"Expert?" How powerful could it be? Could it be that us brothers together can't beat him? "

In the past, when he heard 'experts', he might have felt scared. But now, as long as the seven of them worked together, there probably wouldn't be many 'experts' who would be a match for them.

"Second Brother is right, we should take them to see Eldest Brother. Eldest Brother has spirit stones in his possession, I also want to see how powerful this' expert 'who has yet to make a move is!"

Although this bandit called Seventh Bro really wanted to test the limits of a 'expert', if the opponent really was a rare expert, then just the two of them alone would be very hard to deal with. They didn't want to admit defeat, so Seventh Bro had to be extra careful.

With just a glance, the second brother had already guessed Seventh Brother's intentions. Therefore, he was quite polite towards the four of them and didn't use violence. He only shouted:

"Let's go!" "Since this' expert 'is unwilling to interfere, then obediently come with us to the town!"

Hearing the bandit leader's words, Tie Hu groaned in his heart. Although this young master looked like an expert, he was actually inferior to him. Once he entered the town, he would be like a sheep in a tiger's den.

Under the shouts of the two bandits, Zhao Xiaoxue and the others arrived at the town once again. The town was still very desolate, but the bandits didn't bring Zhao Xiaoxue and the others along the street. When they arrived at the center of the street, they were led into an alley.

"Do you know what's up ahead?"

Zhao Xiaoxue carefully asked Tie Hu.

"It's a large ancestral hall!"

Tie Hu didn't find it strange that they were brought here, because it was precisely from this ancestral hall that he escaped.

"Big Brother, look! Seventh Brother and I went out for a walk and brought back four people!"

The second brother pushed open the door and ran directly up the stairs.

When Zhao Xiaoxue was brought into the room, she saw a skinny young man wearing a tiger skin sitting cross-legged on the high platform. The young man looked to be in his twenties, the youngest amongst the group.

After hearing the bandit's second brother's report, the youth sitting on the stairs slowly opened his eyes:

"Four people? There are actually four more who escaped the net? "

The young man had just opened his mouth when a strange expression appeared on the faces of Zhao Xiaoxue and the rest of the group aside from Tie Hu. The other party was clearly a young man, but this voice sounded extremely old.

"Brother, there are two women among these four people!"

Hearing the words of the woman, the young man's face revealed an unconcealable excitement.

"Great, there are four hundred and ninety of us. This time, we can finally clear the level!"

Hearing his elder brother's words, the rest of the people had expressions of unconcealable excitement on their faces. They couldn't help but roar,




"Miss, what are they trying to do? This servant is a bit … "I'm a little scared!"

Even Zhao Xiaoxue wasn't sure what was going on. These people were acting strangely, so what were they going to do with a woman?

"Xiao Xun, don't be afraid, with the Southern King, we will be fine!"

Zhao Xiaoxue whispered. She was not only comforting Xiao Xun, but also comforting herself, believing in the abilities of the man behind her.

"Lady, do you really believe that the Southern King is an 'expert'? Actually, the Southern King … "

Xiao Xun couldn't bear to continue, this young lady was so dependent on the Southern King, but the Southern King was clearly a sickly prince without spiritual energy. Now that the guards had run away, what could a sickly King do?

"Of course he's an 'expert'. He's the most powerful person I've ever met anyways, but I wonder how strong are these people exactly? Rest assured, he will definitely think of a way! "

As Zhao Xiaoxue said this, she turned her head to look and coincidentally met the man's gaze. Their gazes met and the man gave a shallow smile. This woman really trusted him.

"Did you capture that person as well?"

Amongst the four of them, the purple-robed man was very obvious. The others all had timid and worried expressions, but only that man was calm and composed. One could even see the disdain in his eyes.

"That's right!" "They're in a group, but Seventh Brother said that this person is an 'expert'!" Second Brother didn't dare to easily deny Seventh Brother's judgement. After all, Seventh Brother had almost never made any mistakes in all these years.

"An 'expert'? Not bad. Right now, we need experts to practice our techniques. Third brother, bring us the spirit stones! "

Hearing their boss's command, the bandit called Ol 'Three quickly took out a lump of snow-white jade from his bosom. However, the white color disappeared quickly, and when Ol' Three handed it over to Ol 'Three, the jade had already turned blue.

Seeing such a strange change, Zhao Xiaoxue blinked her eyes. This was a very strange stone. Could it be the same stone pillar that she saw outside the town? While Zhao Xiaoxue was looking carefully, the blue jade suddenly turned white again.

"Eh? "Why did it turn white again?"

The moment Zhao Xiaoxue said that, Guan Xiao Xun, who was at the side, quickly pulled her to the side, signaling her not to make a sound. This boss must be a strong character.

"Impossible, how can there be no color?"

Guan Xiaolan stopped the girl beside him, but he couldn't stop Tie Hu from talking.

Seeing the reaction of the people in front of him, the boss weighed the jade in his hand and slowly moved forward. He scanned the three people in front of him and then landed his gaze on Guan Xiao Xun.

"Fourth Bro, tie this person up!"

Hearing the bandit boss's words, a look of bewilderment appeared on Guan Xiao Xun's face as she shouted:

"Why did you tie me up?"

Hearing the inquiry, the bandit boss laughed and said:

"Why? Because you are not an ordinary person and you know the secret of this testing stone, that means your background is not simple! If I don't tie you up, I won't be able to rest easy! "

"NO!" Don't tie me up, Miss, save me! "

Zhao Xiaoxue was also worried about Guan Xiao Xun being tied up, but before she could react, someone had already dragged her to the other side. Fortunately, other than tying her up, those bandits didn't do anything else.

"Alright, it's your turn now!"

Looking at the violet-robed Young Master opposite him, the bandit boss gently weighed the jade and said:

"Tell me, what's your name? First, let's have you report your spirit energy. If it suits the hearts of us brothers, we can let you live, or even let you cultivate with us! "

If the opponent was truly an 'expert', then it would be very easy for him to be ambushed when he came in close proximity. Thus, he had to be cautious.

"Why should I tell you?"

The same answer made Zhao Xiaoxue want to laugh, but in this situation, she couldn't.

"You're not telling me, but you have guts. See if you can say it later?" "Brothers, this young master's skin is itchy. Let's comb it together!"

The bandit leader did not plan to test any further, so he went straight for the seven brothers, chopping the bandit leader's head off.

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