Looking at the festering white arm, Zhao Xiaoxue was instantly stunned. Although she knew that the person next to her was the sickly King Crake, she had never thought that he would have festering places on his body. At this moment, Zhao Xiaoxue was holding the other's arm without knowing whether to tighten it or to tighten it.

Just as Zhao Xiaoxue was hesitating, her arm slipped out of her control. But even though her arm had already been taken away, Zhao Xiaoxue was still staring blankly at her hands under her head, unable to recover for a long time.

"After the ceremony!"

The scene was a bit awkward, but the empress dowager definitely wouldn't allow this awkward atmosphere to continue. She shot a glance at the etiquette master, who immediately understood.

"The bride and groom will enter the bridal chamber!"

After what happened just now, Zhao Xiaoxue was suddenly immune to the etiquette master's voice. She actually stopped doing as she was told and stood blankly on the spot. Through the top of her head, she saw a figure being helped up.

He was indeed ill. If his illness had already caused his body to fester, then the disease would have already reached its terminal stage. Could it be cancer?

"Miss Xue, let's go!"

The wedding lady's voice sounded from beside Zhao Xiaoxue. Even though they had never met, Zhao Xiaoxue seemed to have no better plans than to listen to the wedding lady's arrangements.

Seeing the bride start to move, the empress dowager heaved a sigh of relief. At first she didn't want to pay any attention to this willful Miss Xue, but when she saw the empress dowager's gloomy face, she felt guilty.

Finally, she looked around and found that there wasn't even a girl in any other place other than the empress dowager's servant girl. If she didn't act now, she'd have to wait for punishment later.

When they walked out of the hall, the bride continued to support the bride as they walked forward. The hall was filled with people chattering nonstop. Now, other than the huge mansion, there was no one else.

It was one thing if he hadn't seen the girl before, but now he didn't even see a few servants. Other than the two servants carrying the things behind him, there was only one person leading the way.

When she thought back to the Xue Clan, where a large group of people had welcomed the bridal attendants when they entered the gate, and the Xue Clan's young miss being surrounded by three layers of maidservants, the wedding lady immediately felt depressed. She even felt wronged for this young miss of the Xue Clan, and could not help but say in a low voice:

"Miss Xue, it's not that Niang Niang is blabbering. You didn't allow me to marry the girl when you went out, but look now, there aren't many people in this palace. There aren't even any maids waiting on you, so tell me how you're going to live in the future? Who will take care of you? "

The Empress was truly worried for this young lady. After all, the lives of wealthy families were not that simple.

"I will take care of myself!"

It wasn't that Zhao Xiaoxue was stubborn, it was just that she was not used to being served. It was just a matter of food and shelter. As a modern person, she couldn't be separated from her maidservants. Wasn't this laughable?

"You … "Oh you, you …"

The wedding lady didn't know what to say to her.

"Forget it, I followed him here. I've also received Master Xue's wedding money, so I can't really leave you alone. I'll go find someone for you!"

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't understand the wedding's words, but she quickly found out what it was that the wedding lady was planning to do.

"That little brother, I would like to ask if there are maids serving the wangfei in the mansion."

After hearing the Empress's question, the young man standing in front of her stared blankly at the bride behind him. After thinking for a moment, he said,

"Why didn't the Royal Concubine bring the Xue Clan girls over?"

"This... I didn't bring it with me! "

Lady Xi never thought that a servant of the Prince's Mansion would be so rude to her. This servant was their mistress after all, yet she dared to interrogate him as to why he didn't bring a servant girl with him.

"But the Duke's Mansion doesn't have any additional female servants sent over to serve the wangfei! Should I leave a letter and send someone to the Xue Manor later to pick up Princess Wangfei's servant girl? "

The young man looked like he was discussing something with someone, but the wedding lady couldn't help but wink at his words.

"This... Could it be that the prince's residence couldn't assign a servant girl to serve the wangfei? This was a wangfei! How can you all treat your wangfei like this? "

Although the wedding maiden disliked this unruly and headstrong young lady, she had never thought of making her suffer such grievances. Therefore, she argued rationally:

"I'm not telling you. Go find a steward to come over here. I refuse to believe that no one in such a large estate would care for an imperial concubine!"

"Which manager should I look for? Your highness is currently entertaining the guests, I'm afraid you don't have the time right now! "

The little brother analyzed very seriously.

"Who said we need to find the prince? This kind of thing can be settled by the steward in the manor!"

How could she go to the prince for this sort of thing? Although the prince had to entertain the guests, seeing him fall just now, he probably was lying down somewhere to recuperate, not daring to disturb him.

"I am sorry, but I am the steward of the Palace of Hua-Yang, Qiu Chao!"

"What?" "Are you the butler?"

At this moment, the Empress was truly speechless. She had not expected that the dignified steward of the Duke's Mansion would actually wear the clothes of a manservant.

"Yes!" I am indeed the steward of the palace, and have the trust of the prince to take care of the affairs of the mansion. I will remember the words that the wedding nanny said just now, if the royal concubine really wants a new servant girl, then I will look for her outside after this period of time! "

The dignified steward of the Duke's Mansion spoke in such a manner, so it was impossible for the Empress to say anything else.

"Then who will serve the wangfei in the next two days?"

This question was very important. If she could not help him find a servant girl, then the Empress really could not go back and explain it to Master Xue.

"Sis, aren't you accompanying the wangfei? "If you're not busy, then stay in the Prince's Mansion for two more days!"


The wedding lady was astonished, but Qiu seemed to have turned a deaf ear. He turned around and continued to lead the way.

"How preposterous! [The grand wangfei actually doesn't have any maidservants. Butler Qiu is a real talent. He actually started to command me …]

Zhao Xiaoxue was helped into the room and sat on the edge of the bed. The nagging of the wedding nanny constantly rang in her ears.

"No!" I have to talk to him again! "

As soon as she finished speaking, there was a loud smack and the wedding lady rushed out.

When the wedding lady left, Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't help but move her body and even stretched for a long time. Now that there was finally no one around, she carefully lifted the hood.

"Wow, this room is so big!"

Although the room was very big, the things in the room seemed very sparse and empty. If it wasn't for the ivory bed and a few pieces of red silk, no one would think that this was the new room.

"I wonder how he is doing now?"

Thinking again about the wound on the Prince's hand, Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't help but worry. No wonder he only had one year to live, he was already so serious.

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