"It's here!"

In the air above the forest, a dark green figure rapidly descended. When the bandits finally reacted and raised their heads to look up, the other party slashed his sword with a rotation. The bandits only felt the oppressive spiritual energy in their chests, but before they could react, their bodies were already sent flying.

"This... "He's an expert!"

Now that such an expert had suddenly appeared, the bandits were so scared that their faces were ashen. They didn't dare to struggle or run away. After being sent flying, they just laid there on the ground, not daring to move.

"Great Hero Bu!" "Hero Bu is finally here!"

Hammer had never looked forward to the appearance of this' expert 'as much as he did now. Now that he met him, his nose was snot and tears would flow. If he could, he would give him a hug, but just when he was about to get close, he was stopped by the' expert 'with his sword sheath:

"Don't misunderstand, I'm not trying to save you!"

These words were filled with disdain. Even though he clearly knew that it was the truth, he still made the sledgehammer feel very awkward. He could only echo:

"Yes!" Yes! Understood! "Understood!"

As the sledgehammer spoke, he moved to Li Qian's side. However, even though Li Qian was beside him, Li Qian still gave him a disdainful look.

"You ran so fast!"

Hearing Li Qian's words, the sledgehammer slightly lowered its head and replied:

"The main thing is that my feet are a bit long. Next time!"

With that, the sledgehammer no longer spoke.


Li Qian snorted and ignored the sledgehammer. They still had one more person to be concerned about, and that was Miss Little Xun, whose shirt had been torn to shreds. Just as Li Qian turned his head, he was glared at by a pair of angry eyes.

Although she had taken a quick glance just now, her clothes were still able to cover her body. Even if her shoulders were exposed, it didn't matter much. Because her skin was dark, she couldn't see much.

"Miss, Bu Li is late!"

Bu Li felt guilty, but he would only suffer if the girl scolded him.

Originally, Zhao Xiaoxue was very angry, but after thinking about it carefully, he did not ask for anything in return for protecting her. This could already be considered a form of kindness, and she couldn't force him to do anything.

"Forget it, everything is over now. Save him first!"

Zhao Xiaoxue did not want to pursue the matter any further. Now that Bu Li was willing to help, the people in the forest could all be saved. To be able to save so many people was also a very satisfying thing.

"Miss, I can only take you away, the others …"

Hearing this, Zhao Xiaoxue's originally moving steps turned back and she turned her head to look at Bu Li. Seeing his serious expression, she realized that he was not joking. The anger that she had suppressed with great difficulty slowly rose:

"Why? You clearly have the ability to save people, so why didn't you save them? Moreover, Gao Qi and Yi Miao are still inside. There are so many innocent people inside, so why don't you save them? "

Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't understand why. For Bu Li, this was not a difficult task, but she didn't want to do it.

"Miss, I don't care about others, but as long as you're safe …"

"No need. If you won't save us, then we'll go save them ourselves!"

Even though Zhao Xiaoxue did not know where this atmosphere had come from, she did not want to force him. Even if he did not make a move, as long as he was here to intimidate others, some of her people would still have the chance to save him.

"Miss, you can't …"

Bu Li wanted to stop the girl, but Zhao Xiaoxue resolutely placed the dagger against her neck and coldly said:

"Bu Li, I won't force you to save her, but please don't stop me from doing so!"

With Zhao Xiaoxue threatening him, Bu Li did not dare to step forward.

"Go, go save them!"

Zhao Xiaoxue took the lead and ran back. Lil 'Xun tightened her clothes and understood the urgency of the matter. Naturally, she didn't bother too much about it and quickly followed behind the little miss.

Seeing the Southern Wangfei run over to save her, Li Qian had to help her.

If it was possible, Li Gan would have wanted Hero Bu to be together with him. However, after waiting for a while, he did not wait for Hero Bu to move. Instead, he attracted a pair of disgusted eyes.

"I... I'll go and help now! "

When Li Qian ran away, Big Hammer did not dare to stay behind by himself. Anyone with a discerning eye would have thought that Warrior Bu was in a bad mood. If they were to vent their anger on him, then they would have died unjustly.

"Brother Li, I also... "Help!"

After saying this, the sledgehammer quickly followed up.

Those who should not leave, naturally lay on the ground. Even though they were suffering in their hearts, those were 'sacrifices' that they finally managed to capture with great difficulty, and they were just released like that. Their hearts felt as if they were being drenched in blood, but no matter how much their hearts ached, it was not more important than their lives.

"Southern Wangfei, why have all of you come back?"

Yi Miaomiao was extremely worried as she watched the group return. It was only because the distance between them was a bit too far that she didn't see Bu Li.

"Come back and save everyone!"

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't say anything. She knew that the rope was strange, so she used the heat in her body to gather on the rope. 'Pa Pa!' After a few breaths, the rope quietly broke.

"Princess Consort Nan, your power is …"

Yi Miaomiao had been thinking about what exactly the strength of the Southern Princess Consort was, but she just couldn't understand. She clearly didn't have any spiritual power, so even if she had spiritual power, she couldn't undo it.

"I do not know what this force is. I only know that it is destructive and can cut off these ropes. Perhaps, you can try!"

Yi Miaomiao had been rescued. There were other people here, so Zhao Xiaoxue had to make the best use of her time.

"I... Southern Wangfei, are you talking about my Essence? But this Essence … "Could it be that my Essence can be used this way?"

Yi Miao was very surprised, but it didn't matter if he tried it. He followed behind her, and imitated her and started to circulate the energy in his body, then used it on the rope. The originally sturdy rope slowly separated, breaking at the end.

"I can actually use my Essence like that?" Essence … Could it be that the Southern Princess was using … "Yuan Qi!"

He only saw that not too far away, South Princess was swiftly cutting off the ropes of the others. Compared to his speed, it could be said that she was extremely fast, and if the qi she used was real, then wouldn't she be at a higher level than his eldest senior brother, Zhuo Fan? Or perhaps, even faster than his master … Yi Miaomiao didn't even dare to think any further.

"Not good, someone ran away!"

The bandit second brother, who had just finished his preparations, returned and saw a large number of 'offerings' running towards him. He immediately shouted out loud, pulled out his sword, and with a few turns, he cut off a few people, but with the large number of people, he was unable to deal with them. Furthermore, he was not able to kill these people easily, which caused him to be even more afraid.

"Third Bro, Fourth Bro, Fifth Bro, where are you guys?"

There should be someone guarding this place, but there was no trace of the three of them.

"Second brother, I wonder where they went!"

At this moment, other than the second brother, the sixth and seventh brother of the bandit gang also noticed the abnormality and came over to help.

"It's them! They let them go!"

After some searching, they finally found the culprit. Seeing that so many people were already irreparable, the three bandits angrily gnashed their teeth. They could only hand these fellows over to their boss for punishment.

"Young Master Yi, the bandits have discovered us. Take the Southern Wangfei and leave first!" I'll cover the rear! "

Gao Qi wielded a long sword in his hand, as he tried to protect Zhao Xiaoxue and the others.

"Southern Princess Consort, we're leaving first!"

Yi Miaomiao also knew that this was not the time to be soft-hearted.

"But those people... "Fine!"

She only saved a small portion of the people, and most of them were still in the forest. She didn't have the chance to save them at all.

"Go?" It's not that easy! "

As soon as Zhao Xiaoxue and Yi Miaomiao ran, two bandits blocked their path. Zhao Xiaoxue raised her head and met the gaze of one of the bandits.

"It's you?"

The bandit leader was very surprised, but he couldn't help but to look around, as if he didn't see the purple-robed figure. He then couldn't help but shout out in excitement:

"Haha, there's no need to look for those broken iron shoes. I can get them all at once! Miss Xue, we meet again! "

Bandit Old Seven was very excited. If there was Miss Xue, why would they need to create such a formation? Just her was enough.

"Seventh Brother, you know this person?"

This seventh brother was extremely resourceful. Although he was ranked seventh brother, the others had complete trust in him.

"Sixth brother, this is the famous Miss Xue, the famous blood essence pharmacist!"

As the Blood Essence Medicine Master was mentioned, everyone present was shocked. It was clear that this news was unknown.

"Seventh Brother, is what you said true?"

Hearing that it was a Blood Essence Medicine Master, the bandit leader's eyes lit up.

"Whether it's true or not, we'll know once we capture it!"

The bandit leader didn't want to explain too much, capturing people was the most important.

Once the two had a target, they quickly moved forward. Even if Li Qian and the sledgehammer stepped forward to block them, it was useless because the bandits did not want to fight them. They could only avoid them and catch their target.

"Miss, be careful!"

Guan Xiao Xun had already stepped forward, but she was still unable to stop him. Seeing her opponent's unstoppable momentum, Zhao Xiaoxue would not sit still and wait for death. She drew her dagger, and as long as she grasped the opportunity, even if she did not have spiritual energy, she could still deal a fatal blow.

"Humph!" Miss Xue, that dagger of yours can't hurt us! "

Bandit Old Seven was a bit excited. Even if the other side had a sharp weapon, as long as he and Old Sixth attacked from two sides, Miss Xue would not even have the chance to harm them.

"How would we know without trying?"

Zhao Xiaoxue would not compromise.

"The result is the same …"

"Sixth Brother, be careful!"


Seventh Bro had already felt an expert draw near him. Although he had been reminded in time, his sixth arm was still wounded.

"You … "It's not that person!"

Thinking about the ability of the purple-cloaked person, Seventh Bro had some lingering fear. When the person in front of him wasn't the purple-cloaked person, he immediately let his guard down, but this person was still very powerful. Seventh Bro and Sixth Bro tightly pressed together. They planned to fight together.

"Bu Li, you finally came!"

"Sigh!" "Miss, I only came to take you away!"

Bu Li did not plan to join the war. He came here to just take the girl away.

"Bu Li, since you're here, can you help everyone? These people are all fresh lives! "

A doctor would try his best to save a person, let alone so many people.

"Miss, I …" I... "Crap …"

Bu Li felt his soul leave his body and instantly became frantic.

"Bu Li, what happened to you?"

In a split-second, Bu Li's face turned deathly pale and beads of sweat started to form on his forehead. He didn't look like he was pretending, which really worried Zhao Xiaoxue.

"Miss, there's no time to explain. Let's go!"

This time, Bu Li didn't give the girl a chance to refute him and directly brought her out. Just as Bu Li was leaving with Zhao Xiaoxue, Elder Chen appeared at the spot where they were standing a moment ago. Looking at the figure that was still floating in front of him, Elder Chen frowned slightly.

"So he's an expert, but why …" Left these people and ran away? "

Looking at the people waiting in formation around him, Elder Chen felt disdain. There weren't any powerhouses of the fourth step here, so they weren't his match.

As for the peak level 3 Gao Qi, he was already a 'container', so Elder Chen waved his hand, causing him to stop moving. In order to break free, he was struggling with difficulty.

"Boss, don't worry about that for now. Hurry up and chase after those two. One of them is a Blood Essence Medicine Master!"

The bandit leader stepped forward to stop Elder Chen.

"But that person's Spiritual Qi isn't weak …"

"He's afraid of you!"

Bandit Head Seven had a 90% chance of success.

"Good!" Brothers, follow me and catch up! "

Since Seventh Bro had said so, Elder Chen naturally believed him. Since there was a Blood Essence Medicine Master in front of them, he didn't need to waste his time to deal with them.

"Bu Li, what happened to you? "Xiao Xun, Yi Miao, and the rest are still here …"

"Not good, they … They are catching up! "

Zhao Xiaoxue saw the weakness in Bu Li's eyes. It was originally an easy task for him to take her away, but now he was in extreme pain.

"Bu Li, can you tell me what exactly happened? I... How on earth can I help you? "

Bu Li was getting weaker and weaker, but Zhao Xiaoxue was unable to do anything about it.

"Miss, Bu Li … Bu Li was originally a soul. With this body, he could move, but he couldn't meet someone who was undergoing tribulation. When he met someone, he would become weak, and even his soul would leave his body.

"Even if the result is better, I will once again enter the tribulation person's body, and the owner of this body will also die. However, the owner of this body is Miss's friend, so …"

Bu Li's words were too inconceivable, but Zhao Xiaoxue did not doubt him. On the contrary, she somewhat hated her ignorance.

"Why didn't you say so earlier? I was the one who harmed you!"

Even if he regretted now, it would be useless.

Ah!" Not good, that person has caught up. The old man you met before is someone at the peak of the third grade and is undergoing heavenly tribulation. Although I don't know what secret method he used to prevent his body from exploding, his aura made me feel very weak, and I can't … "Don't go near him!

Sensing that the people behind him were getting closer, Bu Fang was too weak to fly. He controlled his speed and slowly descended. He carefully put the girl down while leaning against the tree.

"Crap, I can't hide anymore, girl …" Right... Sorry, this... This body will not be able to be preserved! "

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