Zhao Xiaoxue was very anxious. Could it be that something happened that she did not know about?

"Hehe, because this king will use a flying pigeon to tell him that his sister is here and not in the eastern capital!"

Chu Yujing could not help but laugh proudly after he finished.

"I won't go back with you for now. I need to find someone!"

Even though she had already figured out Chu Yujing's motive, Zhao Xiaoxue was still unwilling to leave with him. She still needed Chu Yufeng to cure the poison in her body.

Both Chu Yujing and his brother were the same as Bu Li. They were only at the fourth level and obviously couldn't detoxify their spiritual power. Even if they found the person who did it, time was no longer allowed.

"You are looking for the Southern King, right? This King can accompany you in searching! "

"Is King Jing Yu really free these days?"

Zhao Xiaoxue realized that Chu Yujing had suddenly become a follower and couldn't get rid of him.

"Haha, since you've promised Great General Xue, this king will naturally bring you back safely. Although this king does not know where the Southern King is now, Miss Xue is currently heading towards the deepest part of the Confusion Forest.

It's even possible for a fifth level vicious beast to appear there. If you meet one, Miss Xue, do you think that only the brat beside you can protect you? Or could it be that the spiritual force cultivator that has yet to wake up is protecting you? "

In Zhao Xiaoxue's eyes, this King Jing Yu was a cunning fox. No one wanted to be with this cunning fox, but they had to admit that this fox was right. The road ahead was too dangerous.

Just as Zhao Xiaoxue was hesitating, the silent youth beside her lightly tugged her sleeve, begging in a low voice:

"Sister, just agree. If we don't have the protection of this expert, I'm afraid we won't be able to move an inch!"

"But …"

Zhao Xiaoxue was at a loss. Her secret and Chu Yufeng's secret, what would she do if they were discovered by Chu Yuechan?

"There are no buts. For Miss Xue's safety, even if she doesn't agree, I still won't leave. Even if there aren't any fierce beasts in front of us, the forest won't be peaceful either.

There seemed to be a problem with this year's Spring Hunt. Many of the teams had been attacked by masked men and had finally disappeared. Clearly, there must be a problem.

If Miss Xue insists on staying, then this duke will investigate this matter. After all, among the participants of the Spring Hunt, there are still a large number of people from the Southern Chu Country.

After Chu Yujing said this, Zuo Jiang's eyes lit up and his mouth quivered. He was so excited that he couldn't say anything.

Seeing this scene, Zhao Xiaoxue finally gave in. If she did not give up, the only ones remaining would be her and Bu Li. After all, Zuo Jiang followed her for the sake of saving the villagers.

Now that there was someone who was willing to help and was even stronger than her, he could already be considered as being worthy of her by not betraying her.

Very quickly, the three of them became four people, and the one leading the way was no longer Zhao Xiaoxue, but Chu Yujing, who was in front. Very quickly, the three of them became four people, and the person leading the way was no longer Zhao Xiaoxue, but Chu Yujing, who was in front.

"It's almost dark. Let's find a cave to rest in. This Confusion Forest is not safe to travel at night!"

No one objected to Chu Yujing's words.

Zuo Jiang was indeed a child who grew up in the mountains. His ability to find caves was always very strong. He found a place to stay before nightfall and quickly found a pile of dried wood.

There were wild rabbits, pheasants, and wild fruits. Originally, Zhao Xiaoxue had wanted to keep silent, because only talking less could better keep the secret, but she was unable to resist the attraction of the delicious food in front of her.

"Elder sister, quickly come and eat. The rabbits are all done roasting!"

Zuo Jiang was really strong. He helped her find some fruits to satisfy her hunger two days ago, but today, the roast meat was actually quite good as well. The fragrant rabbit meat made Zhao Xiaoxue salivate. After eating it, she felt even more delicious.

Zhao Xiaoxue wasn't the only one who was enjoying her meal. Chu Yujing was also enjoying his meal. Furthermore, he had eaten an entire rabbit. It could be seen that he was really hungry.

"It's rare for Miss Xue to pay so much attention to this king. What, do you find this king to be even more pleasing to the eye than the Southern King?"

Chu Yujing did not forget to tease this Miss Xue who had humiliated him.

Perhaps because she was immune to it, Zhao Xiaoxue was no longer so stubborn as to defend herself. Instead, she casually said:

"You're eating. It's already good enough that you don't make people nauseous by just looking at them. Moreover, you're eating quite a lot. I heard that even spiritual energy experts can't eat for many days. Don't tell me that you haven't eaten since we were in the Central City?"

Even Chu Yujing was embarrassed when a woman called him a bad eater.

"This king naturally eats in the Central City, however, it has already been seven to eight days since I entered the Concealing Forest. Even if it's a Spiritual Qi expert, they would need to eat after three days, could it be that they will starve to death?"

Chu Yujing threw the piece of meat in his hand away. He had no appetite after what the man said.

"Seven or eight days? Wasn't King Jing Yu able to fly? Why would it take so long? "

It would have taken them at most four days to get to this place. After all, it had only taken them three days before he passed out. Even if they added up the next three days, it would only be six days.

Thinking back to what Jing Yu said in the day, Zhao Xiaoxue began to suspect that this person might not have come here for her, or perhaps, not entirely because of her, but for some other purpose.

After all, seven or eight days ago, she should still be in the Central City. At that time, King Jing Yu was already heading towards the Confusion Forest.

"Flying? Miss Xue, you mean to fly above this Confusion Forest? "

Chu Yujing asked with a disdainful smile on his face.

"That's right!" What's wrong with flying over the Confusion Forest? "I heard that spiritual energy experts of the fourth step and above can fly. What, don't tell me you don't have that ability?"

After seizing the opportunity, Zhao Xiaoxue would not forget to return the displeasing King Jing Yu.

"Hehe, you actually said that This King doesn't have the ability to fly. Once we're out of the Confusion Forest, This King will bring you to fly to the sky to take a look. However, in the Confusion Forest, this won't do. Didn't anyone tell you that you can't fly in the Confusion Forest? "

Chu Yujing snorted disdainfully, indicating that this Miss Xue was ignorant.

"This... Can't fly in the Confusion Forest? How is that possible? "

Long ago, Wu Shuang Yi was indeed not flying in the forest, but she had come here not long ago, and it was Chu Yufeng who had brought her there.

Chu Yufeng wasn't the only one. A few days ago, Bu Li was flying with her as well. However, his ability was much weaker. However, all of this indicated that he could also fly in the skies of the Confusion Forest.

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