"If you can understand my words, then you are no ordinary human! No wonder you intentionally lured me here with your spirit fire! "

As the giant monster got closer, a loud sound started to ring around Zhao Xiaoxue's ears. So this was the original form of the 'earthquake'. The monster was actually moving.

"Should I lure you over? No... "No, you must be mistaken!"

Zhao Xiaoxue lowered her head and carefully looked at the torch. However, she found it strange. The torch was on the verge of death, but it was still burning. Taking advantage of the shaking on the ground, Zhao Xiaoxue picked up the torch again.

If she didn't run now, she was afraid she wouldn't have another chance. Even children knew that monsters were meant to eat humans, so she, as an adult, knew this very well.

"Humph, humans are really cunning, they like to quibble!"

Zhao Xiaoxue had just taken a step when the giant monster pounced on her. It felt a sharp pain from its waist, and its body was sent flying.

"Hmm? I didn't expect you to have such a treasure on you. Hand it over so that it doesn't break! "

The moment it came into contact with the human, the gigantic beast felt a strange flow of spiritual energy.

Zhao Xiaoxue was sent flying. Fortunately, the place where she fell was the soft ground, and it only hurt a little. She didn't suffer any serious injuries. She struggled to stand up, but found that the ferocious monster unexpectedly showed a fawning expression.

"Human, give me the item. If it breaks, that would be bad!"

Looking at the giant monster's outstretched hand, Zhao Xiaoxue suddenly felt that it was a bit funny, but at the most critical moment, she thought:

"Yeah, I do have a treasure on me. If I give it to you, can you let me go?"

Zhao Xiaoxue thought of a plan to delay the war. If possible, she still hoped that she could get the golden cicada out of its shell.

"Let you go? I need spiritual energy right now, how can I let you go? "

Hearing the monster's words, Zhao Xiaoxue was instantly speechless. This monster truly did not grow any intelligence. If it replied like this, could she still give it anything? However, there was nothing to give anyway!

"Then... "How about …"

Although the monster didn't have much intelligence, in order to survive, Zhao Xiaoxue didn't mind fighting with it again. However, before she could finish her sentence, the monster suddenly became restless. The rumbling sounds became louder and louder, could it be that it was going to attack again?

"Don't move! "Don't do it …"

Zhao Xiaoxue shouted as she prepared to defend herself. She hoped that she wouldn't fall too hard this time, or her life would really be lost.



The sound was ringing, but the beast didn't attack for a long time. Zhao Xiaoxue looked through her fingers and saw that the beast had already turned around. It looked like it was about to leave.

"Eh? Why did he just leave? "

Zhao Xiaoxue was puzzled. Just as she stood up, a white shadow flashed past her.

"Ah …"

Before the monster could react, one of its arms was cut off by the sword of the person who just arrived. Fresh blood flowed out and the scene was extremely tragic. The monster was in so much pain that it let out a strange cry.

"You … How could you be human? "

Monster looked at the incoming person in fear. Following the monster's gaze, Zhao Xiaoxue was able to clearly see the face of the approaching person. Her handsome face looked harmless, but her clear and cold gaze didn't reveal much. It was hard to imagine that this person had cut off one of the monster's arms just now.

"It's you!"

The person who gave her the torch just now, but at this moment, Zhao Xiaoxue no longer thought this person was a kind-hearted person. After all, she just found out from the monster that this person gave her a torch to attract this monster.

"Humans actually have such powerful spiritual energy!" How was this possible? This was impossible! This is absolutely impossible! "

It raised its only arm and began to exert its strength. Very quickly, the surrounding wind began to blow, and the ground began to churn. At this moment, Zhao Xiaoxue felt that she was like a small boat left in the middle of a wild wave, ready to be covered by the waves of sand and sand at any time.

So the monster was so fierce that he was in a sorry state. However, the man in white standing not too far away didn't seem to be affected at all. In fact, he didn't even seem to have moved.

'Bang! '

Zhao Xiaoxue was trying her best to stay awake, but a small stone flew over from an unknown place, causing her to lose consciousness in an instant.

The man in white glanced coldly at the woman who had fainted. The corners of his mouth curled up slightly. There were some things he didn't want others to see. He retracted his gaze and drew out his sword.

With the man as the center, strong gales began to blow from all directions, causing sand and rocks to fly everywhere. The attacks all flew towards the monsters, and the dense forest was slowly leveled to the ground.

Not long after, the monster in front of them could no longer resist, and its huge body collapsed with a loud bang. Before long, the monster in front of them could no longer resist, and its huge body collapsed with a loud bang.

After a night of busy work, the man finally collected the blood qi into a small white bottle. At this moment, the dark gray sky revealed the white color of fish. He put away the small white bottle, turned around and looked at the woman who was still lying not far away.

"A woman who can understand Level 4 Giant Spirit Monsters and doesn't have the slightest bit of spiritual force, it's really special!"

Just as the man was about to step forward, snow started to fall from the sky. Looking at the snow that was getting thicker and thicker, the man slightly raised the corner of his mouth.

"The timing is not bad. Refining the Giant Spirit Beast's blood essence in the snow is the best!"

After he finished speaking, the man sat cross-legged on the ground and started circulating his martial arts.


"So cold!"

Zhao Xiaoxue was so cold that she shrunk into a ball. When she opened her eyes, her surroundings were dazzling white.

"It's snowing!"

The moment Zhao Xiaoxue saw the snow, she felt extremely comfortable. She didn't even feel that cold anymore. She stood up, stretched out her palm, and gently played with the snowflakes. She immediately felt a warm feeling in her heart.

She was Xue'er's daughter, and when she was born, only Xue'er accompanied her. She did not know who her parents were, and just like that, she lay in the snow of the hospital, then was taken in by Principal Zhao. Her home was the hospital, and Xue'er was her mother.

Yesterday was her twenty-eighth birthday, but not only did she not have time to live, she was also so tired that she fainted at the door of the operation room. Even more ridiculous was that she came to such a strange world, not only was she being hunted, but she also saw the legendary monster and that …

"You're awake! How strange, your thin body didn't freeze to death in this world of ice and snow? "As expected of a treasure!"

This voice wasn't unfamiliar, it was something that Zhao Xiaoxue would never be able to forget. It was the terrifying man that could chop off the monster's arm in an instant.

Quickly turning around, she saw a white figure standing not too far away from her. Her handsome white face seemed even more ethereal against the white snow. Her long hair and snow-white robes looked very leisurely, but her pair of eyes that were deep like a lake made people feel afraid.

"You … Why is he still here? "

Although the other party's appearance was not bad, he was, after all, a very dangerous person. So why couldn't he just quietly leave when she was unconscious?

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