"A parasite was placed by someone? The Gu is … "

Logically speaking, this should be the first time Zhao Xiaoxue had heard of this thing. However, her mind didn't feel like it was foreign to her, and she vaguely seemed to know something.

"Gu worms are a terrifying thing that can reproduce and devour essence. Due to their special methods of raising Gu worms, many people would be devoured by the Gu before they can cultivate successfully.

Therefore, not many people have succeeded in cultivating the Gu technique, but now someone has placed it on the young lady. If I'm not wrong, it should be that 'doctor' with ulterior motives! "

He couldn't move now, so he could only sit there and do nothing. Rather than sit there bored, he might as well explain to the girl why he had to flee so quickly.

"What will happen to people infected with the parasite? I didn't feel like I had any reaction, other than a slight pain in my chest from before. Now that the feeling has disappeared, you … Could he have seen wrongly? "

Bu Li was not a braggart. Even though he had a lot of shortcomings, he had never lied to this day. Therefore, even though Zhao Xiaoxue had her doubts, she still believed in Bu Li's judgement.

As expected, Bu Li bitterly shook his head in response to the young lady's doubts.

"I can't be mistaken. Although I don't know how to see a doctor, I do know a bit about Gu worms. It's only because I was also implanted with a Gu some time ago."

It was originally a very slight symptom, but then he realized that his consciousness was slowly being controlled. Fortunately, he had met with the help of an expert.

Tell me, if you don't want to be controlled, you have to travel a hundred miles away from the person who placed the Gu, and within ten days, you have to find an expert to force the Gu out and burn them, and you will be saved! Otherwise, it could easily become a puppet! "

Thinking back to his experience with the parasite, Bu Li could not help but shiver.

"I believe in you. You have experience, so you are certain that I have been infected with the parasite! Now that we have already escaped a hundred miles away, the next step is to find an expert to treat me.

According to the strength of the Spiritual Qi, Bu Li could be considered an expert. Although the consumption of Spiritual Qi was huge, he could always recover. Zhao Xiaoxue looked at him expectantly.

Staring at the girl, Bu Li felt a burst of shame and slightly shook his head:

"Don't look at me like that miss, I don't have the ability to force the Gu out of your body. To force the Gu out, the minimum requirement is to be a Rank 5 Spiritual Master and also a top-grade one, so …"

"So you're talking about Chu Yufeng?"

Zhao Xiaoxue could come up with this answer without thinking too much. After all, other than Chu Yufeng, there was no one else that she knew of.

"Hehe, it seems to be only His Highness the Southern King!"

Bu Li felt a little embarrassed. If he wasn't like this right now, he should be at that level as well. What a pity.

"Ah?" Since that was the case, then … Then why don't we return to the Central City? "

Zhao Xiaoxue thought for a while and realized that this was the only way out. She was about to get up.

Bu Li, who was at the side, was extremely surprised. He hurriedly used both his hands to support the tree trunk as he stood up, wanting to stop her.

"Miss, what are you planning to do? It wasn't easy for us to escape hundreds of miles away. How could you walk into a trap?"

Hearing this, Zhao Xiaoxue stopped and slowly turned around. She helplessly said:

"I have no choice, this is called putting one's life on the ground and coming back, maybe the person who gave me the Gu would be able to get away with this, maybe I can give him a condition, anyway, he can't run, because there's no chance of escaping like this!"

As she said this, Zhao Xiaoxue became even more determined.

"How can there not be a chance? As long as I can find the Southern King …"

"Do you know where he is? Can you find it just by talking about it? "

Actually, this was what Zhao Xiaoxue felt the most helpless about. That guy disappeared again. No one knew where he went.

"I... Of course I don't know, but the girl should know! "

"What did you say?"

Zhao Xiaoxue was so shocked by Bu Li's words that her eyes were wide open. She even started to suspect if she had heard wrongly.

"I say that the young lady should know the whereabouts of the Southern King!"

Bu Li seriously repeated himself.

"I don't know. Could it be that Ah Cai and Ah Da know about it?"

Ever since he could hear the voices, he hadn't had the time to properly talk with Ah Cai and Ah Da. It seemed that no matter what, he had to return to the Huan City.

"Ah Cai, Ah Da and the others are not clear about this. The person they should be most clear about is you!" Because you signed a blood contract with the Southern King, this blood contract is the same as the Gu, they can search for each other's existence, and it is not restricted by the area! "Speaking of which, who in this world is most clear about the movements of the South King? I'm afraid only you, young lady!"

Because of this, when Bu Li discovered that the young lady was infected with the Gu, he quickly pulled her away from him and flew a hundred miles away. First, they would break free from the control of the person who laid the Gu and then find the Southern King.

"Bu Li, you … If you knew that the blood contract had such an effect, then … "Then why didn't you say so earlier?"

Zhao Xiaoxue stared at the round seal in disbelief. She didn't expect that this thing had the function of a tracking device.

I didn't say it because the lady didn't ask, and furthermore, when the Southern King was going to the Eastern Capital, his target was very clear, and now that he was dragged away by the Qing sisters to 'see a doctor', he was unable to guess the direction. A few days ago, when the lady asked, I actually wanted to say it, but you can't hear it, and you can't casually tell others about it, so …

"Then what do I do now?"

Since she had a way to find Chu Yufeng, Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't wait to find out.

"It's very simple. Lady, as long as you condense your origin energy into a round palm with a seal on it, and then do your best to search for it, you will receive instructions from the palm!"

"I'll try!"

After saying so, Zhao Xiaoxue hurriedly stretched out her right hand and gathered the heat flowing in her body into the round seal, and then began searching:

"Tell me, where is Yu Feng?"

Zhao Xiaoxue also didn't know if this method was right or not. Seeing that there was no reaction from the round seal in her palm, she thought about trying it again:

"Tell me, Yu Feng …"

Before she could finish her sentence, a corner of the circular seal appeared in front of her.

"It's this direction. The blood contract has given us a direction, so it should be correct!"

Bu Li was extremely excited.

"Alright, then let's go!"

After determining the direction, Zhao Xiaoxue was extremely anxious. Not only was it to remove the Gu in her body, but it was also to see Chu Yufeng as soon as possible. She felt safe and at ease only by his side.

'Plop! '

Zhao Xiaoxue only took a few steps forward before she heard the sound of Bu Li falling behind her.

"Miss, I …" "I want to leave as well, but …"

"It's fine. I was too agitated just now and forgot that you used up too much spirit energy. Our priority right now is to replenish our spirit energy!"

As Zhao Xiaoxue spoke, she began to search the surroundings.

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