In order to understand what was going on, he could only trade his blood for information. Although this method was a little foolish, it was the most direct and effective one. After all, catching the blood thorns was not an easy task, it was too easy for them to hide.

"Blood Thorn? Brother Bu, are you saying that you are actually doing this to deal with the Blood Stinger? That... Let me help you too! "

Zuo Jiang thought about it seriously. Maybe he really shouldn't have run away, but it hurt so much. Looking at his left hand, Zuo Jiang made up his mind. He closed his eyes and pushed his palm to the ground.

"Kid, what are you doing?" Quick, take your hands off me! "

Zuojiang's action was a bit unexpected.

"No, let me share the burden with all of you. Elder sister is such a weak woman, yet she can still endure. No matter what, I am a man. How can I retreat?"

Even though his palm was hurting, Zuo Jiang still persisted.

"The big sister you're talking about …"

Bu Li could not help but look to the side as he spoke. Although the girl was sitting there steadily, the truth was not as Zuo Jiang had said.

"Actually, this girl might not know about it at all, so you really don't have to do this, Young Hero Zuo!"

Bu Li tried to persuade him again.

"Brother Bu, you don't have to advise me. You can call me Young Hero Zuo. Since I'm a Young Hero, this little bit of pain is nothing!"

Zuo Jiang waved his right hand and drew out his sword, stabbing it into the ground. He could not move his left hand at the moment, so he used his right hand to support his sword.

Zuo Jiang was very persistent, so Bu Li didn't say anything else. Instead, he thought it was interesting. Since this little guy had this kind of heart, then Bu Li would bring him to experience and deal with the blood thorn.

"You've almost finished drinking the blood. You should be answering my question now, right?"

"Hmm? "Big Brother Bu …"

Zuo Jiang was confused. He could hear another kind of Brother Bu's voice. It didn't seem to come from outside, it sounded like it came from inside his head.

"Don't move, I'm talking to the Blood Thorn!"

Bu Li reminded Zuo Jiang. After all, they were connected with their blood and could use their thoughts to communicate with each other.

Although Zuo Jiang was surprised, he knew that big brother Bu had strong spiritual energy, so he shut his eyes and listened obediently.

"I don't have enough blood, I'm still a bit off!"

Bu Li and Zuo Jiang heard a lazy voice at the same time.

"You're so greedy!"

If he didn't have any other requests, Bu Li would have killed him long ago.

"Hehe, not really. It's just because your blood is more delicious!"

Hearing this lazy voice, Zuo Jiang trembled slightly. This guy actually said that blood was delicious. A monster that could suck in human blood made Zuo Jiang somewhat afraid.

"Zuo Jiang, what are you doing?"

After Zhao Xiaoxue refined the elixir, she discovered that Bu Li was' cultivating. 'Zuo Jiang, on the other hand, was extremely curious. He closed his eyes and squatted there with one hand on the ground. His expression was extremely painful.

"Zuo Jiang, what are you doing? Your finger is starting to bleed!"

Seeing that the other side didn't have any reaction, Zhao Xiaoxue gave him a push. This push really pulled Zuo Jiang back from his thoughts.

"Elder sister?"

Zuo Jiang seemed very surprised to see his big sister.

Looking at Zuo Jiang's strange expression, Zhao Xiaoxue frowned:

"What kind of expression is that? Is it surprising to see me? "

Zuo Jiang nodded seriously when he heard his big sister's question.

"You're really surprised?"

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't know whether to laugh or cry in response to the youth's response.

"It's not like you haven't seen my Spirit Refinement Liquid before, this reaction is a little too excessive. If this goes on, I'll get angry. Also, your hand is bleeding. Why are you holding yourself up on the ground?"

Zhao Xiaoxue was very serious. Although she could understand how children liked to mess around, there had to be a limit. Right now, they still had to hurry on their way.

"Big sister, this grass isn't full yet. It doesn't know how to speak. It might be just a little bit more!"

Zuo Jiang analyzed the situation seriously. He didn't look like he was joking.

"What do you want to eat this grass?"

Zhao Xiaoxue discovered that Zuo Jiang didn't seem to be playing, but doing something very serious, which made her turn serious.

"Eat blood, blood. Look, the blood on my fingers has been absorbed by these grass. Sigh, it's pretty strong!"

"Blood-eating grass?"

In any case, Bu Li was still cultivating right now. Zhao Xiaoxue also wanted to take the test, so she carefully held the newly refined spirit liquid with her right hand. With a gentle wave of her left hand, she touched the sword next to Zuo Jiang's body, and her fingertip was cut open.

"Elder sister, what are you doing?"

Zuo Jiang did not understand what his big sister was doing.

"What else can I do? Of course I'll give it a try. Let's see what's so strange about this grass."

In his mind, this wasn't the first time he had experimented using this method. Zhao Xiaoxue began to understand that the girl in front of him was very similar to her current self.

"Elder sister, is there even a need to try? Didn't you already … "

After Zuo Jiang said that, he looked behind the other party in embarrassment. However, realizing that this gaze was very rude, he quickly moved away.

"What did I say before? I don't know anything. Let me see what exactly this grass is like."

Curiosity drove Zhao Xiaoxue to move faster.

"NO!" "Miss, no!"

Zhao Xiaoxue was about to approach the grass when she heard Bu Li's shout. She was startled and immediately turned around. When she saw the panic on Bu Li's face, she quickly asked:

"Bu Li, what's wrong with you? "What's the situation?"

"Miss, don't move …"

Bu Li's face was filled with fear. Seeing that the girl's finger was about to drip blood, he could not care less. He gathered his spirit energy and was about to charge forward.

Ah!" "It hurts!

Just as Bu Li stood up, he felt a sharp pain coming from behind him. He realized that he had been sitting there for too long and had lost too much blood. His legs and feet were no longer nimble.

"Bu Li, what happened to you?"

Compared to experimenting with the properties of this grass, Zhao Xiaoxue was naturally more concerned about Bu Li. She got up and quickly came to his side. She was worried when she saw how he couldn't even straighten his back.

"Lady, I'm fine. I just need to sit for a while. I'll be fine in a moment!"

Enduring the pain, Bu Li gritted his teeth and sat down on the ground once more. However, this time, besides the fact that the ground was slightly cold, there was nothing else. The bone-piercing thorns from earlier had long since disappeared.

"Blood Stinger, where are you?"

Bu Fang was extremely anxious. There was no feeling of a needle being pierced through the ground, which meant that the blood thorn was no longer here.

"What Blood Thorn? Bu Li, what exactly are you talking about? "

Zhao Xiaoxue felt like she missed out on a lot of things, but it was obvious that everyone was always together.

"Miss, your blood …"

"Oh, my fingers are fine. When I came to help you just now, the drop of blood fell. Now … Look, it's already healed! "

Zhao Xiaoxue looked at her finger again. There was no wound at all, this healing ability was simply demonic.

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