"Young master, we have arrived at Sand River Town!"

The horse carriage finally stopped and Luo Ze reported from outside.

"Since we're here, let's get out of the car!"

He had heard that without a doctor, if the wounds were not cleaned up in time, the consequences of infection would be unimaginable. The main problem was that there were no antibiotics here, so even though it was just a small trauma, Zhao Xiaoxue did not know how many injuries there would be.

Picking up the curtains, he saw that the surrounding grass was long. The horse carriage had stopped on a relatively wide and stony road.

"This is Sand River Town?"

It wasn't the first time that Zhao Xiaoxue had come to the Spirit Continent, especially when her father had brought her slowly back to the city from the Qian Prefecture. Along the way, they had passed by many small and large towns, but none of them had such a desolate appearance.

No matter what, it was still called Sand River Town, it should have a lot of people staying there, but how come there was no one like this, not even a house?

"That's right!" This was Sand River Town. After passing through the stone arch, they would reach the district of the town. The villagers were all there, so perhaps they were scared by the bandits and were scared by the sight of the horses. I hope that everyone can leave the horses outside the town! "

Tie Hu stepped forward and patiently explained.

"Oh!" So this was just outside the town! No wonder! "But if the horses can't get in, then now …"

On the other hand, Zhao Xiaoxue didn't care. The shaking carriage already made her uncomfortable, so it wasn't a big deal to get off and walk around. She just didn't know if the man behind her would agree or not.

Chu Yufeng met the woman's gaze and slightly frowned. He slowly walked a few steps forward before his gaze landed on the stone arch in front of him.

"Young master, this stone tablet has been erected outside of our town for who knows how many years. Every year, the mayor will take a group of children to touch it. "Look!"

Tie Hu seemed to be particularly interested in introducing this stone arch, and he even wanted to take the test in public.

However, Zhao Xiaoxue wholeheartedly wanted to treat her patients, so she wasn't really interested. She just hoped that after Tie Hu was introduced, she could bring them into the town as soon as possible.

Tie Hu didn't care whether these people were interested or not. He quickly ran to the stone monument, rubbed his hands together, and carefully put his palms on it.

"Look! It has changed color! "

Hearing Tie Hu's voice, Zhao Xiaoxue finally turned to look at the stone arch opposite her. Other than that, there was nothing much, only that around Tie Hu's palm, the originally pale white stone had actually gradually turned pale yellow. Although the area wasn't very large, Zhao Xiaoxue's eyesight was still quite good.

"Eh? It really changed its color! "

Zhao Xiaoxue was curious, so she quickly stepped forward.

Seeing the Godly Doctor walk over, Tie Hu quickly let go of his hand and said with a passionate face:

"Why don't you give it a try, female Godly Doctor?"

Tie Hu's words stirred Zhao Xiaoxue up.

"Can you try?"

"Of course … "Of course you can!"

Tie Hu suddenly became nervous, his voice trembling.

Seeing Tie Hu like this, Zhao Xiaoxue started to hesitate. Perhaps, she should ask one of her friends. The moment Zhao Xiaoxue turned around, Guan Xiaoxue quickly ran over, looked at the stone pillar in front of her, and whispered,

"Young lady, this pillar looks a little like a testing stone! This servant has seen it before when I joined the army! "

Guan Xiao Xun had not only seen it, she had even tested it.

"What is a spirit stone?"

This was Zhao Xiaoxue's first time hearing this strange name.

"Miss, you're following by His Highness's side, yet you don't know what a testing stone is?"

Guan Xiao Xun really wanted to know what kind of person her master was, how could she not even know how to measure the spirit stones.

"Don't you know that the testing of spirit stones is very strange?" There are a lot of things I don't know! "

Zhao Xiaoxue was not exaggerating because this was the truth.

Seeing the Godly Doctor and the young man stick together and whispering, Tie Hu felt that the Godly Doctor and that purple-robed gongzi had quite a deep relationship. He didn't expect the Godly Doctor to behave in such a disrespectful manner.

"Cough cough!" Female Divine Doctor, please give it a try! "

At this rate of delay, Tie Hu became very anxious.

"That's right!" Let's have a try, young lady. What's the color of your Spiritual Energy? "

Guan Xiao Xun's face was full of anticipation.

Everyone was watching and Zhao Xiaoxue was also curious. She took a step forward and stretched out her palms, mimicking that person's actions. She then placed her palms on the pillar.

The pillar was somewhat cold, and Zhao Xiaoxue felt it very seriously. However, other than the cold, it didn't seem to have any other feeling. Moreover, the stone pillar around her hand didn't show any other color.

"No color?"

Tie Hu was somewhat surprised.

"Hehe, it really has no color!"

Zhao Xiaoxue carefully examined the surroundings of her palm. There really was no change in color. Although she didn't understand what was going on, she could see that the others' expressions were both shocked and disappointed.

"Xiao Xun, go try it out!"

Zhao Xiaoxue wanted to see what would happen to the rest of them except for Tie Hu.

"Yes sir!"

She stretched out her hand and placed it on the pillar. Soon, the pillar changed again and the pillar surrounding Guan Xiao Xun's hand became yellow, deeper than the color of Tie Hu.

"Xiao Xun, why did your palm turn yellow?"

This was too amazing! Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't help asking.

"Because I am a first grade Spiritual Energy user!"

On the other hand, Guan Xiao Xun agreed straightforwardly. Plus, there was nothing to hide, after all, everyone in the army had a Rank 1 Spiritual Energy. This was a must!

"A first rank Spiritual Qi Cultivator!" That... "What level of Spiritual Energy are you at?"

After Zhao Xiaoxue finished speaking, she turned around. She wasn't stupid, she more or less understood some of the reasoning behind this. So right now, she really wanted to verify just what level this powerful man's spiritual energy was.

"You really want to know?"

Chu Yufeng asked the woman in front of him. Then, he gently glanced at Tie Hu, who was standing not far away. Tie Hu quickly shifted his gaze away, as if he was afraid of meeting his young master's gaze.

"Then let me show you my Spiritual Energy level!"

After Chu Yufeng said this, he strode to the side of the stone pillar. Zhao Xiaoxue's face was filled with anticipation, while Guan Xiaoxu was puzzled. Wasn't Miss Xiaoxue the slave of His Highness the Southern King? How could she not know the situation of His Highness' spiritual energy?

Zhao Xiaoxue watched as the man placed his palm on the stone pillar, hoping for a different color to appear. However, the man's palm seemed to have been placed there for a while, so why was there no change in color?

Zhao Xiaoxue was afraid that her eyes had gone blurry, so she rubbed her eyes and looked again. The color of the stone pillar remained the same.

"Eh? Weird, why there are no color changes either? "

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