Somewhere in the prairie, green spirit energy meandered like a long green rope, slowly encircling the beasts. The beasts had almost no chance to resist.

"Great hero Bu is so powerful!"

To be able to unleash such a dense amount of spiritual energy was not something an ordinary person could do. At the very least, in the hearts of Gao Qi and Big Hammer, Bu Li was the strongest person they had ever seen and was like a god.

"That's right!" "Hero Bu is too powerful, those beasts can't fight back at all. Looking at their expressions of fear, they must have been intimidated by Hero Bu's power!"

Under the contrast of the green light, everyone could clearly see the fierce beast's eyes. Being described by the sledgehammer, everyone felt that it was very reasonable.

"Hu hu!"

Bu Li had put in a lot of effort, so he could naturally hear the sounds coming from the side. Facing the praises of the crowd, Bu Li felt a sense of guilt because he could not even hit a single one of the vicious beasts.

"Right... Not a single hair on his head... I'm not hurt! "

Bu Li spoke softly, his face filled with disbelief.

"It's him!"

Bu Li thought of someone and just as he turned around, he realized that Yi Miao and the others had sneaked up behind him while he was thinking.

When they saw hero Bu turning around, they all said with reverence,

"Great Hero Bu, how did you do it?" These berserk beasts actually … It actually became so obedient! "

As the sledgehammer spoke, it couldn't help but stroke the fierce beast's fur. It was very smooth and the fierce beast didn't dodge or attack him. This was the first time he had encountered something like this.

"Obedient? "Not only are they obedient, they're also locked in the same spiritual space. It's impossible for them to not be obedient!"

He had been too anxious just now to realize that it was the power of space.

"Spiritual Energy Space? This... This is the first time I've heard of it! "

The sledgehammer was like a curious baby with a lot of questions, but Bu Li did not intend to dispel them. He only coldly looked at the carriage as if he wanted to see through it.

"The Spiritual Energy Space that Bu Li mentioned, could it be …"

Zhao Xiaoxue had been paying attention to the situation outside the whole time. When she heard Bu Li's words, she finally reacted and slowly turned around. The man beside her still had his eyes closed and his breathing even, but Zhao Xiaoxue knew he wasn't asleep.

The man was in a meditative state when Zhao Xiaoxue arrived at the man's side. She hadn't noticed it before, but now that she looked closely, she discovered that there was a thin layer of fog on the man's arm. The fog was a bit hot.

Ah!" It moved! The fierce beasts suddenly moved again!

Since the others were able to touch the hair of a level three berserk beast, Guan Xiao Xun was naturally curious. Pulling one of the berserk beast to look at it, she gently patted its back, but did not expect the beast to actually move, scaring Guan Xiao Xun to the point of screaming.

"It's alright. With hero Bu here, these berserk beasts will be very docile. Don't worry!" "Look, these ferocious beasts are so docile that they can even ride horses!"

After the sledgehammer said this, it flipped over and sat on the back of the vicious beast. Hearing the voice outside, Zhao Xiaoxue became curious. She didn't know if it was the voice from earlier. She wanted to test it out, but Zhao Xiaoxue once again stretched out her hands and slowly felt the fog from the man's arms.

"It moved, it moved again!"

Guan Xiao Xun was a bit worried:

"There's really something wrong with this beast!"

"Right, right, that fierce beast was also moving just now!"

Although Yi Miao did not shout out loud, the ferocious beast beside him had indeed made a move.

"Hehe!" It really has something to do with you! "

Hearing the discussions outside, Zhao Xiaoxue finally believed that these berserk beasts were truly under the control of this man. To be more specific, it should have something to do with the faint fog surrounding the man.

"Let me try another place!"

At this moment, Zhao Xiaoxue's playfulness was piqued, and she slowly moved her hands from her arms to her upper body.

"He's moving, mine is moving too!"

This time, it was Li Qian's voice. So Li Qian's berserk beast was controlled by the mist on the man's shoulder. Zhao Xiaoxue thought in her mind, but her hands didn't stop there. Instead, she continued to move up.

Zhao Xiaoxue was very curious. Her hands covered the man's face, but compared to before, the mist on his face was much less, and the floating power was also much thinner. Perhaps she should move closer. Zhao Xiaoxue carefully brought her hands closer.

Ah!" Not good, my... Mine is moving too!

This time, it was the sledgehammer. He hadn't thought that the fierce beast beside the sledgehammer would be controlled by a man.

"Great Hero Bu, quickly help me. This vicious beast is too fierce, I … I can't control myself! "

The sledgehammer was asking for help, but Bu Li did not plan to help. Instead, he coldly replied,

"No one told you to touch that fierce beast, you deserved to fall down!"

Bu Li's words caused the sledgehammer to feel cold. It seemed that he could only rely on himself.

Although the fierce beast was moving, the sledgehammer didn't seem to panic. It was obvious that the fierce beast was still under his control.

"Eh!" Alright, I seem to be able to control it too! "

The sledgehammer seemed to be quite proud of itself. Hearing the sledgehammer's words, Zhao Xiaoxue faintly smiled. Her hands moved as if she wanted to tease the other party.

"Hmm? Weird, we're moving again! "

Just as the sledgehammer was about to come to a stop, the beast started moving again. It hurriedly got to work.

"Sigh!" Alright, finally … "Huh?"

The sledgehammer had just let out a sigh of relief when the vicious beast it was riding began to sway again, making the sledgehammer extremely anxious. Even if the sledgehammer wanted to jump down, it wouldn't be that easy.

"Ha ha!"

Zhao Xiaoxue was quite happy to play, especially when she heard the exclamations that came from outside the sledgehammer due to the berserk beasts' activities. It gave Zhao Xiaoxue the pleasure of having her prank succeed.

"Hehe, this sledgehammer is quite fun, but his face …"

Previously, there had been some mist, but now that it was getting closer and closer, Zhao Xiaoxue could clearly feel how smooth the cheeks she touched were. Previously, there was some mist, but now that it was closer and closer, Zhao Xiaoxue could clearly feel how smooth the cheeks she touched.

Her thin, ice-cold lips were intoxicating, and there was even a hint of sweetness in them. As she recalled the feeling from before, Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't help but get closer and closer, as if she wanted to experience it once more.


Outside the carriage, the sledgehammer finally couldn't take it anymore and fell off the back of the beast.


Hearing the screams coming from outside, Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't help but feel sorry for him. Obviously, she was the one who caused the sledgehammer to be in such a sorry state.

"Is This King's face that fun to play with?"

Zhao Xiaoxue was filled with regret in her heart, but she was startled by the sound that suddenly came from beside her ear. She turned around, and her thin, ice-cold lips bumped into his. It was very, very fragrant and sweet!

In an instant, she had comforted her anxious heart. She did not want to leave, and as if she wanted more, she gently moved her lips before moving inward …

Wait! What was he doing?

Zhao Xiaoxue finally realized how abnormal her actions were. She quickly opened her eyes and sure enough, just as she thought, she was forcefully kissing him. Even worse, he was staring at her with disbelief in his eyes.

Being stared at in such a way made Zhao Xiaoxue unable to continue. She quickly put some distance between them and put her hands together, rubbing them together.

"That... "So you've finally woken up from your sleep?"

As soon as the words left her mouth, Zhao Xiaoxue felt a little regretful. The other party was not sleeping at all, it was obviously operating his martial arts. Otherwise, how could he control the berserk beasts outside?

"Mm, if I don't wake up now, I won't even know if someone eats me!"

Although the man said this, he didn't hate it at all. Instead, he was thinking about what had just happened.

"Eat?" No! It was just a misunderstanding! It was just just that I accidentally bumped into it a moment ago! "

Zhao Xiaoxue quickly explained, worried that the man in front of her would not let go. She thought about how she should explain herself, but unexpectedly, after hearing her explanation, the man just nodded and didn't say anything else. In the end, he just closed his eyes.

The matter was over just like that? Zhao Xiaoxue was surprised that he passed so easily. She even felt a bit disappointed. For a moment, she even hoped that he would pursue the matter further. Unfortunately, he just let her off the hook like that.

"You … "Sleeping?"

Zhao Xiaoxue carefully asked, but this time, the man did not answer, but he quickly moved. He saw the arms in front of him start to move, first crossing his arms, then putting his palms together, then …

In Zhao Xiaoxue's eyes, the man didn't do anything behind her. However, the faint mist enveloping his body slowly disappeared.

"The fog has disappeared!" "Then those ferocious beasts outside …"

Zhao Xiaoxue was worried that no one would be able to control the berserk beasts and hurt the people outside. She quickly went to the carriage window and opened the curtain to remind everyone that the berserk beasts were still as docile as before.

"Bu Li, how are these vicious beasts?"

Zhao Xiaoxue was worried and could not help but ask when she saw Bu Li beside the carriage.

"Don't worry miss, these berserk beasts have already been tamed. They can be used as horses!"

Previously, he couldn't see through it because the berserk beast had already been enveloped by the spatial Spiritual Energy. Thus, he could only guess that the spatial Spiritual Energy had already been removed and he could best sense the situation of the berserk beast.

"Use it as a horse?"

Zhao Xiaoxue was not stupid. So this man was actually tormenting himself to catch the berserk beasts as a laborer.

"Hero Bu, can this vicious beast really be used as a horse?"

It was a good thing that he was no longer being ordered around by a horse. Besides, he might be able to ride a wild beast. Thinking of this, the sledgehammer ignored all the pain in his body and went back to the wild beast's side to slowly comb through its fur.

"Big Hammer, you still haven't given up yet. Be careful of being thrown down by this vicious beast again!"

The sledgehammer could be silly at times, teasing him a little, making the long journey seem less lonely. Hearing Li Qian's words, the sledgehammer humphed lightly:

"Don't worry, I definitely won't fall down this time, because from now on, this fierce beast will be my mount!"

To be able to ride a third-level vicious beast across this great prairie, just thinking about it was not bad. Under everyone's watchful eyes, the sledgehammer mounted the back of the beast once again.

Without the restlessness from before, the sledgehammer even gently drove the fierce beasts forward. This time, the fierce beasts cooperated extremely well with the sledgehammer, and when everyone saw the smug look on the sledgehammer, they began to pull the fierce beasts around them, and then rode them.

Seeing that everyone was fine, Zhao Xiaoxue lightly closed the curtain and deliberately sat closer to the man. She softly asked,

"Will the berserk beasts outside really not harm them?"

Unless there was a definite answer, Zhao Xiaoxue was worried.

"They won't get hurt! The fierce beasts will not move! "

The man finally spoke.

"But just now clearly … The sledgehammer fell off the back of the vicious beast! "

Seeing is believing.

"It was an accident!"

A man's accident was different from a woman's accident.

"Accident? It was clearly the mist that had appeared out of nowhere and was controlling you! "

This was the experience from Zhao Xiaoxue's experiments.

"No, the fog you saw on me just now could not affect the behavior of the ferocious beasts!"

The man answered quietly, as if he were merely stating a fact.

"But just now, I clearly … "He's clearly using his arms to control the beast, and he's even using …"

Zhao Xiaoxue was about to say that he had used his opponent's face to control the fierce beast on the sledgehammer, but why was what she saw different from what the man said?

"It's just a coincidence!"

The man answered simply.

"Coincidence? Is it really a coincidence? "

Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't believe it. However, without the best explanation, she could only take the coincidence seriously!

"It's true, of course it's more true than real money!"

Just now, he had been operating his martial arts, and this woman had suddenly interfered. Seeing her actions, his calm heart had started to stir, so when he had been controlling the berserk beasts, he had not been very careful. However, these words were not something that Chu Yufeng could say aloud.

"Since Hero Bu said that these berserk beasts are fine, then we can still use them as horses. Let's move and tie the carriage to the body of the berserk beast! That way, everyone can relax a little! "

Yi Miao started to shout. Hearing Yi Miao's words, Gao Qi and Li Qian both quickly moved. Seeing this, the sledgehammer quickly helped. Not long after, a new carriage finally appeared.

Compared to the previous carriage, the new carriage was much steadier and faster. Moreover, the formation was much stronger. There were three fierce beasts pulling the carriage. The speed of each person was increased by quite a bit in an instant.

Otherwise, the sledgehammer really wanted to show off a little. From the looks of it, if he wanted to show off, he could only wait until after the East Mountain Country. At that time, as long as he sold off these third-level vicious beasts, they would instantly become rich. The more he thought about it, the happier he would be.

"That's not right!" I... How could I think I was on the same side as them? We are clearly not the same kind of people! "

Even though he said that, the sledgehammer no longer had any thoughts of leaving this group of people. Perhaps following them like this wasn't bad. At least, they wouldn't abandon him like the Third Master.

Because they had mounts, the carriages became unmanned, but because of the special nature of the fierce beasts, even if no one drove them away, they would move along with everyone. So, no one cared about driving the carriages.

Even Zhao Xiaoxue, who was sitting in the carriage, didn't know that there was no one driving the carriage in front of them. This was because she was seriously peeking at the man beside her, thinking about his face and his lips.

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