"You guys want to deal with me? You're simply overestimating yourselves. This place is too small, you won't be able to cast the array!"

Chu Yufeng looked at the moves of these men and knew that they must have had a seven-man formation. As expected, upon hearing the words of the purple-robed man, the seven bandits were shocked. They were even more convinced that the other party was a peerless master.

"Boss, what should we do?"

There were already people who couldn't hold their temper anymore. After all, if the seven of them couldn't join forces, then their strength would also be ordinary. If the other side were to attack them one by one, then they would have no chance of resisting.

"Hehe, the young master on the other side is so confident. Naturally, he thinks that even if the seven of us set up a formation, we might not be a match for you!"

The boss was not stupid, he wanted to create a chance for his group.

"This is not confidence, this is the truth!"

Chu Yufeng raised his hand and pointed outside:

"Now, I will give you a chance. Do you want to set up a formation outside and have a good fight with me, or do you want to stay here and let me kill all of you? Choose for yourself!"

The man had a strong aura, and his words made everyone feel fearful in their hearts. At this moment, the group of bandits actually had thoughts of fleeing for their lives.

"Big brother, we …"

Someone started to speak, and even though he didn't finish his sentence, his eyes and his actions allowed others to guess what he was thinking.

The boss didn't directly agree to this person's suggestion, but neither did he refuse. He was hesitating.

"Boss, we've finally made it to the Southern Chu Country, could it be that we've been scared off by this so-called 'expert'? Isn't he very powerful? Then let's have a good fight with him and see if he really has reached level 5 … "

"Old Sixth!" "Shut up!"

Ol 'Six's words didn't catch the wind, so Ol' Three quickly reminded him. Unfortunately, his words were heard by the people around him.

When Tie Hu heard that the enemy could deal with a powerhouse with spiritual energy at the fifth level, he was so scared that his whole body started to sway. Such a group of strong bandits, even if the garrison army of the Qian Prefecture arrived, they wouldn't be able to eliminate these people.

Filled with despair, Tie Hu was unable to hold on any longer, and with a plop, he fell to the ground.

"Hey!" What's wrong with you? "

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't understand, why would such a man faint so easily? Since Chu Yufeng wanted to deal with seven people by himself, even if she couldn't help, she couldn't afford to be weak at the beginning.

Although she thought this way, Tie Hu's fainting became a reality. She couldn't just let it go, so she squatted down and started to pinch the other party. She hoped that he would wake up earlier.

"May I ask Young Master, who exactly are you?"

The eldest brother started to size up the purple-robed young master again. Although the sixth brother had acted impulsively just now, his words were not without reason.

There were not more than three top experts in the entire Southern Chu Country that could resist their formations. The first was naturally the Imperial Advisor of the Southern Chu Country. If the Imperial Advisor personally came, they wouldn't even need to fight because they were destined to fail.

However, seeing that the other party was still young and did not match up with the Imperial Advisors' grade,

"You should not be the Imperial Advisor of the Southern Chu Country. Could it be that you are Xue Ya Shan?"

Hearing the other party mention Xue Ya Shan, Zhao Xiaoxue's heart couldn't help but thump as she looked over carefully.

Zhao Xiaoxue's expression misled the bandits in front of her, as if they were facing a great enemy:

"Are you really Xue Ya Shan?"

Regardless of what the other party said, Chu Yufeng could only smile silently. Such a calm and composed person made those bandits even more afraid.

"Big Brother, if he is Xue Ya Shan, then could this woman be … Miss Xue Yu? "

The seven of them had different thoughts, but when someone mentioned the name 'Snowflutter', the eyes of the group of people instantly lit up. It was as if they were hungry wolves that had seen food, causing them to feel terrified.

"Don't talk nonsense, how could Miss Xue come to the Qianzhou?!" Alright, if Young Noble is really General Xue, although the seven of us know that we are no match for General Xue, we do not want to give up. There is an open space in front of the town, and we can also let General Xue have a look at the array formation of the seven of us!

As their boss spoke, the other bandits also began to rub their hands together. In fact, in their hearts, the three experts of the Southern Chu Country, with the exception of the State Grandmaster, all of them had the ability to fight.

"Alright, let's go!"

Chu Yufeng gestured for the bandits to go first, and they all walked out together.

"You really want to fight seven of them?"

Zhao Xiaoxue was worried about Chu Yufeng's safety.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine!"

The man gave the woman a reassured look.

"General Xue!"

If the violet-robed Young Master didn't go out, people would already be shouting outside.

"Take good care of them!" Take good care of them. I have to lure these people away, or they'll hurt the people in this town! "

"But …"

Zhao Xiaoxue was truly worried. It was a pity that she was too weak. If she went with him, not only would she not help Chu Yufeng, she would also become a burden to him.

"Alright, be careful!"

At this moment, the woman was extremely reluctant to part with the man. Seeing this woman so worried about him, Chu Yufeng lightly rubbed her head and said lovingly:

"Don't worry, no one in this world can hurt me except me!"

After saying so, the man stepped forward. Looking at the man's tall back, Zhao Xiaoxue's face felt hot. This man was really arrogant when he spoke, but why didn't she suspect him at all?

"Miss, girl! "Miss Little Snow …"

Seeing her girl squatting there in a daze, Guan Xiao Xun became anxious.

"Oh, Xiao Xun, I will untie the rope for you immediately!"

Now that there were no bandits, Zhao Xiaoxue knew that she could not stay in a daze forever. There were also people in the town who needed their help.

"Miss, if His Highness the Southern King goes out like this, he …"

Before she could finish her sentence, she discovered that a frail and frail figure had appeared behind her back. When she saw who it was, she became filled with fear.

"Miss, be careful!"

Hearing Guan Xiaoxue's reminder, Zhao Xiaoxue also realized that something was wrong behind her. However, the moment she turned around, her arms were grabbed by someone from behind.

"Why are you here? "Didn't you go outside the town …"

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't finish her sentence. When she saw the expression on the other party's face, she was greatly alarmed.

"What is it? You are only allowed to lure the tiger out of the mountain, and you aren't going to let us settle the score? "

Seventh Bro's bandit did not finish his sentence and placed the person on his shoulder. He had to hurry and leave.

"Put me down. Why did you capture me?"

Zhao Xiaoxue was struggling, but her struggle was useless. Although this bandit was small and thin, his strength was not small. He could still carry Zhao Xiaoxue as if he was flying.

"Of course I caught you because you are more useful than anyone else!"

Hearing Thief Seven's words, Zhao Xiaoxue was confused:

"What's my use?"

"Of course you're useful, because you're the young miss of the Xue Clan, Snowflutter. That piece of news we bought with ten taels of gold finally doesn't need to be wasted!"

At this point, Thief Seven also felt a sense of pride.

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