"Why did you keep me here?"

As long as he avoided those people who wanted to capture her, he should be able to live a good life. After all, she also had the skills, so it shouldn't be difficult for her to support him. Even if he came to an unfamiliar world, she should understand and treat it as a holiday trip for him!

"As I said before, I need a servant girl!"

The man's amiable expression began to turn cold.

"I don't think you lack a servant girl!"

The beauties by his side were the best witnesses. With such a beauty that was as beautiful as a flower and as obedient, why did he have to go overboard?

"Is that so? If you don't want to be a servant, you can change your job to a maid who serves you! "

After saying that, the corner of the man's eyes slightly narrowed as he stared at her. His eyes, which were as dangerous as deep pools of water, seemed to be able to swallow her in an instant.

Seeing that the woman was frightened, the man quickly restrained his expression, and a slight smile emerged on his face.

"Hur hur, actually, the treatment of having to serve me isn't bad. You can seriously consider it!"

With that, the man turned around and left without another word.

"Hey …"

Seeing the man's back as he left, Zhao Xiaoxue's voice became weaker. That man's eyes were too terrifying, and even now, her heart still palpitated in fear.


Zhao Xiaoxue was completely scared by the man's aura just now, so she didn't pay any attention to his words. Now that she thought about it, she felt a burning sensation on her cheeks, making her, a modern man, serve him. It felt so funny, especially when he was a handsome man.

"No wonder this lady is so special. So this lady is someone that young master likes!"

This was the first time Qin Shuang saw her young master having someone serve him. For such an unprecedented event to happen to this lady, it could be seen that her identity was not ordinary.

"I'm special? He likes me? "

Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't understand the logic behind the large-eyed beauty at the side, but when it came to special situations, she should be considered a special existence in this world.

"Miss, this is a bathtub. This is a set of clothes for you. This is a cloth for cleaning your body, and this …"

Zhao Xiaoxue was led to a small room, where a large wooden bucket had already been set up and half filled with water. Beside it, there was a wooden rack with a beautiful woman with large eyes who introduced the items one by one.

"Please bathe and change your clothes. Qin Shuang will take her leave first!"

As Qin Shuang spoke, she stood up and retreated.

Since she was already here, she might as well rest. Having exhausted herself for the entire day, it was good to have a warm bath. However, it was only for three days.

When she was in the snow, she didn't take a careful look. However, when she looked down, she realized that her entire body was dirty. When she thought back to how tightly she had held onto that clean white robe, she suddenly felt guilty.

She quickly took off her dirty clothes. Although she didn't believe that the little girl Qing He would lie to her, she, a rich and powerful young lady, actually didn't have a single piece of jewelry on her body.

"Look, not only treasures, there isn't even anything of value!"

Zhao Xiaoxue patted her arm in self-mockery. Seeing the actions of the girl in the house, the dark blue figure hidden in the dark pursed his lips into a smile, then quietly retreated to report to the Young Master.

"Eh? "What is this?"

Bathed in the bathtub, Zhao Xiaoxue curiously stared at the thin red line on her left wrist. Without mentioning it, this red line was really thin, like a hair, because her arm was too dirty before, she didn't even notice it.

"Could this red line be a protective talisman of this world?"

In fact, when she was young, she saw some classmates wearing red ropes on their wrists, saying that they gave them to her parents. At that time, she was especially envious of them; she even made herself a red rope and wore it for a while.

She carefully looked at the red rope. Although it was very thin, it looked very sturdy and seemed to have some elasticity. For some reason, when she looked at the red rope, she felt very warm.

"Miss, have you finished washing?"

Soaking in the hot water was too comfortable. Zhao Xiaoxue almost fell asleep. She could vaguely hear someone talking.

"Miss, please let Qin Shuang help you change!"

Qin Shuang appeared very respectful, but her actions were very domineering. Regardless of whether Zhao Xiaoxue was willing or not, she forcefully pulled her out of the bath barrel because she knew very well that she could not keep delaying like this.

"No …" No need! I can do it myself! "

Zhao Xiaoxue did not care about Qin Shuang's overbearing attitude. After all, she overslept. Even though she was a modern person, she still felt awkward being seen naked like this.

After snatching the clothes from Qin Shuang's hands, Zhao Xiaoxue began to torment herself. Not long after, she complained in her heart. There were quite a few straps on these clothes, and they were so long that she had no idea how to use them.

"Miss, please let me help you!"

In the Southern Chu Country, regardless of whether it was the commoners or the ladies of the officials, they were all very concerned about their own clothes. Even if they were often served by others, the girls would definitely know how to dress, but the lady in front of them did not.

"Hur hur, sorry to trouble you!"

Zhao Xiaoxue was extremely embarrassed. A smart person like her could wear clothes by herself when she was three years old, but she was already so old, yet she could no longer wear clothes. She could only say that these clothes were too complicated.

"You are being too courteous, young lady!"

Qin Shuang was clever and nimble, seeing her sway a few times in front of him. She did not expect that the complicated and complicated clothes she wore just a moment ago were already on her.

"Wow, how amazing!"

It was indeed as though they were all of the same species. There was such a powerful man among them, and the people serving by his side were also this powerful.

"Puchi!" Miss, it's a little hard for you to accept this kind of praise from Qin Shuang! "

This girl was indeed special.

"I can take it!" He could take it! I will have to trouble Miss Qin Shuang to take care of me in the future.

Zhao Xiaoxue began to feel worried for her future. She originally wanted to pour tea and wash the clothes, but now without someone to guide her, it would be difficult for her to do so.

"You're too courteous miss, but I'm afraid Qin Shuang won't have the fortune to follow you!"

Qin Shuang liked to talk to girls, but she knew her identity. Thinking about it, the smile on Qin Shuang's face slowly disappeared.

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