"Hehe, didn't you say you were a doctor? If there's a problem, you can fix it! Tell me, what was the last step? "

Chu Yufeng asked seriously, but Zhao Xiaoxue didn't dare to look him in the eye. She tilted her head slightly, looked at the window and said:

"The last step is of course to practice more. Practicing the true knowledge will result in a large amount of practice for your illness …"

Zhao Xiaoxue wanted to say that a man's illness would be cured, but before she could finish, she saw a man walking towards her. Zhao Xiaoxue wanted to say that a man's illness would be cured, but before she could finish, she saw a man approaching her.

"You … "You are trying to …"

Zhao Xiaoxue was a little dazed. She just sat there foolishly, waiting for the man to come closer. Her heart was inexplicably full of anticipation. This guy really got it right so quickly!

"Didn't I say to practice more? Does This King's smile satisfy you? "

Finally, the man stopped moving closer. He stopped not even half an arm away from Zhao Xiaoxue. This distance was enough for people to feel his breath and the strange plum fragrance on his body. It made them swallow their saliva.

"This smile …" "It's still okay!"

Although he said so, he was shouting in his heart countless times. This smile was too bewitching.

"As long as you feel good! This King will definitely practice it well in the future! "

After the man finished speaking, he quickly stopped smiling and retreated to the side. He closed his eyes and sat down cross-legged, no longer saying anything.

"You …"

It ended just like that? Zhao Xiaoxue felt it was easy to be perfunctory, but even with just one hit, the smile on the man's face still lingered in her mind. Her heartbeat still hadn't calmed down yet, perhaps she also needed to strengthen her self-control training in order to practice with the man.

However, Zhao Xiaoxue didn't have any good ideas on how to practice with mental strength. It was also not bad for her to learn how to meditate with a man beside her.

Zhao Xiaoxue was very serious in learning it. In the beginning, she was even able to understand a man's interlaced fingers perfectly. However, mimicking only the form and not the spirit was not enough. It was impossible to maintain the same posture for a long time.

Very soon, Zhao Xiaoxue began to fall to the ground. Ever since she had Chu Yufeng by her side, Zhao Xiaoxue felt like the sky was falling down and she was no longer worried. Her whole body relaxed, and her sleepiness gradually overcame her.

When the woman fell asleep, the man who was meditating with his eyes closed slowly opened his eyes. Looking at the woman's sleeping appearance, he felt a warm feeling in his heart. He stretched out his hand, wanting to touch her face, but was afraid of waking her up.

"It's so good to be with you. You deserve more. Live well!"

As he spoke, a tinge of sadness appeared on the man's face. Looking out the window, Chu Yufeng knew it was time for him to leave.

"Don't go, you said you won't leave without saying goodbye!"

Chu Yufeng was shocked when he was pulled by the arm.

"You … Didn't he fall asleep? How did you suddenly wake up? "

What was even more surprising was that he didn't notice it at all. Seeing the man's surprised expression, Zhao Xiaoxue slightly shook her head:

"It was easy for me to wake up!"

As a cardiac surgeon, if she wasn't constantly on guard, even the slightest carelessness would cause her to miss the best time to rescue her patients. Therefore, Zhao Xiaoxue had only a light sleep all this time. Of course, there were some exceptions to the previous few attempts. This was because she had not voluntarily fallen asleep, but had been forced into a coma. Naturally, it was difficult for her to wake up.

"You are leaving?" "Where are you going?"

It didn't matter how Zhao Xiaoxue woke up, but the most important thing was that this man had to leave.

"The place This King is going to is very dangerous. It's not suitable for you to go. Be obedient and follow them. Wait for This King to come back!"

Chu Yufeng wasn't joking; he was serious. He didn't want women to take the risk.

"Oh, so it was very dangerous, then... You can't go either! "

Zhao Xiaoxue increased her strength as she spoke, pulling on the man's arm without letting go.

"Xiao Xue, don't be like this. I really have something very important that I must do!"

The reason for Chu Yufeng's visit was clear. He didn't expect the woman to follow him, so he put her on hold.

"Yes, you are the Southern King, so everything is naturally very important. But don't forget, you only have half a year left to live. Even if you don't think of a way to save your life, at least let me accompany you!"

Zhao Xiaoxue had a bad premonition. If she let go this time, she would never see this man again. The feeling of losing him was very hard for Zhao Xiaoxue to accept.

"Little Snow, I promise you that when everything is done, I will go to the East Peak Country to find you. At that time, I will definitely practice according to the four steps you mentioned!"

In any case, Chu Yufeng had no intention of letting the woman follow him.

"So …" So the words you said before were all just a perfunctory reply to my words. Fine, if you want to go, I won't stop you! "

It was unknown if it hurt his heart, but when he saw the woman release her hand decisively, Chu Yufeng did not dare to immediately leave.

"Why aren't you leaving?"

Hearing the woman's urging, Chu Yufeng gritted his teeth and said quietly:

"Don't worry, This King will definitely come back!"

With that, Chu Yufeng stood up.

"Of course I know you will come back, because you won't be able to leave!"

Just as Chu Yufeng turned around, he heard the confident voice of a woman behind him. He was puzzled, but just as he turned around, he saw that the woman was holding a dagger in her hand.

"What are you doing?" Could it be that you want to coerce This King? "

Chu Yufeng didn't like being threatened, so no matter who it was, he couldn't do it.

"I can't threaten you, but it's not a problem to harm myself. Since I've been abandoned, life and death aren't that important, so, Southern King, if you want to leave, I definitely won't stop you!"

Even though Zhao Xiaoxue said this, the dagger had already slowly moved to her chest. She didn't even hesitate as she slowly stabbed forward.

"Stop! Stop! You are the one who initiated the blood contract, and all of the injuries you suffer will be multiplied and be reflected on the person who signed the blood contract with you! "

"So you actually knew about this. However, why did you still abandon me? Are you not worried that I would be harmed?" If I am injured, will it affect what you do? If you really don't care, then leave! "

Since she had found a better way, Zhao Xiaoxue didn't need to drag him along.

"Sigh!" "Let's go!"

Chu Yufeng had never been threatened by anyone in his life, but this time, he was completely screwed. Who asked him to sign a blood contract?

"You're taking me with you?"

Zhao Xiaoxue was very excited. No matter where she went, as long as she did not separate from the other party, she would be satisfied. She quickly put away her dagger and took the initiative to grab the man's arm.

"Let's go!" I'll follow you wherever you go! "

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