"Could it be that you want treasures too?"

Although Zhao Xiaoxue didn't know what it was when she heard him mention the "Heavenly Treasure in your possession", but since he had said so, then she was sure he thought the same.

Looking at the woman staring at him vigilantly, the man in white slightly raised the corner of his mouth.

"I am interested in the treasure itself, but if you don't want to give it up, I won't force you!"

The man began to become courteous, a slight smile on his handsome face that made people feel very close to him. If it wasn't for the fact that they had seen his fierce and forceful side, it would be hard to imagine that this gentle and refined man would be a dangerous person who could cut off the arms of monsters without blinking an eye.

"I don't want to hide the truth from you, I don't have any treasures, and those words I said last night were all lies. If it's true that you won't force me, then please leave quickly!"

Zhao Xiaoxue believed that the more dangerous a person was, the more intelligent they would be. In front of a smart person, a small trick was practically courting death.

"Are you sure you want me to leave? Last night's Giant Spirit Monsters will not appear again, but after the snow, the wolves will be even harder to find! "

After saying that, the man started to look around, but out of the corner of his eyes, he secretly stared at the woman. He couldn't help but shrink his arms when he saw her, and a crafty smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

"Actually, I … I'm lost! "

Zhao Xiaoxue admitted that the wolves scared her. If it hadn't snowed, perhaps she would have been able to find a place to live by relying on the growth of the plants. But now, looking at the vast expanse of white all around her was really depressing.

"If lady is willing, I can lead the way!"

She hadn't forgotten that this man had used her to attract that monster last night, so she was sure that this man might be up to mischief again. Moreover, he let her lie in the snow last night without waking her up, so if she wasn't lucky, would she be alright now? Was he really someone to be trusted?

"You … Why did you help me? "

Zhao Xiaoxue clearly knew that the other party had an ulterior motive, and she was afraid that he wouldn't speak the truth. However, even if she wanted to ask, she also wanted to hear the other party's answer.

"This lady really knows what she's doing. Alright, helping you isn't unconditional either!"

"What condition?"

Zhao Xiaoxue's spirit was immediately lifted. Could it be that this person wanted to tell the truth?

"I need a servant girl to serve me during this period of time. If Miss agrees, I will lead you out of here safely. After three days, Miss can leave on her own!"

The man said, still standing where he was, his expression calm, as if his request was only natural.

"This servant …" A servant? You mean you want me to be your servant? How do I serve you? "

Yesterday, she was the daughter of a rich and powerful general, so why did she suddenly become a servant girl to a stranger? Although she wanted to reject the offer, another voice in her heart cried out. She had no choice but to accept this condition in order to not become a wolf's food.

"Does Miss not know what a servant girl should do?"

Looking at the woman's surprised and unable to refuse expression, the man suddenly felt that it was very interesting.

"Servant girl …" What should a servant girl do? Bring tea and water, and wash the clothes? "

In the past, besides studying to watch ancient costume dramas, she had always loved to watch ancient costume dramas. If she transmigrated to Han, Tang, and Mingqing, she had the confidence that she would be able to live a comfortable life. But now, she didn't even know what a servant girl was up to.

"Since you understand, does this mean that you've already agreed to it?"

If it were anyone else, a man might not have the patience, but towards this woman in front of him, he could continue to wait patiently. However, no matter what the other party chose, the final result would not change.

"Do you really not want me to do anything else?"

Zhao Xiaoxue carefully watched the man's expression change. If he showed any other intentions, she would have to face the danger of being eaten by a wolf and reject him.

"Does the girl want to do something else?"

The man asked her with a puzzled expression. His expression was sincere without the slightest trace of deceit.

"No …" "Don't think of anything!"

After being asked this question, it made Zhao Xiaoxue feel guilty, as if she wanted to have something, but after thinking about it carefully, her opponent was handsome and extraordinary, his ability was incomparably strong, and he definitely had a lot of beauties by his side. After all, no matter what era, this kind of person was the target of almost all the women, so how could such a man have his eyes on her?

"Let's go!"

Since they had already reached an agreement, the man didn't waste any more time and turned to leave.

Watching the man's back as he elegantly turned around, Zhao Xiaoxue had a bitter face. How could she sell herself out for no reason?

"He's a dangerous man!"

Zhao Xiaoxue reminded herself again in a low voice, but even so, her feet still started to obediently follow the man.

Along the way, the man in white kept his pace. He neither spoke nor turned his head.

On the other hand, Zhao Xiaoxue appeared to be in a very sorry state. The ground was covered by the snow, and the depth was very different. Her body would start to sway from time to time, and the white figure walking in front would get further and further away.

If they continued to be separated like this, did that mean she could break free from the man's control and slip away?

"Hmm? How can I stop? "

Zhao Xiaoxue was in the middle of planning to slip away, but she didn't expect that the originally steady white figure in front of her would actually stop. He just stood there like that. Even if she didn't turn around, she knew that she wouldn't have a chance to escape.

"Hu hu!"

It wasn't easy for them to close the distance between them and the man, but Zhao Xiaoxue was already panting from exhaustion. She didn't expect that this distance was all the way up the hill, but what was strange was, if they were to leave this place, shouldn't they go downhill? Why did he have to climb the hill instead?

"Why aren't you leaving?"

There was no need to think to know that this place was definitely not the finish line. This man was probably waiting for her.

"Waiting for you!"

The man's answer was as expected.

At a place where a man couldn't see, Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't help but roll her eyes. This man obviously didn't care, but he still intentionally coiled around her. Could it be that he couldn't be more generous and let her go? Why did he have to make her his servant?

"Alright, I'm here. Can we leave now?"

Since she had no way of escaping, she could only accept her fate. Fortunately, not much time had passed and three days would pass quickly. She would definitely be able to survive.

She was a modern person and didn't have much of a sense of superiority. Even if she became the servant of someone else, she didn't think that their relationship would be that different.

"Hey, you can't go forward!"

As soon as Zhao Xiaoxue stepped forward, the man behind her started to stop her.

"Why? Just because I am your servant, I cannot walk in front of you? "

Zhao Xiaoxue wanted to remind him not to forget that she had only been a maid for three days. She would not turn into a servant and treat him with respect.

"Because in front of us is a cliff!"

The man replied calmly.

What?" "Ah …

Just as Zhao Xiaoxue reacted, she felt her feet slip and her body plummet to the ground.

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