'Bang! '

Zhao Xiaoxue felt a pain on her waist, as if she had hit something. She turned around and saw a seven or eight-year-old boy sitting on the ground. He looked like he was about to cry, making her feel very guilty.

It was all because she was afraid that someone would chase after her along the way. She couldn't help but look back, but she didn't expect to bump into a little boy this time.

Zhao Xiaoxue quickly stepped forward and pulled the little boy's arms, asking with concern:

"Little friend, are you hurt?"

Zhao Xiaoxue carefully checked the little boy's condition. Aside from the fact that his clothes were a little dirty, she didn't see any wounds, and thinking about how the force of the collision was not too strong, the little boy shouldn't be in any serious danger. It was just that the other side kept silent, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Little friend, if you're not hurt, then I'm leaving!"

It wasn't that Zhao Xiaoxue wasn't willing to stay, but there would be people chasing after her at any time. She had no choice but to leave.

"Wah!" "Sob, sob …"

As soon as Zhao Xiaoxue stood up, the boy on the ground started crying, giving her a fright. He quickly squatted down again and carefully comforted her:

"Little friend, don't cry. Where are your injuries? You can tell me, I'm a doctor, I can treat your injuries …"

As soon as Zhao Xiaoxue finished her sentence, the crying voice on the other side suddenly stopped.

"Are you a doctor? Quick, follow me! "

The little boy flipped over and quickly stood up, pulling Zhao Xiaoxue along into the alley without saying a word.

"You … Where are you taking me? "

The little boy's actions were really weird. However, thinking that it was his fault first, he couldn't just let it go.

"Save my brother!"

In order to save him, the little boy mustered up his strength and dragged the 'doctor' behind him as he ran deeper into the alley.

"What happened to your brother?"

Although Zhao Xiaoxue was a doctor, doctors weren't omnipotent. Without understanding the situation, she wouldn't be able to save anyone.

"My brother is about to die!"

The little boy's words caused Zhao Xiaoxue to jump. She was actually going to save someone who was about to die. She couldn't afford to delay any longer and quickly ran in front of the little boy.

Seeing the 'doctor' '' s reaction, the little boy was slightly puzzled. However, Zhao Xiaoxue didn't have the time to explain to him, so he could only urge:

"Run!" Didn't you want to save them? "


The little boy nodded his head heavily and began to run.

On the mountain top, the purple-robed man and his group began to curiously head to the room next to the private room. Aside from some leftover dishes and wine, there was nothing else in the room.

"Young master, look!"

After all, they had mentioned the two little beggars earlier. Sure enough, at this moment a little beggar was lying on the ground, his expression was painful, his face was blue, he was breathing deeply and his black hands were constantly scratching his throat. It was just that his action of grabbing at his throat was getting slower and slower, and it looked like he was about to die soon.

"Not good, this person's breathing isn't smooth. I need to help with the acupuncture!"

Seeing that he couldn't save Zhuo Fan and didn't wait for the young master's approval, he pulled Bai Yi to the side and said:

"Bai Yi, quickly send me down to save them!"

Although Zhuo Fan was an elementalist, he didn't have any spiritual energy on him. This floor was too high, and jumping down wouldn't save him, but it would harm him instead.

Of course, he could also go down the stairs, but this alley was behind the mountain building and he needed to take a big detour around the street. It was an emergency right now, so if he was too late, he was afraid he wouldn't be able to save her.

"What are you so anxious about? Isn't there already a doctor over there?"

Bai Yi did not move. He only pointed at Zhuo Fan and looked down.

"It's her!"

Although she had changed, everyone upstairs knew her.

"Doctor, that's my brother in front!"

Zhao Xiaoxue's legs were a bit faster than the boy's. Even without the boy saying anything, she had already seen the person lying on the ground. She quickly stepped forward and upon closer inspection, her face immediately collapsed.

"My heart is beating very fast. I can't breathe. This is a blockage in the big airpipe!"

"Did your brother just eat something and get stuck?"

Hearing the 'doctor' ask, the little boy cried and said,

"When the beans fell from the sky, my brother and I opened our mouths to catch them. In the end, my brother …" It became like this! "

Hearing the little boy's words, Zhao Xiaoxue raised her head with a puzzled expression. It was just that the top was empty and nothing had fallen down.

"Come, little friend, help me pick up your brother. We'll pour out what's in his throat together!"

Even though the patient was only a ten-year old child, Zhao Xiaoxue put in a lot of effort and finally managed to flip him over. She picked at the boy's mouth while patting his back, but the boy's breathing didn't improve even after a long time.

"What about the doctor, my brother is still suffering!"

The boy was very anxious because the 'doctor' had once again flattened his brother. Could it be that he wanted to give up?

Seeing that the little boy was worried, Zhao Xiaoxue comforted him in a low voice,

"Little friend, right now, in order to save your brother, I need to perform a small operation. However, my technique cannot be spread out, so you need to have your back to the wall. Wait until I save your brother, then you can turn around, okay?"

The two brothers were deeply in love. This little boy might not be able to accept what she was about to do. If he tried to stop her, the little boy on the ground would be beyond saving.

"Alright, as long as you can save my brother, I'm willing to do anything. Doctor, you must save my brother!"

After saying that, the little boy obediently turned around.

Before she left, she didn't have many items with her, but she really didn't want to part with this dagger. She didn't expect that it would actually come in handy now, so after she unsheathed the dagger, Zhao Xiaoxue squatted on the ground and placed the dagger on the boy's neck.

"What is she doing? Do you want to help people get rid of them? "

If you held a knife to your neck, no one would think you were saving someone.

"If there really is something blocking my way, there really seems to be no other way other than choking to death!"

At the very least, this young miss had already done what she could just now, but it was still useless. Even Zhuo Fan didn't have a better way to save her.

"How can there be no solution? If my breathing gets stuck, all I have to do is take something out!"

It was rare for the violet-robed Young Master to speak, and he had to use that dagger again.

"Take it out? How is that possible? The structure of a person's throat is extremely complex, if one is not careful it will result in endless blood flow. Even if they take out the things inside, they cannot stop the bleeding.

When it comes to treating a patient, Zhuo does not recommend discussing it with anyone.

"Then you can make preparations. If you bleed a lot later, you can use that golden needle of yours to stop the bleeding!"

"But if it's a massive hemorrhage, my golden needle won't be effective either!"

Zhuo Fan felt somewhat helpless.

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