Along with the loud cheers from the altar, the fog around the blood pool gradually dispersed. There were originally quite a few people around the blood pool other than the Ghost Beast and Chu Yufeng.

The closest level to the blood pool was surrounded by eight stone pillars. Each pillar was tied to a person. Amongst these people, there were a few that Zhao Xiaoxue was familiar with.

"Hurry up and let This King go! "You bunch of thieves, if you ever land in this king's hands, I will definitely return today's humiliation to you a thousand times over!"

The person tied up in the middle was a handsome young master wearing a dark green robe. Zhao Xiaoxue thought that Bu Li was there.

However, the other party's manner of speaking and tone of voice were completely different from Bu Li's. It was similar to the 'bragging great king' he knew.

He was still that arrogant guy who did not see the situation and felt that his ability was limitless.

Indeed, after hearing his berating, Yun Zhan, who was standing on top of the sacrificial altar, disdainfully smiled:

"King Leng Yi, you may not be very clear about your current situation, but the pillar behind you is called Suo Ling Zhu. Not only can it lock onto your spiritual energy, it can also take your life, so do you think you will have the chance to do anything to us?"

The smile on Yun Zhan's face became even wider after he finished speaking. His smile was even more bewitching than before, which was already hard to distinguish between men and women. However, it made people feel even more terrified when they looked at him.

Thieves, demons, even if I, Wu Lengyi, want to become a ghost, I won't let you off, you guys …" "Ah …

Before Wu Chuang could finish his sentence, he felt a sharp pain in his arms and a warm liquid began to flow out from his arms. Very soon, the smell of blood filled the air.

It was blood, and his body was bleeding. Did these guys want to let his blood go?

Enduring the pain, Wu Leng desperately struggled with all his might. Unfortunately, no matter how he moved, his arms couldn't move at all. He obviously had a strong spiritual force in his body, but he was unable to circulate it right now.

"King Leng Yi, don't waste your energy. Once this formation is activated, not just anyone can escape. Look, this formation has intelligence, to actually let you lead the way, it's not bad. King Leng Yi, enjoy it!"

"You …"

Wu Shuang wanted to say something, but after the blood started to flow out, he was actually unable to make a sound. He could only open his mouth to roar for a long time without being able to utter a single word.

Compared to the arrogant and unbridled attitude of Wu Leng earlier, the current him was in an extremely sorry state. Standing on the high platform, Yun Zhan was instantly elated. He couldn't help but 'kindly' explain:

"Oh, King Leng Yi, this Yun has forgotten to tell you. Just now, that was the last words you said in your life. "Hahaha!"

Having said so, Yun Zhan suddenly burst out laughing, his laughter almost crazed.

"Villa Master Yun, what do you mean by tying me up like this? We... Isn't it together? "

The person who asked the question had a calm voice. He did not panic even if something unexpected happened, which made it impossible for Yun Zhan to shout. He turned around, stared at Chu Yujing who was tied to the stone pillar, and snorted coldly:

"Together? Prince Jing Yu, are you sure you're with us? "

Being questioned, Chu Yujing only smiled. He was obviously tied up, but there was still a smile on his face. It was truly admirable. He shook his head slightly and said:

"As expected, you do not deserve a companion. You can't even give me a bit of trust!"

"Trust? "Chu Yujing, why don't you prove your loyalty to me?"

A low, hoarse voice suddenly rang out, causing everyone to raise their eyes. When they saw the black robed, azure-red face on the stage and the pair of fierce eyes that seemed to come from hell, they immediately felt fear in their hearts.

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