao Xun, you've just recovered from your serious illness. Don't move, just lie down and rest. Whatever you want to eat, I'll get the shop owner to prepare!"

"Miss, thank you. You are too kind to me!"

Xiao Xun felt grateful in his heart, in this life, Miss was the best person for her, therefore, when she was better, she would treat Miss twice as well, only then would she be able to repay this kindness.

"Alright, have a good rest. I'll go get something to eat!"

Zhao Xiaoxue helped Guan Xiao Xun straighten out the quilt and walked out of the room. However, when she opened the door, she found that there were quite a few people outside.

Bu Li was sitting cross-legged on the roof in front of her. In the corridor to the right, Li Qian was currently applying ointment on Yi Miao's injured face. He didn't notice it before, but now, he could see that Yi Miao's left cheek was frighteningly swollen.

Although the sledgehammer dodged far away, it still kept watch over them. Only Gao Qi, who was standing by the door, dared to step forward and ask,

"Young master, is Blackie better now?" If there's anything that you need my help with, I, Gao Qi, will do it! "

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