Watching as City Lord Mu left, Qing Guo could not help but ask. Before he finished speaking, he carefully looked at Xue Yu, but did not expect that she was also staring at him, but her eyes were filled with warning. Being stared at like that, Qing Guo could not continue speaking.

"Sis, what are you talking about?"

Qingcheng didn't understand why her sister only said half of her sentence, but she seemed to have understood something just as she asked. She pulled her sister who was beside her and said with a face full of excitement:

"Elder sister, don't you also feel that this Mu Chengjue's attitude is strange? However, he seems to be particularly concerned about Miss Xue. Do you think he has taken a fancy to Miss Xue?" "Ahhh!"

Mo Qingcheng choked on her words because her arm was pinched by someone. She screamed out in pain, but after she recovered her breath, she said with a face full of indignation:

"Elder sister, why did you pinch me? What I said was the truth. When we came here two days ago, Mu Chengjue had already been staring at the unconscious Miss Xue for a long time. Hey! Sis, why are you pinching me again? What I said was all true! "

Qingcheng's words caused the expressions of the crowd to turn ugly. Qingcheng knew that if they didn't stop her, she wouldn't say anything more before shouting out:

"Qingcheng, don't be rude. Lady Xue is the Southern Wangfei, you have to be careful when you speak!"

Perhaps it was due to the pain from the pinching on her arm, but Qingcheng did not stop there because of Qingguo's explanation. Instead, she responded with a dissatisfied look on her face:

"Everyone knows that Miss Xue isn't the Southern Princess Consort anymore. She and the Southern King have already left each other, so even if she becomes the Mayor's wife now, it doesn't matter. Actually, Mayor Mu looks pretty good!" They are also very compatible with each other! "

"What's the proper match?" With just your mouth, do you think you're worthy? I'm telling you, the only one who can match up to me in this life is Chu Yufeng. I don't understand what 'He Li' is, I used to be the Southern Princess, but I'm still the Southern Princess! Did you hear that? "

When Chu Yufeng was mentioned, she had a lot of questions that she really wanted to ask him about. However, she couldn't find him, and she didn't know if he had intentionally avoided her. If he had deliberately avoided her, then Zhao Xiaoxue would have been angered even more.

Those who didn't want to say anything just now had suddenly spoken so eloquently and with such grandeur that even Qingcheng's expression had turned stiff. In the end, they had even replied in a foolish voice,

"Got it!"

Seeing Qingcheng frightened by the Southern Princess, Qingyue shook her head helplessly. Qingcheng had asked for this herself.

"Tell me, where is Chu Yufeng?"

Zhao Xiaoxue asked with a domineering tone, taking advantage of the fact that her aura hadn't been extinguished yet.

"On... In the Western Garden! "

Mo Qingcheng seemed to still be in a daze, and obediently answered her question.

"Thank you!"

She wanted to ask Chu Yufeng about this, but after taking two steps, she couldn't help but stop. This courtyard was no smaller than the Southern King's Manor and the Snow Manor, and she hadn't even properly passed through the Xue Manor and the Southern King's Manor, let alone this strange place.

"Miss Xue, please let me lead the way!"

As Qingguo spoke, he took a few steps forward, then he pointed to the stone path in front of him and respectfully said:

"Miss Xue, this way!"

Faced with Qingguo's understanding, Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't help but nod in thanks. In fact, besides acting strangely, the two sisters weren't really that annoying. Especially Qingguo, she was gentle and charming, making people unable to hate her.

This time, Zhao Xiaoxue was no longer illiterate. Although she could not say that she was full of knowledge, she could at least read a lot of words. Especially words like common characters, she naturally recognized them.

Entering the western garden, Zhao Xiaoxue looked around. Suddenly, she saw a purple shadow floating past from the roof. Her heart tightened:

"Chu Yufeng!"

Zhao Xiaoxue shouted towards the direction of the purple shadow, but there was no response for a long time.

"Miss Xue, don't worry, His Highness the Southern King is resting in his room!"

Seeing the depressed look on Miss Xue's face, Qingguo hurriedly explained.


Zhao Xiaoxue was puzzled. She really didn't know how to interpret this phrase. Chu Yufeng needed to 'rest'. Could it be that his body wasn't fully recovered yet? Then who was the purple shadow she saw just now?

"Miss Xue, why are you looking at me like that? It's not like you don't know the Southern King's body. If he wasn't resting in his room, would the Southern King still be able to walk around outside?"

She had forgotten the pain from her scar, Qingcheng's blabbermouth disease couldn't be quelled in a short period of time.

"Hehe, even if His Highness the Southern King could support himself and come out to take a look, he would definitely not be able to climb so high. With just his body, would he be able to climb up?"

As she thought about the days she had spent with this weak prince, Qingcheng couldn't help but let out a sigh. Other than her beautiful appearance, there was nothing else worth mentioning.

Along the way, he would vomit blood, or even faint, or even fall asleep. This kind of man who looked useless made people feel despair.

"Qingcheng, what are you saying? If you keep spouting nonsense, I'll let you go back and shut your doors and think. See if I can stop your mouth from talking!"

She had really spoiled this little sister of hers. Not only did this Lady Xue fall in love with City Lord Mu, but her master, the Ninth Prince, also seemed to be particularly fond of her. If she became the Ninth Prince's wife in the future, it might make things difficult for the two sisters.

"Elder sister, what I said was all … "Fact..."

"Someone, bring Qingcheng to her room!"

The west garden was already the temporary residence of the devastatingly beautiful woman and her group. Since then, there were already many subordinates of these two in the surrounding area. Upon hearing Qing Guo's order, some of them immediately stepped forward.

"Elder sister, I'm not spouting nonsense, I …"

It was rare for Qingcheng to see Qingcheng so angry. If she continued speaking, it would not be a good thing to anger her sister. She grunted in dissatisfaction and turned to walk back to her room.

Actually, Zhao Xiaoxue didn't take Qingcheng's words to heart at all. On the contrary, these words reminded her that in the eyes of outsiders, Chu Yufeng wasn't a powerful character. He was just a sickly person.

It had to be said that this man's entire body was in a daze. Zhao Xiaoxue clearly had too many questions she wanted to ask, but every time they met, she would not have the time to ask them.

"Miss Xue, don't take the words that Qingcheng said to heart to heart. She doesn't mean to speak …"

"Let's go, I just want to see Yu Feng!"

Zhao Xiaoxue was very anxious.

But in the eyes of Qingguo, this Miss Xue was incredibly infatuated. So many things had happened, but she was still so infatuated with the Southern King. She had actually chased all the way to the Eastern Yue Kingdom.

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