"Sigh!" It was a waste! "

Looking at Bu Li's dejected appearance, Zhao Xiaoxue could not bear to see him any longer:

"Was I the one who interrupted your plan?"

The Level 3 Blood Stinger was very cunning, but if it agreed to trade, then it would definitely get an answer. It was a pity that it was scared away by the girl's blood.

"It's fine, how could the lady not know!"

Bu Li would not blame the girl. He was just worried that something had happened in the central region. The appearance of these vicious beasts that should have been in the central region was not a good thing.

Zhao Xiaoxue originally wanted to ask about it in detail, but when she saw that Bu Li was feeling a little despondent, she decided not to ask. She could only wait until Bu Li's mood improved before asking.

"Zuo Jiang, do you know what's going on? What is a blood thorn? "

Seeing that Zuo Jiang seemed to be an 'accomplice', Zhao Xiaoxue wanted to make a side attack. Unfortunately, Zuo Jiang only knew that this blood-sucking monster was greedy and could still talk. As for the others, he wasn't sure.

Since she couldn't get anything out of him, Zhao Xiaoxue could only give up. After Bu Fang absorbed the spirit liquid and recovered his spirit energy, the three planned to continue flying.

"Sister, why can Brother Bu carry us?"

Ever since he failed the deal with the Blood Spikes, Big Brother Bu's face was frighteningly dark. Even though they were so close, Zuo Jiang still didn't dare to talk to him.

"Actually, I also want to know that question, but …"

Zhao Xiaoxue glanced at Bu Li, who was pulling his face and not saying anything. She slightly shook her head and said to Zuo Jiang:

"Now is not the time to discuss this!"

"But, will flying like this not be a problem?"

Every time he flew, Zuo Jiang's heart would be in his throat, afraid that something might go wrong.

"Of course, I have seen it before …"

Before Zhao Xiaoxue could finish her sentence, Bu Li's arm suddenly started to sway. His body also started to move from left to right.

"Elder sister, this … What's going on? "

Zuo Jiang was a little scared and lost his balance.

"I... "I don't know either. Bu Li …"

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't have time to ask. She only saw Bu Li spitting out a mouthful of blood and his face instantly lost all color. He forcefully suppressed the pain in his heart and said,

"Something's happened, you have to... It's going to fall! "



Without any time to react, Zhao Xiaoxue felt her body falling rapidly. How could she possibly fall down like this?

"Lend me your spiritual power!"


Zhao Xiaoxue was a little flustered and didn't know where to go. After hearing someone's order, she quickly did as she was told. She grabbed Bu Li's arm with one hand and silently thought, and soon, a wave of energy covered her entire body.

Under the effect of the power, Zhao Xiaoxue felt that her falling speed had slowed down. Although her speed had slowed down, her body was still falling. Soon, she fell into the forest and was about to fall to the ground.

But this time, Zhao Xiaoxue's luck wasn't good. There was actually a large stone facing her. If it fell on the ground, it would be fine, but if it landed on a large stone, it would be difficult for it to be fine!

"Yu Feng!"

At such a critical moment, Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't think of any other way besides calling out to Chu Yufeng. After all, it was Chu Yufeng who had just reminded her.

But this time, the violet figure didn't appear, and the boulder was right in front of him.

Ah!" I'm finished!

Zhao Xiaoxue simply didn't dare to imagine the scene of her head bleeding. But when her body hit the ground, the stone seemed to be softer than expected. Moreover, it was elastic, so Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't help but poke at it.

"Cough, cough!"

Just as Zhao Xiaoxue was about to poke the stone, the stone unexpectedly made a sound. Although it was only a light cough, it caused Zhao Xiaoxue to be surprised and happy. This voice belonged to no one but Chu Yufeng.

"Yu Feng, is that you?"

Yu Feng turning into a rock was truly unthinkable, but Zhao Xiaoxue believed her ears. While asking, she was also lying on the rock, attentively listening to his answer. However, after listening for a long time, she couldn't hear a sound.

"Sis …" Elder sister, you … Are you okay? "

With great difficulty, Zuo Jiang climbed to the big rock and saw that his big sister could still move. He felt relieved.

"I... I'm fine, Zuo Jiang, what's wrong with you? "

Seeing Zuo Jiang's face covered in blood, Zhao Xiaoxue was startled. She quickly jumped off the rock and examined it carefully. Only then did she discover that this guy's body was covered with wounds. His arms and legs were quite serious, and his head was still alright.

"Zuo Jiang, hold on a little longer, I'll treat your wounds right now!"

Previously, Zhao Xiaoxue didn't know how to use her Essence, but now she felt that it was very good to be able to heal wounds. Not only could it stop bleeding, it could also heal wounds.

"Big sister, don't worry about me. I'm much better now. Quickly go and see big brother Bu. Big brother Bu, he …"

Looking in the direction that Zuo Jiang pointed at, Zhao Xiaoxue saw that Bu Li was still lying on the ground. Her heart tightened and she quickly went up to him.

"Bu Li, Bu Li!"

After shouting a few times, Bu Li didn't react at all. Zhao Xiaoxue circulated her Essence to check on Bu Li's injuries again. However, what surprised her was that other than some minor bruises, Bu Li was fine.

This time, Zhao Xiaoxue was at a loss on how to proceed. Whether it was the use of elemental energy or modern surgery, it was useless at this moment.

"All signs of life are still intact, could it be that... You became a 'vegetable' again? Is it the same as before? "

She was obviously a medical student, but on the Spirit Continent, Zhao Xiaoxue found out that she knew too little. If she knew more, it would be great. Unfortunately, the idea of trying to cover things up was useless, at least not in the Confusion Forest.

Compared to a few days ago, she could no longer handle it calmly. Today was already the eighth day, and the sky was about to turn dark. Tomorrow was the ninth day, so there wasn't enough time.

Thinking of this, Zhao Xiaoxue turned around, hugged the big rock and hysterically shouted:

"Yu Feng, where are you? How far are we from here? I really …" I really don't know what to do anymore! "

As Zhao Xiaoxue spoke, she leaned her head against the big rock and carefully tried to feel it. Unfortunately, there was no response.

"Yu Feng, come out, we... We have no time! I will not be willing to die like this! "

Zhao Xiaoxue was in despair. Having lost her confidence in an instant, she felt an unprecedented sense of fear.

Wuu!" "Woo woo …

Zhao Xiaoxue shouted for a while, but there was no sound. The sudden cry attracted her attention. She turned around and saw that Zuo Jiang, who was leaning against a rock, was actually crying.

"Zuo Jiang, you … What are you crying for? "

Zhao Xiaoxue had always felt that this youth was very strong. Now that he was crying so helplessly, it made her heart ache.

"I... I don't want to die. If I die, what about my father and the people in the village? However, with big brother Bu dead and big sister going crazy, I … "Sob, sob …"

With that, Zuo Jiang cried even harder.


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