"That... Although it was an accident, but … "How do you feel?"

Zhao Xiaoxue carefully inquired, wanting to know what this man's thoughts would be. Perhaps this man really had some problems, even if it wasn't some sort of Long Yang obsession, he could still be considered as cold. As a doctor and his wife, she naturally had the duty to help him.

"How do you feel?"

Chu Yufeng had long since realized that the woman beside him was staring at him. He hadn't expected her to throw out such a stupid question, so he was puzzled.

"That's the one!"

Zhao Xiaoxue winked while pulling the corner of her mouth, hoping the other party would remember.

The woman's expression was extremely exaggerated. Although Chu Yufeng could roughly guess what she was thinking, he didn't want to let her have her way. He couldn't help but want to tease her for a bit.

"Which one?"

The man asked simply with a blank expression, as if he really didn't know anything.

"My mouth just now …" I accidentally touched your mouth! "

Although he was a doctor, it was a little embarrassing to say he understood everything so clearly.

"You said it was by accident, This King will not take it to heart!"

Compared to the embarrassment of a woman, a man didn't seem to care.


Zhao Xiaoxue was so shocked that her mouth was wide open. Even at this point, this man still had this kind of expression. He was indeed quite sick.

"Yu Feng is actually not that scary of a disease, but what's scary is not being able to face your illness head on! "Escaping and escaping isn't the solution, so cooperate with me and I'll help you!"

Zhao Xiaoxue thought about it carefully. There were some things that could not always be hidden, so she had to make it clear.

"Sick? What are you talking about? "

Perhaps Chu Yufeng had been clear about it before, but now he was confused. He didn't know what this woman was thinking. Her thoughts were always different from those of ordinary people.

"What else could it be? It's not very obvious, but that Blood Jade stone found out that I was..." It's Jade Maiden. You must have felt embarrassed, so you intentionally said 'leave' and then left without a sound! "

Previously, he didn't understand, but after thinking about it carefully, he finally understood. Especially since Bu Li told her that the reason why she was so fast was because Chu Yufeng was helping her. From this, it could be seen that the man in front of her was treating her well.

"So? What are you going to do? "

Looking at the woman's calculating look, Chu Yufeng was a little curious. Although it wasn't what she had expected, it was still understandable.

"What else can we do? If there's an illness, we have to be cured. After all, we are friends that have lived. Even if our luck is bad and we don't have much time left, we can at least live for a while longer, don't you think?"

If there were some things that could not be saved, then she would do her best to do them well. Thus, she would think of ways to cure Chu Yufeng's illness.

"Eh?" Lifetime … Xiao Yao? "

Hearing such a phrase, Chu Yufeng sighed in his heart. Indeed, this was not the type of thinking that an ordinary woman could have.

"That's right!" Actually, I've heard of such cases before. It might be a little troublesome to cure them, but it's not as if there's no hope at all! "

Zhao Xiaoxue analyzed seriously. In the past, she had to attend all the major departments during her internship, so she naturally had some knowledge about sex and medicine, but she was not very professional. In the Spirit Continent, she could not find experts in this field, so she could only do her best.

"Then may I ask how does Godly Doctor plan to treat this king?"

No one had ever said anything about treating this disease. As expected, with this woman by his side, it was always interesting.

He hadn't been a talkative person since the start of the journey from the capital to the capital. Even though he had a devastatingly beautiful woman by his side, he wasn't in the mood to interact with them. For the past few days, he hadn't talked as much as he did tonight.

"Yes, there is a process to treat all the diseases, so we need four steps to complete the disease!"


She didn't expect so much. It seemed that this woman had prepared quite a bit.

"The first step, you must open up your heart and let the suppressed emotions go. I know that you have a heavy psychological burden now, but it is useless to continue tormenting yourself like this! So you should smile more! Smiling is a very powerful weapon, especially … "

At this point, Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't help but take a closer look at his face. With such looks, his smile was truly lethal.

"Then what's the second step?"

He already understood the first step, Chu Yufeng wanted to know what the woman's second step was.

"Ahem, the second step is definitely to find someone I like. In fact, if you look at me carefully, I'm actually quite attractive!"

Zhao Xiaoxue judged herself to be good-looking, lively and positive. Although the radish and vegetables each had their own feelings for her, she still hoped that the man in front of her would like her.

"Haha!" "You sure are confident in yourself!"

Hearing the woman's words, Chu Yufeng couldn't help but laugh.

"Hm!" "It's fine if you laugh a lot!"

Although this smile contained a bit of mockery, it was rather rare to see a man's handsome smile.

"After making This King fall in love with you, what else can I do?"

When Chu Yufeng said such words with a smile on his face, Zhao Xiaoxue was stunned. If it wasn't for her calmness, she would have immediately rushed over and gnawed on this man.

"That... "If you don't just say that you like her, then you must be sincere!"

Hearing the woman's words, the man at the side could not help but ask,

"How sincere must you be? How are we going to test it? "

"This …"

To be honest, Zhao Xiaoxue really didn't know how to test one's sincerity. Not only did the Spirit Yuan Continent not have such a method, but even modern times did not. If there really was a way to test one's sincerity, then who knew how many men and women would test it?

"And the third step?"

Since the other party couldn't answer his question, Chu Yufeng didn't force him.

"Third step … The third step is naturally to stimulate the sensitive parts of the body so that they secrete enough hormones to produce an impulse! "

At least during the internship, most of these patients suffer from improper stimulation, which eventually leads to apathy.

"Sensitive parts?"

This woman really dares to say something. Not to mention exciting, just listening to her talk like this makes one feel that there is a strange reaction in their body.

"There are many sensitive areas, such as …"

Zhao Xiaoxue pointed at the man's neck, but could not describe it in detail. She lowered her arm and continued to point at the man's waist:

"Another one like …"

This time, it was even more unspeakable. He had done nothing, but his face was burning.

"What's the matter with you?"

The man found it amusing to see a woman embarrassed by shyness.

"I... "I'm fine, this is a normal reaction, you're the only …"

As she said this, Zhao Xiaoxue raised her head to look at the man's serious expression. Her heart suddenly felt cold, and she softly said,

"Sure enough, you have a problem!"

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