"What?" It's gone! "

In the Main Hall of the City Lord's Mansion, Mu Chengjue was completely shocked when he heard his subordinate's report.

"Yes …" Yes, Miss Xue has disappeared. This morning, the maidservant serving Miss Xue discovered that Miss Xue was not in her room.

As he watched City Lord Mu's face gradually turn green, his men were filled with fear.

"Can't find it?" Didn't I tell you to stay by the door? Why didn't you notice them leaving? A bunch of trash! "

After he finished speaking, Mu Chengjue went forward and twisted his collar. His strong anger exploded out in an instant, scaring the person who was being twisted into a corner so much that his entire body shivered.

"Subordinate... This subordinate has been guarding the door the entire time. It's … He really didn't find anything out of the ordinary... "Puff …"

Just as he finished speaking, that subordinate was sent flying. That was because this time, Mu Chengjue had truly lost the ability to make snow dance in the air.

Previously, Xue Yu would also frequently leave the City Lord's Mansion, but he still had some understanding of the general direction they were going and even sent people to follow them. It was just that they were separated by a great distance and would not be easily discovered.

"Well, could it be that the Emissary is intentionally putting on an act in front of me? Could it be that you have hidden him away?"

The gray-robed person slowly walked in from the side door of the hall. His face was filled with disdain and contempt.

"Yu Tu, even if you are a messenger, you cannot speak carelessly! Otherwise, don't blame me for being impolite! "

Mu Chengjue was already on the verge of erupting from anger. However, the moment he heard those words, he could no longer suppress his urge.

Seeing this momentum, Yu Xuan withdrew his previous expression and deliberately smiled:

"Brother Mu, it was just a joke just now, but you actually took it seriously!?" That woman won't be able to escape, the pill she took previously isn't that simple! "

Yu Xuan was very confident. Even if the person beside him really did hide the person, as long as he found them, he would not dare to turn them in.

"You gave it to her to eat … Eating the Soul Chasing Gu … "

Mu Chengjue seemed to understand this thing, but before he finished speaking, he had already realized that this guy was on guard against him. So whenever he asked, he would only half-heartedly answer without thinking that it would be the Soul Pursuing Gu.

"Hehe, alright. It's not easy for me to refine a Blood Essence Pill. Since I gave it to her for free, I should at least reward her a little, especially for the task that was assigned by Master. Yu Xuan doesn't dare to slack off at all!"

As he spoke, he started to stretch out his hands, wanting to find the Soul Pursuing Gu, he was going to use his blood as a guide. He skillfully cut his fingers, then slowly closed his eyes, revealing an unconcealable complacency.

It's no wonder you were so cooperative these few days, it turns out you already had a plan, it's just that, after the Soul Chasing Gu enters the human body, it will nibble away at the human's essence, within ten days, the person that's been poisoned will become an idiot, you're sure that you won't be punished by the master!

No matter what was said, Mu Chengjue had never thought of taking Snowflake's life, let alone destroying her.

"Don't worry, Master will not punish me. After all, Master only needs blood essence pharmacists. To put it bluntly, he is someone who can produce blood essence. Furthermore, the Soul Chasing Gu is too easy to use, I'll be able to find her soon … "

The more he spoke, the more pleased he became with himself. His spirit power surged as he quickly spread out his spiritual sense. According to his previous experience, he could sense the exact location of his opponent in less than a quarter of an hour.

Mu Chengjue had seen how powerful the Soul Pursuing Gu was, so he had never doubted it. He only hoped that if there was a chance in the future, he could have a good chat with this fellow and at least leave Miss Xue some mental strength. If she was truly foolish, then wouldn't it be a pity to have such a good skin?


Just as Mu Chengjue was lost in his thoughts, Yu Ji suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. No one had expected such an accident to happen.

"What's wrong with you? Have you found it, or haven't you? "

Hearing the question from the side, Yu Xuan's eyes became cold. He fiercely said:

"Don't worry, we won't be able to escape!"

After saying this, Yu Xuan raised his long sword and rushed out. From Mu Chengjue's point of view, he was probably going to chase someone else.

He wasn't chasing anyone because he didn't know where they were. The Soul Chasing Gu could sense everything within a hundred miles, but now there was no reaction, so it could be seen that the person was out of his range. He didn't expect this guy's speed to be so fast.

"Puff …"

Roughly a hundred miles away from the Central City, in a forest, a man in a dark green robe and a woman in a flowery dress were kneeling on the ground, panting heavily.

Just now, they had just fallen from the sky, and the male even spat out a large amount of blood, appearing rather miserable.

"Bu Li, how are you?"

Zhao Xiaoxue became anxious when she saw Bu Li unable to catch his breath. She remembered that after Mu Chengjue left yesterday, she secretly went to find Bu Li and told him everything she heard.

Especially the special materials mentioned by the gray-robed man, it made Zhao Xiaoxue even more worried. She originally wanted to escape, but as soon as she left the City Lord's Mansion, she felt a pain in her chest.

It was rare for Bu Li to become a 'doctor', but the result of his pulse examination was him pulling her along like a madman. Even though his speed wasn't as fast as Chu Yufeng's, it was still unbearable.

Just now, Bu Li had used up too much spirit energy and actually fell from the sky. If he didn't land on this soft ground, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

"I... I'm fine! Is the girl alright? "

Bu Li had just caught his breath when he turned around to look at the girl. He was slightly relieved to discover that she was alright.

"I'm fine. It's just that, I didn't expect you to be so good at escaping. You flew so far in one night. You really put your life on the line!"

"Sigh, this is still not enough. I'm afraid that this place is just over a hundred li away from the Central City. If someone finds out, I'm afraid that they would have chased here earlier …"

Bu Li was still very worried. As he spoke, he wanted to stand up and use his spirit energy to fly again. However, how could he stand up now? His legs had long since lost their strength.

Seeing that Bu Li was still struggling despite his exhaustion, Zhao Xiaoxue could not bear it any longer and hurriedly went up to comfort him:

Don't worry, we were very careful when we left, it shouldn't be easy to be discovered, even if we were to run away, you don't need to do this, now that Yu Feng is not around, you have used up all your spiritual energy, if we were to encounter anything, wouldn't we be in a passive position?

In a place like this where people with malicious intents and wild beasts could appear at any time, no one dared to lower their guard. Based on their past experiences, if a high level wild beast suddenly appeared in the forest, wouldn't they be in a miserable state?

Since she could understand this logic, Bu Li should understand it as well. However, because of this, Zhao Xiaoxue was even more confused.

Lady, I also know that it is very passive to encounter something in this situation, but if we don't escape for a hundred miles in a short period of time, then we will be even more passive in the future because you have been infected by a Gu. If you lose your consciousness, I'm afraid that it won't be any better.

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