Inside the carriage, Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't control her voice as she followed the carriage up the mountain. Her body floated up and down like a rootless duckweed.

"I don't think it was that exaggerated last time!"

While the carriage was still moving, Zhao Xiaoxue revealed the doubts in her heart.

"That's because you were at the foot of the mountain before. Now that the carriage is halfway up the mountain, it's almost full of winding paths. Of course, it's not going to be easy!"

If Chu Yufeng didn't use his spiritual power, his body wouldn't be much better off than the women at the side, much less the others.

"You knew? "Then why don't you …"

Zhao Xiaoxue stopped halfway through her sentence.

Seeing the woman's hesitation, the man smiled and said,

"Are you blaming This King for not reminding you?" "Alright, it's still too late to turn back then!"

Chu Yufeng wasn't joking. As soon as he finished speaking, he started shouting:

"Someone …"

The man had just opened his mouth when Zhao Xiaoxue quickly rushed over with a strange expression on her face as she covered his mouth:

"Alright, we're already halfway up the mountain. Stop tormenting yourself!"

Just as Zhao Xiaoxue finished speaking, the carriage shook once again. Her body swayed again, but this time she was quick. She released the hand that was covering her lips and hugged her.

Sure enough, this man had a strong willpower and his body couldn't sway. At this moment, Zhao Xiaoxue was regretting that she didn't discover him earlier, which caused her to bump into him. She didn't know how many wounds she had suffered.

"You … "Do you always like to hug others like this?"

He didn't know when it started, but the woman's proximity, touch, and touch didn't make him feel any disgust at all, but instead felt very warm. It couldn't be that he actually didn't reject other people's proximity, or because he knew that his life wasn't long, he began to covet and love that mysterious fish.

"Carry the others? It seems like I've carried a lot of people with me! "

Zhao Xiaoxue answered honestly.

"Is that so? Who are they? "

The woman didn't realize that the man's aura had become unstable. So this woman was actually so casual. He was very angry, but he didn't reject such a woman with such a loose personality. This was simply humiliating for him.

"Some are children, some are patients. There's no helping it, they all need my help, so when the time comes, they have to make a move!"

Don't even mention holding her, she even needed to do artificial respiration when necessary. However, this was all for the sake of saving others, as she was afraid that men wouldn't be able to accept artificial respiration. Thus, Zhao Xiaoxue didn't want to talk too much about it.

"Then why are you hugging This King now..."

The man's expression relaxed slightly.

"It's to get you to help me! "To be honest, I've never met anyone as pitiful as you in my life. I always need your help!"

Hearing the woman's explanation, the man's mood improved a lot. With a smile, he said,

"Aren't you afraid that you'll get used to it if you try too many times?"

"I'm already used to it!"

Another wave of shaking came from the carriage. Zhao Xiaoxue exerted more strength in her arms, it seemed like staying by this man's side was the safest.

"Habit? What a good habit! Could it be that This King is already used to it? "

The more time he spent with this woman, the more reluctant he felt in his heart. Perhaps, he had really gotten used to it.

Ever since Zhao Xiaoxue hugged the man beside her, she no longer had the intention to let go. At least, before leaving Mount Pan, she would not let go. As expected, hugging the man's body became more stable, no longer shaking.

"Hey!" Come and help! Come and help! "

Just as Zhao Xiaoxue closed her eyes, she heard a burst of urgent cries for help.

"This is Little Xun's voice, what happened?"

Zhao Xiaoxue opened her eyes and saw that the man was frowning. Her calm expression revealed that the man did not understand this matter.

"We'll know after we go out and take a look!"

After saying that, the man started to move. At this moment, Zhao Xiaoxue realized that the carriage had stopped unknowingly. She was worried for Xiao Xun's safety. Zhao Xiaoxue hurriedly followed the man and got out of the carriage.

He saw that not far away, Guan Xiaoru, who was wearing men's attire, was helping an injured young man walk towards him. As she walked, she called out for help.

"Xiao Xun, what's wrong with this person? Quickly put him down! "

Zhao Xiaoxue quickly jumped off the car because she found that the length of the man supported by Xiao Xun was different. Obviously, he was either dislocated or fractured, so she had to check him immediately.

Seeing the young lady walk forward, Zhao Xiaoxue obediently put the person down and then somewhat anxiously said:

"This servant originally wanted to look for ingredients, but I did not expect to meet this injured person on the road ahead!" Just a moment ago, you were shouting so loudly, but now, you've already fainted? "

Hearing Guan Xiaoxue's words, Zhao Xiaoxue directly answered:

"It's obvious that he fainted from the pain. His knee was injured, but luckily it wasn't a fracture. It was just dislocated!"

Hearing Miss Xiaoxue's words, Luo Ze and the other guards also came forward. Although they all had spiritual energy, they were not doctors.

"I have tried to connect the wrist and ankle of a patient with a sprained ankle, but the knee is broken, how should I connect it?"

Luo Ze didn't dare to make a move.

"How about we send him to the front of the Sand River town or to the army camp? Only doctors would be able to cure him!"

The other guards began to make suggestions.

"No!" After a while, this person's knees will be very difficult to reset! "

This person had just been injured, so his ligaments were still relatively loose. When there was no anesthetic, he could be healed, but when his ligaments were restored, no one would be able to pull the ligaments out of his knee. Therefore, he had to make the best use of his time.

"Miss Xiao Xue, how did you know? Are you a doctor? "

In the Spirit Continent, there were very few women who were doctors, so everyone felt it was very strange.

"He can be considered a doctor, so everyone listen to me …"

Before Zhao Xiaoxue could finish her sentence, she had already started to turn around to look for someone. When she saw the man in purple standing behind her, a faint smile appeared on her face:

"Can you help me?"

The man couldn't reject the woman in front of him, especially when she had such an enchanting smile.

"What do you want This King to do?"

With the consent of the man, Zhao Xiaoxue began to instruct:

"This person's knee joints have been dislocated. To help him recover, he needs a lot of strength!"

Although Zhao Xiaoxue knew the method, her power was limited.

"You two, hold him down! You can't move his body, Guard Luo, I'll have to trouble you to fix his thigh, and then, your majesty the Southern King, you'll need to use your strength to help me restore him! "

After making the arrangements, Zhao Xiaoxue had everyone start to move.

"Miss, why don't you let this servant help you? This servant's strength is quite great, the Southern King …" His body might not be able to do it! "

Everyone knew that the Southern King's body was weak. If something were to happen to her accidentally, then Miss Xiaoxue would be in big trouble.

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