The Worryfree Courtyard was located in the west side of the Xue Manor. When Zhao Xiaoxue and the rest arrived, the sun had just set. The setting sun was reflected on the courtyard, giving it a mysterious atmosphere.

The precious herbs could not be seen outside the courtyard, and every room in the courtyard was beautifully decorated. The furnishings inside the house were orderly, even if the owner of the small courtyard was not there, there would still be people carefully cleaning the place every day. From this, it could be seen that the owner of the yard was not ordinary.

"Miss, this servant has prepared tea for you!"

"Miss, the room is warmer, why don't you let this servant take off the cloak for you?"

As soon as Zhao Xiaoxue entered the yard, five or six girls started to follow her around.

"Wait, you don't have to do this, I'm not your young miss!"

Since she had already revealed her identity, Zhao Xiaoxue felt that she should no longer take over Snow Flutter n 'Sway. In her heart, she was already planning her escape.

"But Miss …" "You are our Miss!"

They were maids that were specifically serving in the Worryfree Courtyard, and of course, they were carefully chosen by Master Xue. Previously, he thought that the Miss wouldn't remember them, so after a long time, she started to be lazy, and she wasn't really interested in the Miss, which was why the Miss had mysteriously disappeared.

After the Miss left, they found out that without her, the Worryfree Courtyard seemed to have lost their backbone, and could be dismissed at any time. Now that the Miss had returned, they were truly exceptionally happy.

"Oh!" This servant knows, so many days have passed, miss will definitely not remember this servant, it's alright, this servant's name is Purple Dawn! "

"Your servant's name is Autumn Blossom!"


With the purple cloud taking the lead, this kind of introduction started flowing in endlessly.

Hearing the names of these maidservants, Zhao Xiaoxue suddenly began to miss Qing He. Qing He was the first person she had seen in the Spirit Continent, and she had treated her so well. How was Qing He now? Although Big Bro also said he would send someone to look for him, there was no news of him at all.

Alright, since that's the case, after she leaves the Xue Residence, her first goal will be to find Qing He. Qing He is not bad and can be considered to be courageous and scheming.

"Miss! "This is the wedding uniform that the old master sent over!"

"A wedding dress?"

Not long after Zhao Xiaoxue entered the courtyard, her wedding dress was actually sent over. She didn't think that this place would be so efficient. She didn't even think about making people gasp for breath!

"Eh, it really is a wedding dress! Miss is getting married? "

How could she, a maid, ask this young lady such a question? It was just that this young lady's marriage was a big matter, but why had she never heard of this before? The moment the young lady returned, she sent over a wedding dress. The purple cloud began to imagine.

"Wow, the dress Miss likes is so beautiful. I'm sure the dress will look good!"

The little girl called Qiuju began to cry out. In fact, from a long time ago, the Miss' things were all so good. There was almost nothing bad about it, causing the group of girls in the room to be extremely envious.

Thus, even if Master Xue had taken a fancy to these girls' simplicity in the beginning, under the stimulation of this environment, their minds slowly began to change.

"I'm tired and I want to rest. Can you go out for a while?"

Zhao Xiaoxue was very polite. She couldn't order others to do so, but to be honest, she didn't like these girls. Although their words were calm, their expressions reflected their inner feelings.

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't like scheming, and she didn't like to guess what other people were thinking, so she chose to avoid them.

"But Miss, do you really not need to try on this wedding dress? "Just now, this servant heard that the wedding date was set to be three days later …"

"What?" Three days later? "

This news had once again provoked Zhao Xiaoxue, but she still hadn't figured out her escape route. How could she make it in three days?

"Miss, what's wrong?"

Violet Cloud asked, but Zhao Xiaoxue wasn't in the mood to answer. She just wanted to make room for her to think about how to get out of here.

"Miss! "Little..."

Zi Xia wanted to continue speaking, but Qiuju, who was standing by the side, tugged at the corner of her skirt, gesturing for her to leave.

"Miss, this servant will take his leave!"

Under the lead of Purple Dawn and Autumn Flower, the group of young girls left in a line.

"Autumn chrysanthemum, do you think the young miss did some improper things outside? That's why the old master is in such a hurry to marry her?" After all, the old master is such a precious lady, this marriage is a little too bizarre! "

Just as she left the house, Zi Xia couldn't help but mutter under her breath.

Who knows, Miss is just a fool, I'm afraid I can't even remember what she has done. Just now, I heard from the people in the front yard that the young lady is going to marry that sickly prince.

"After that year, wouldn't Miss be widowed? This is too pitiful! "

Although Zixia said it was pitiful, she sounded like she was watching a good show.

"Sigh!" So it turns out that the young miss of a rich family is even more pitiful than us maids! "

"Hee hee!" "Exactly!"

The two girls chatted and laughed as they left. They didn't even consider the existence of ears on the other side of the wall. Or perhaps, even if the young miss in the room heard them, she would forget that they didn't have any worries after a few days.

"Sick Prince? Widow? Oh my god! Will there be more deaths? "

When Zhao Xiaoxue thought about how that man said that he would accompany her in death, she really wanted to find someone to ask. However, these girls were obviously not to be trusted. Suddenly, she yearned for Qing He.

"Regardless of who it is, I definitely can't marry anyone. No matter who it is, I won't!"

Zhao Xiaoxue made up her mind, but just talking was not enough. The most urgent matter was to make a move, to draw a map first, and to draw a map, she needed to find a pen and paper.

After arriving in the small room, Zhao Xiaoxue found the pen and paper. She did not plan on asking anyone to grind the ink stone, even if she could do it by herself. Grinding the ink stone did not require a high level of skill, she only needed to be able to draw a map.

Holding the brush, Zhao Xiaoxue tried hard to recall the place she just passed, and then she thought of the distance between the two places and began to write.

Zhao Xiaoxue had been an artistic person since she was young. Dean Zhao was too busy, the doctors and nurses in the hospital were too busy saving people, no one cared about her, she just played with rocks on the ground, grew up a little, and drew by herself.

After half an hour of hard work, the map of the Xue Family outlined by Zhao Xiaoxue was released.

"We'll start our operation after the stamping has finished!"

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