"Big sister, I already said that there's a formation in the sky above the Confusion Forest, so we can't fly. After flying …"

Before Zuo Jiang finished, his arm was grabbed. Before he knew what was going on, his body had already risen into the air.

"Wow, it's flying! "Heavens, they really flew up. If we were to be …"

Zuo Jiang was filled with fear. He didn't know how serious the consequences would be from this flight.

"Young Hero Zuo, if you keep talking, I'll let you go!"

Now that he was in the air, he didn't want to fall down and be crippled even if he died. However, when he thought of the consequences of rising up into the air, he felt even more sad.

"Bu Li, this way!"

Compared to walking, only then did she know the joy of flying. After flying so many times, Zhao Xiaoxue also had experience. Not only did she not feel any fear, she could even navigate in real time.

"Miss, my spiritual power has just recovered, so I can only fly you across this lake for the time being. Once we get to the other side, we might need to rest for a while!"

Aside from surprising people, no one objected to Bu Li's suggestion. After all, the lake was not small. It was not easy for them to cross the lake. It was already difficult for Bu Li to do so.

On the other side of the lake was still a dense forest, but it was clearly different from the previous trees, because the surface of these plants was no longer smooth. No matter what kind of plants they were, their surfaces were covered with spikes.

"Sister, Brother Bu, let's rest here for now!"

He needed to rest. Zuo Jiang was the one who led the way. He only wanted to find a clearing to rest, but he didn't expect the plants to be so dense. It took him a while to find a clearing like this.

"Alright, let's rest over there!"

As soon as she landed on the ground, Zhao Xiaoxue picked a stalk of spirit grass. The previously wasted spirit liquid was now needed. When they arrived at an empty spot, Zhao Xiaoxue sat down cross-legged and quickly started to refine the spirit liquid.

Bu Li and Zuo Jiang did not disturb them and they all sat down on either side of Zhao Xiaoxue. The woods were so dense, so it was easy to hide. They had to be careful for safety.

Ah!" "It hurts!

Right after he sat down, Zuo Jiang stood up and yelled. He covered his butt with his hands and turned around to look at the place where he just sat and shouted in shame and anger,

"What stabbed me?"

However, upon closer inspection, aside from the finger-long grass, there was nothing else.

"Yeah, it's just some grass, how could it be …" Why are they so dangerous? Furthermore … "These grasses seemed to be just for pricking me …"

Zuo Jiang mumbled to himself as he turned his head to the side. His big sister was already refining the spiritual liquid with her eyes closed. She seemed to be fine as she sat there cross-legged.

As for Brother Bu, he seemed to be fine sitting on the side.

Zuo Jiang was curious and tried to find a different place to sit. Unexpectedly, he felt a sharp pain on his butt the moment he sat down. At this moment, he was sure that he couldn't sit and rest.

Of course, not only could he not sit, he could not even lean against the tree. The tree bark also had long thorns on it, and even when he was opening a path just now, there were many scratches on his arms.

He didn't expect that this forest would be so terrifying. His sister couldn't be disturbed now. Zuo Jiang could only take a detour to Big Brother Bu and carefully say:

"Big Brother Bu, this forest is really weird. There are spikes everywhere!"

"I know!"

Bu Li opened his eyes and seriously nodded.

"Yeah, it's so obvious. You must have noticed it as well, which is why you found a place to sit. Big Brother Bu, can I sit next to you?"

Zuo Jiang began to move as he spoke. If he stood still for too long, he would feel tired. Besides, he would also feel safer if he leaned against Big Brother Bu.

"No way!"

Zuo Li's answer surprised Zuo Jiang. This Big Brother Bu didn't seem like someone who didn't care about favors. Furthermore, he had always called him 'Young Hero Zuo', saying that he respected him and carried him on his back for the past two days.

But he didn't expect that the words he said were words of thanks and respect. In the blink of an eye, he wasn't even willing to help with such a small matter. It was truly disappointing.

"Hmph, big brother Bu. I may be young, but I know that we should share good fortune if bad things happen. I just want you to help me out a little. Just give up …"

If you were to save the people in our village, I'm afraid that he would be even more unwilling. If the other party is unwilling to save them, then what's the point of following them? Thinking of this, Zuo Jiang had the urge to leave.

"Alright, since you're so willing to share the burden, then come at me!"

Zuo Jiang's little intention was seen through by Bu Li. He thought it was funny and he couldn't help but shift the position of the other party.

"I... "Actually, I just wanted to sit down and rest …"

Zuo Jiang was a bit embarrassed, but since Brother Bu gave up his seat, he couldn't just stay there. He just sat down and regretted it immediately. He felt a sharp pain on his buttocks. That feeling was several times worse than before.

"It hurts, it hurts!" Why is it here too? "Brother Bu, you …"

Zuo Jiang felt very uncomfortable, but he couldn't get up easily this time.

"Since you already said that we should share the difficulties, how can I reject you? As expected, someone helps share the burden, my pain has lessened a lot!"

Bu Li nodded his head to express his gratitude.

"Wu wu, how could this be? You look like you're sitting down, I thought you didn't have a thorn, but I didn't expect … "It hurts, it really hurts!"

This little thing looked unremarkable, but digging itself into the meat was really uncomfortable. After a while, Zuo Jiang's expression changed due to the pain.

"Since you're afraid of the pain, then stand to the side!"

With his left hand, Bu Fang used all his strength to lift Zuo Jiang up and then shake him off, leaving behind only the dark red tip of the grass.

"Thank you, Big Brother Bu, but you …" Do you want me to help you? "

Zuo Jiang felt a lingering fear as he looked at the dark red grass tip. This thing was really scary. Even if he wanted to help, he didn't dare to move forward.

"Don't come over, it is my will to be pricked by it. In any case, stabbing it once hurts, and stabbing it a few more times hurts. It's better not to move at all, it'll lessen the pain!"

Bu Li had already made his decision.

"Voluntary? Big Brother Bu, how could you willingly let it prick you? And big sister, she … Can she bear it? "

Zuo Jiang's heart ached as he looked at the two people sitting opposite to him, not moving at all.

"I naturally have a reason for doing this. After all, these blood thorns are not easy to deal with!"

When he landed on the ground, Bu Li had already discovered the existence of the blood thorn. However, he was surprised to find out why the blood thorn was in the Confusion Forest.

Don't underestimate these blood thorns, they are all Level Three Ferocious Beasts, and they are also the representatives of the Ferocious Beasts' territories in the Central Region. Even though they are very common in the Central Region, but in the periphery, even the Confusion Forest has never appeared before.

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