On the west side of the Xue Manor's wall, a servant in gray clothing with a travel bag on his back fell from the wall in an extremely sorry state. The wall of the Xue Manor was very high, but the person seemed unharmed as he somersaulted and climbed to his feet.

"We're finally out!" That was close! "

Looking back at the tall wall, Zhao Xiaoxue felt a lingering fear in her heart. According to her calculations, this wall was around ten meters tall, and it would not be easy to find a rope that was ten meters long.

After all, she was' new here 'and couldn't find anyone to help her, so she could only use some scraps of cloth to piece together. It wasn't easy for her to be eight meters long.

Initially, he thought that being two meters tall wasn't a big deal. However, he didn't expect that he nearly sprained his ankle just now. Thinking of this, Zhao Xiaoxue lowered her head and looked at her ankle. Her face was full of joy:

"Thankfully I'm fine!"

Although she was out of the Xue Manor, it wasn't safe. It wouldn't be long before someone would discover that she was gone. Thus, she had to think of a way to leave as soon as possible.

Of course, Zhao Xiaoxue was also very prepared. Ever since she was recognized on the streets that day, she knew that this Xue Manor's young miss was quite famous. Thus, she was dressed as a servant, hoping that no one would notice her.

The Peak Restaurant was located in the northeast of the city. It was a famous wine house for scholars and scholars. Many scholars would choose to drink wine and write poems here, living a very carefree life.

"Brother Li, look! There are two little beggars downstairs watching us. Their eyes are like torches. They seem to be using this kind of silent protest to break through the darkness!"

The scholar leaning against the restaurant railing looked down at the two little beggars in the alley and suddenly felt something.

"Brother Zhang's words are wrong. They are the lowest class of people living in Andu. The downfall of their lives has numbed them. The reason they are looking at us like this is because of the broad bean in our hands!"

Hearing the man surnamed Li, the people on the side suddenly came to a realization:

"Brother Zhang is indeed observant. I believe so!"


Hearing the words of the two scholars next door, the young master dressed in brown in the box burst out in laughter.

"Lan Mo, what are you laughing at?"

Right at this moment, the private box's door suddenly opened and a handsome man wearing a purple robe walked in. When he saw the person, Lan Mo quickly stopped smiling and went up to greet him.

"Greetings, young master!"

"Lan Mo, for you to ask me to invite Young Master here, you can't be thinking of letting us see your rare smile, right?"

Lan Mo usually did not smile, and it was not easy to see him smile. The two people behind the purple-robed Young Master could not help but want to tease him.

When he heard the words of the person, Lan Mo glared viciously at him and said:

"Bai Yi, you seem to have become more daring. Even if you are the famous Master Bai, I, Lan Mo, am not afraid of you!"

Lan Mo became serious while Bai Yi quickly retracted his smile. Lan Mo was a person who would rather die than be bullied by him. Even if he didn't die, he would at least lose a layer of skin!

"Alright, Lan Mo, speak. How is the investigation going?"

When the Young Master opened his mouth to inquire, Lan Mo did not dare to slight him.

Young master, there's something wrong with the investigation. The golden pagoda of the Western Wu Country is indeed in trouble, so not only are there high level spirit beasts in the Qian Prefecture, there are even spirit beasts in the districts of the West Wu Country. Wu Wang is also extremely anxious, he has been sending Wu Leng around to deal with the high level spirit beasts. "" Young master, there's something wrong with the investigation, the golden pagoda of the Western Wu Country is indeed in trouble, so not only are there high level spirit beasts in the Qian Prefecture, but the city is also filled with spirit beasts.

"No wonder there was a Rank 4 Spirit Beast in Qian Zhou last time. It turned out that something went wrong with the Golden Tower of Wu Country!"

The problem with the pagoda was not a small matter. Bai Yi looked at his young master and said,

"Does Young Master have any plans?"

After pondering for a while, the Purple Robed Young Master said in a deep voice:

"Seems like I can only go to Wu Country to check on what happened! Other than the Wu Nation, I wonder how the Golden Pagodas of the other two countries are doing? "

The purple-robed young master was worried that something bad would happen to the pagoda.

"Alright, I will go to the other two countries to inquire about the situation in two days!"

Lan Mo is young master's clairvoyant, so, as long as young master wants to know something, he will do his best to gather information.

"Hmm? Why two days? "Don't you always leave when you have a goal? Previously, I couldn't even make you stay for one more day!"

Bai Yi seemed to have forgotten what Lan Mo said just now, and now he was teasing him again.

"Hmph, you're just surnamed Bai, you're not an idiot. How can you ask such a question?"

Lan Mo gave the other party a look of disdain.

"You … You black crow, who are you calling an idiot? "

Bai Yi was clearly angry.

"I've said it many times, don't call me Black Crow!"

Lan Mo began to get excited, and looked like he was about to start a fight.

"Alright, why are the two of you like this every time we meet. Since Lan Mo wants to stay and drink young master's wedding wine, then let's get along!"

Zhuo Fan was a good man, and always had to do this kind of mediating work. Although Zhuo Fan knew that these two would only cause a bit of a ruckus, there usually wouldn't be too many casualties.

"Young Master, are you really going to marry that Miss Xue? It's like eating a Blood Essence Pill for her, why would the young master want to marry her? "

Lan Mo was very familiar with Xue Yu's situation. Because of this, he felt that his young master's marriage to the Xue Clan's Miss was a hundred dangers without any benefits.

"This king and Miss Xue have an engagement, so it is only a matter of time before I marry her. In any case, this king doesn't have much time. It's also not bad to have a close female friend accompanying me through the remaining time!"

Thinking of Miss Xue, the Young Master broke into a smile.

"Young master is really willing!" "And here I thought it was the empress dowager who wanted to force young master to stay behind, so …"

When Lan Mo received the news, he was so shocked that he immediately rushed back. He previously thought that the empress dowager was forcing his son, but now it seemed that it wasn't the case. Moreover, looking at the young master's expression, Lan Mo felt that he had missed something.

"Actually, it wouldn't be bad if Miss Xue can give birth to a young master for him!"

Bai Yi had already gotten used to following the young master for so many years. If the young master suddenly left, they wouldn't be able to explain the unspeakable pain in their hearts.

"If it's the little gongzi's mother, then we have to take a good look at this Miss Xue and see if …"

"Quick!" "Hurry up and leave!"

Lan Mo did not finish his words when he heard the two familiar voices coming from the corridor outside.

"Brother Zhang, do you think people will find out? What if they find out that we did it?"

The scholar with the surname Li had a voice like a fly's. If it wasn't for the fact that the people in the room were all extraordinary, it would be very difficult to hear their voices.

"Brother Li, don't worry, we'll leave now. As long as you calm down, no one will notice us. Besides, he's just a little beggar, so no one will pursue him even if he dies!"

In fact, he was not sure if he would have been able to kill a beggar elsewhere, but it was hard to say whether or not the matter would have been covered up under the feet of the emperor of Anduo. Besides, there was a witness standing next to the beggar.

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