The moment she fell, Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't help but look down. The bottomless abyss made her feel as if death was right beside her.

"God, I'm innocent!"

Even if she died, she would complain to the heavens. She didn't do anything bad, and was instead a doctor who saved countless lives. Why did the heavens want to take her life so quickly?


At first, she could still use her head to think, but when the fear that her body was rapidly falling filled her entire body, she could only open her mouth to scream.

"Stop screaming!"

In the midst of this rapid exercise, Zhao Xiaoxue actually heard the man's voice. She opened her eyes with great difficulty, and when she saw that the man was right beside her, she didn't know what to do other than open her mouth and glare.

Looking at the woman in front of him who had a blank expression on her face, the man laughed sinisterly.

"With me here, you won't die!"

The man's voice was not loud, and even his tone was as calm as before. However, his words were viciously smashed into Zhao Xiaoxue's head, causing an unceasing echo in her mind.

Everything happened so suddenly that Zhao Xiaoxue had no idea how she managed to escape from the cliff, but the only thing she could feel was that the man was carrying her while flying. Yes, this was the first time she was able to fly in the sky like a little bird.

"Wah!" I really am flying! "

Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't help but shout in the sky. The feeling of having her life saved from the gates of hell was surging to the extreme. If she didn't vent it out now, she would have felt as if her chest was about to explode.

"Aren't you afraid of falling off if you move around like this …"

The man was suddenly curious about the woman beside him. Her crying didn't seem to be fake, and her smile touched his heart. This woman had an average appearance, so even though he didn't count as having seen the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, when he saw her ecstatic smile, he was attracted to her, causing him to be unable to open his eyes.

"Don't let go!"

Zhao Xiaoxue's reaction to the man's warning was out of the man's expectation. She turned around and tightly hugged the man's waist. It was not easy to save her life, so she had to be careful this time.

"You … "Alright, I won't let go!"

Obviously, this woman's behavior was no different from those cowardly villains. Normally, men would look down on people like this and ruthlessly shake them off. However, this time, he only found it funny and didn't think of pushing them away.

Just like that, in order to preserve her life, Zhao Xiaoxue had hugged the man and never let go of him again. Furthermore, this man had a faint plum blossom fragrance on his body, which was especially pleasing to the eyes.

"Miss, we're here. You can let go now!"

The man frowned slightly as he looked at the woman who was still hugging him tightly. However, the woman didn't seem to have any reaction, and continued to lean against his side with her eyes closed.

"Young master, who is this lady?"

Qin Shuang was shocked to see such a bizarre scene in front of her. There was actually a girl who was hugging her young master like this?

What was even more unbelievable was that the young master did not cut off the girl's arm instantly. It was a miracle.


She had naturally heard what the man had said, but for the sake of insurance, she absolutely couldn't let go of him easily. However, before she could react, she heard a surprised female voice from nearby, opening her eyes in curiosity.

Soon enough, a beautiful woman wearing a royal blue dress appeared in front of him. She had an oval face and a pair of large eyes that were filled with spirit.

"Wow, what beautiful eyes!"

Seeing beauties, she would never be stingy with her praises. Everyone loved beauty, and she liked both beauties and handsome men.

"You can see my eyes?"

In the face of such praise, the beautiful woman didn't seem happy at all. On the contrary, she was surprised.

"Your eyes are still fine. Why can't I see them?"

This strange question caused Zhao Xiaoxue's heart to pound. The beauty's eyes didn't look like there was a problem, and her eyesight had always been good. Why did the other party ask such a strange question?

"Young master..." 'This lady … She is … '

Qin Shuang was now certain that the other party could really see her eyes. Such a discovery left her baffled.

"This lady is now my servant girl!"

He glanced at the woman who was blinking. She looked confused, but he had no intention of answering her question because he had no obligation to do so.

"A servant girl?"

Qin Shuang understood in an instant. Then, she beamed with joy.

"Congratulations, Young Master Xi!"

Qin Shuang's man of joy did not mind. He did not need to explain his plan to anyone.

However, Zhao Xiaoxue, who was listening on the side, felt her mind was in a mess. She was a top grade student, and her brain was flexible enough. How come she felt like her brain had turned into tofu and was extremely useless!

She didn't understand what they were talking about, so she just ignored them and turned her eyes to observe her surroundings. It turned out to be a ten-square-meter wooden house. Its structure was very similar to the one she had seen when she woke up.

If she was not mistaken, this was probably a guest room of this era. She felt a chill behind her as she looked back, only to find that the window was wide open. It was not hard to guess that this man had flown her in through the window just now.

"Alright, I don't have much time. Qin Shuang, take this lady to wash up. I'll have her accompany me with the rest of the schedule!"

The man walked straight ahead.

"Yes!" Young Master! "

Qin Shuang would never disobey her young master's orders.

"Hmm? You're leaving just like that? "

Looking at the man's leaving figure, Zhao Xiaoxue quickly chased after him. She originally wanted to talk to him, but even if they became master and servant relationships, they would definitely have to agree on three rules, or sign some sort of contract to avoid unnecessary trouble. Even a verbal agreement was fine!

"What is it? Do you also want me around when you wash up? "

The man turned around and saw the woman chasing after him. The corners of his mouth curled up, as if he really wanted to accompany the woman.

"No …" "No, I just want to …"

It was clearly a teasing remark, but the man's gaze was extremely serious, causing her steps, which she had gone through great difficulty to take a step forward, to start retreating again.

"Don't worry, the water in the wooden barrel isn't very deep. You won't drown to death!"

After saying so, the man smiled contemptuously.

"You … I'm not worried about that! "

It was obvious that this man had labeled her as someone who was afraid of death, but there was no other way.

"Then what are you worried about?"

To this woman, the man had an unexpected good temper. He knew that time was short, but he still gave her plenty of time.

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