"Who is it?" Look at you, me, and him, is there anyone else here? "

As Zhao Xiaoxue spoke, she pointed at the few people present. After travelling for so long, this youth was the first person she had met.

When Zhao Xiaoxue pointed at Bu Li, she realized that he was still waiting for her to save him!

"Aiya, after this mess, there was almost a huge problem. I was still saving someone!"

As Zhao Xiaoxue spoke, she pulled away the opponent's long sword and then turned around and squatted down. Right now, there was no needle, so even if it was a 'large needle', it could only be of some use.

Thinking of this, Zhao Xiaoxue slightly leaned forward and took the 'big needle' from the tree trunk. Then, she looked at Zuo Jiang, who was still frozen on the spot, and said,

"This thing belongs to you, right? Let me borrow it!"

Although it was just borrowing, Zhao Xiaoxue did not wait for the other party's approval and continued with her previous actions. Because the tip of the needle was not thin enough and she was afraid of hurting the arteries, Zhao Xiaoxue's first reaction was to use her elemental energy to guide the needle.

However, it was inconvenient for her to hold the large needle in her right hand. She turned her head and saw that the youth was still standing at the same spot. Since she was free, Zhao Xiaoxue handed the large needle to the youth beside her:

"Quick, help me hold it. You can give it to me later. If you have wine or something like that, you can dispel the poison in this needle or use fire to burn this needle!"

If possible, Zhao Xiaoxue tried her best to disinfect the thing that was stabbed into her body. This way, she could prevent infection.

"You call this dart a needle?"

It was as if this form of address was somewhat difficult for the youth to accept.

"Sigh!" It is just a form of address, there is no need to pay too much attention to it! "

After Zhao Xiaoxue quickly comforted him, she activated the Essence in her right hand and recalled Zhuo Fan's actions before as well as the vague technique in the depths of her mind. Not long after, a worm like thread was drawn from the wall of her chest and began to move under the skin.

"This... This big sister is … It's a female elementalist? "

The youth did not know how surprised he was. Long ago, he had heard of the 'little bug' that the doctor could make crawl on his chest. And the 'little bug' that could save the life of a spirit cultivator.

He had only heard of it in the past, but to think that he would meet it personally today. It was truly astonishing.

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't have time to pay attention to the youth's changes. She had to think of a way to save him. Although she didn't know if this method was effective, she could only try her best.

Perhaps it was because he wasn't proficient in it, but under Zhao Xiaoxue's guidance, the elemental energy lead was moving very slowly, reaching the location of the aortic valve, and the 'little bug' had actually stopped moving.

"Could it be blocked?"

Right now, his hands weren't empty, so he couldn't check his surroundings at all. He could only use his strength carefully, but no matter how careful he was, this little bug wouldn't move at all.

"Big sister, your 'big needle'!"

The words of the young man next to him were like coal in the snow. Perhaps it was because he was not used to it, but he had forgotten that the elemental energy fuse was meant for acupuncture.

"Give it to me!"

"Be careful!"

Seeing his big sister in a hurry, the young man quickly reminded her.

"Wow, it's so hot. Luckily you reminded me!"

Although it could be seen that only the tip of the needle had been burned, this' large needle 'was made of copper, and the heat conduction effect was very good. Fortunately, it was warned, or else Zhao Xiaoxue would have been injured.

Holding the needle, Zhao Xiaoxue carefully pricked the tip of it into her skin and slowly brought it down.

The 'little bug' that had been motionless for a while now began to move again, crossing the aortic valve and starting to swim to the pulmonary valve. Not long after that, the 'little bug' stopped once more.

With her experience, Zhao Xiaoxue understood that the 'little bug' would stop at a location that needed a needle. With this kind of traction, it was already two hours after she had completed the acupuncture in the five valve regions.

Zhao Xiaoxue carefully examined Bu Li's body again. His breathing had become a little warmer, and his heartbeat had also slowed down, but compared to usual, it was still a little faster. However, the rhythm was clearly a lot more orderly, and there was no longer the noise and tremor from before.

"This... How long will it take for you to wake up? "

If only there was someone who could tell her the answer.

"Some people will wake up very soon. Some people will need several hours. Some people will even need several days!"

Hearing this reply, Zhao Xiaoxue turned her head with suspicion. Looking at the teenager who didn't look like he was lying, she asked with some doubt:

"Zuo Jiang, how did you know? "Could it be that at your age, you're also an Origin Doctor …"

Zuo Jiang hurriedly shook his head when he heard this.

"No, no, I'm not an elementalist, I'm a hunter!"

After revealing his identity, Zuo Jiang had a look of glory on his face.

"A martyr?"

No matter how Zhao Xiaoxue turned her head, she couldn't understand this phrase. Her heart was filled with doubt. This young man was fine, and he hadn't sacrificed himself, so how did he become a martyr?

"Right, everyone in our village is a hunter! I've always had this as my goal since I was young, and this year, I just so happen to be promoted to a hunter! "

Seeing the young man's proud appearance, Zhao Xiaoxue finally understood that the hunter the young man spoke of was definitely different from what she had expected.

"Oh, so 'martyrs' also know about the matter of an elementalist!"

Since this kind of situation was quite common, perhaps she would have to wait for several hours or even several days. Zhao Xiaoxue naturally couldn't rush to the scene and decided to just sit on the ground and wait for Bu Li to wake up so she could take a break.

As for the youth beside her, Zhao Xiaoxue had never thought that he was a bad person. If he didn't leave, it would be good for him to stay and accompany her, especially since his darts had helped a lot.

Seeing the finesse of this dart, Zhao Xiaoxue guessed that it must have taken a lot of effort and must not be thrown away so easily. She carefully wiped it clean and then handed it to the teenager at the side:

"Thank you for your darts!"

"No need to thank me. This thing was not mine to begin with!" "If it was mine, I would have already stabbed it …"

Zuo Jiang carefully glanced at his sister and saw that she didn't seem to be angry, so he didn't say anything else.

"Hehe, luckily you weren't proficient enough with these darts, otherwise I would have been in danger! However, how can a child like you be so impatient? Without saying anything, you throw a dart the moment you start attacking, what if you injure someone? "

This dart was extremely sharp and its tip was exceptionally sharp. Otherwise, it wouldn't have been able to smoothly pierce through the skin or even the blood vessels. As a result, Zhao Xiaoxue felt very lucky that she was not pierced earlier.

"I shouted at you for half a day, but your back was still facing me. I was worried that your martial arts might be powerful, so I used my dart to test you. I didn't expect …"

"I didn't expect that I was so weak, and I was easily subdued by you?"

If the other party was only shouting from a distance, she wouldn't have been able to hear him. As expected, a person with insufficient hearing was still very dangerous.

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